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And the TypePad for Dummies winners are...

Tuesday we announced the TypePad for Dummies Giveaway Contest and ever since I have had a permanent smile on my face as the suggestions have rolled in. The TypePad Team have really enjoyed all the submissions on what you would write your For Dummies book about, and we were introduced to a ton of new bloggers we hadn't met before. So if you participated - thank you! This has been A LOT of fun.

While all the comments were excellent we noticed some trending themes that we thought were worth highlighting for your entertainment and perhaps (the publisher) Wiley's consideration ;)

Bizarrely, personal hygiene appears high on the list of things that our bloggers would like to help people resolve. Hygiene in the workplace issues? Bruce can help - how kind! The more mature bloggers chimed in too - we loved the littleredhens plea to help her get younger people blogging. She's only 76. Camelama the cat offered her tips on maximum fur shedding, while Niquita can tell you a thing or two about litter box etiquette. Most useful. 

The mommies and daddies were out in force. We could have for dummies books on everything from advice on breastfeeding, to protecting your toddler's modesty (thanks Stephanie) to sending them away to college from another Bruce.

But we had to chose so we did. The winners were a mixture of books we'd like to read, ideas that made us laugh and suggestions that got us thinking.

1) Profit Doctor - An anatomy book: Gummies, Tummies and Bummies for Dummies

2) Dan Baldwin - Getting raw (and not breaking up with your family) for Dummies. A Book on Raw Food.

3) SallyT  of Imagine this - Chair exercises for Dummies for the Avid TypePad blogger

4) Michelle Yard - Marketing to the over 50's for Dummies

5) Liz@this fullhouse - Don't call me Dummy for Dummies - How some of us prefer to be referred to as challenged

If any one would like to buy the book, Wiley has enjoyed the contest so much they have offered us $5 back offer. Just click on the image to the right.

We'll contact the winners via email or blog comments. Well Done to everyone!



Well, that's just all sorts of awesome...thanks!

Dan Baldwin

Wow, that's cool. You TypePad people make good software & you're nice too! Thank you.

Dan Baldwin

Wow! You TypePad folk are nice and you make great software for people like me, non-technical types that just want to "publish quick" and "get on with it". Thanks!

Kofla Olivieri

Congratulation to all the winners! Nice entries!

H. Mark Delman

Sadly my entry (Chicken Soup for Dummies) did not win. I attribute this to blatant favoritism on the part of the judges.

Just kidding. Thanks it was fun and all the entries were great.


WAM Golf

Congrats to the winners. Great responses!


Congratulations :-)


Congratulations to the winners!!! I can't wait to receive the book and read it!


*** I'm not a winner but I've just bought the book on Amazon. Ah right! After almost six years on TypePad, I still feel it could be useful.

tokyo food file

Obviously my entry should have been "'Winning TypePad for Dummies' for Dummies" :–)
Is that in the book?

Miriam R Kaye

Congratulations :)


Congratuations to all the winners!

I am very honored by your compliment, even though my name was mispelled, hee, hee!

Daddy is jealous becuse he says that's the first time in all our years of being Typepaders that any of us got noticed, confirming his decision to give me my own place, last January, after years of sharing. ;-D

I am going to add your thoughts to my list of those "Praising the Pussy". ;-D

Claire Alcock

Nikita! My humblest apologies for mispelling your name! Thanks for joining in.

Claire Alcock

May be we can suggest it to the authors for the second edition! Thanks Tokyo Food file

Claire Alcock

Thanks for participating Mark :)


Apology accepted!

I prefer to look on the bright side...

I commend you for being astute enough not to add yourself to the long list of Humans who, upon learning my name, immediately assume that I am a Female of the Species. ;-D

After years of trying to right this misperception, I recently took the ultimate step of doing a post which includes not just a photo, but a 12 year old Official Document that, together, prove, without doubt, my ManCatHood. ;-D


whats up wiith the sute

Kofla Olivieri

Hi Destiny. Ever heard of online avatars? Some folks like you wish to remain anonymous, I chose to create my own.

btw, is spelled "suit" not "sute". What's next, why am I wearing a Yankee hat in Philly? Have a good day.

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