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TypePad Test Kitchen Update

Updated: Your TypePad dashboard and the TypePad Team

You may have noticed that your TypePad dashboard now contains updates from The TypePad Team. We post blogging tips and tricks, product updates (like this one), promotions, exciting events, as well as feature TypePad bloggers.

Your activity can also appear on TypePad dashboards.

Your updates  -  comments, favorites and posts  -  will appear in others’ dashboards if you encourage your readers to follow you on TypePad. Include the “Follow Me” module (which you can find in  Design > Content > About You > Follow me) on your blog, or simply add a link to your TypePad profile, to enable your readers to receive your updates in one simple click.

Update: To stop TypePad team updates appearing in your TypePad dashboard.

Go the profile: If you are logged into TypePad you should see the option to "Unfollow" on the left hand side under the logo. Select that.

If you don't see the "Unfollow" option click on the "Follow" button, log in. Select "Unfollow"  then hit OK at the prompt.

Read more about Following on TypePad


Amy's Review Sites

Hi Everyone! I'm new to blogging and am glad to finally be part of a community that can add value to my life. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and hope to learn how to be a professional at this. I'm determined to get good at it and meet new people. It's a great way to integrate my life as well. Looking forward to ready blogs in this community.
Amy :)

Claire Alcock

Thanks for introducing yourself Amy. We are pleased to have you on TypePad!

Charles Perkins

I would like to put the Quick Compose, that is on my dashboard on my blog. I want EVERYONE to be able to post text, pictures or Video, and I always have the option not to "approve" any post.

Is this possible?


Oh good grief I unfollowed it once and now it's back again, please stop doing this you are ruining my opinion of typepad and I have been recommending you to so many people and now I'm starting to regret it. Freedom of choice please guys - especially once I've opted out I certainly don't expect you to opt me back in again. Please stop it it's make me cross and there really is no need. Just respect people's choices. You've been brilliant in so many ways and I love all the other new features but please don't put me off forever by keep doing this :-(

C'est moi

I wonder what the boys and girls at Typepad had in mind when they decided I was "following" them.

Shovelling fertilizer into someone's living room and requesting them to "unsubscribe" from your fertilizer feed if they don't like it, and then not removing the fertilizer already shovelled?

If I understand Mie's response above, it will be there forever, unless I subscribe to something else to replace it.

Seriously, is TP so incompetent they can not undo their own mistakes?


Spa Flyer

Agree with ever single complaint registered here. Just add my vote to "Why the eff did this show up without my request, opt-in or input?!"

We are already bombarded with email, mail, paper, information. It's too much. All Typepad did with this unwelcome feature was create more ELECTRONIC CLUTTER to sort through and as is plainly obvious from the majority of the feedback in this thread, we didn't ask for, and don't appreciate, the clutter thrust into our collective faces.

Spa Flyer

Agreed, was just thinking the same thing. Probably the only useful thing to come out of this debacle.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi there. Sorry that we've upset you, it was certainly not our intention. Had you previously tried unfollowing the TypePad team but are still seeing *new* updates in your dashboard? If so, that sounds like a bug, and one we'd definitely like to resolve.

When we initially prompted users to follow Everything TypePad (back in March) the intent was simply to provide an avenue to our users to be more easily notified about new features and TypePad updates. Obviously this turned out to be something that not everyone wanted, and is easily resolved by unfollowing the TypePad Team on the TypePad Team's profile You'll still see old updates until they're pushed out by new ones, but that should stop any further TypePad updates from showing up in your stream. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

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