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Connect to the Community with the TypePad Toolbar

For the past few weeks we've been testing a new, blogside toolbar with our [Beta] members. On Thursday we'll be releasing this great feature to all TypePad bloggers. The blogside toolbar is a great reader tool that will help readers engage with your blog by giving them easy access to [follow, favorite and reblog] content. Those actions will then be shared in a newsfeed to their followers. Entire networks will discover content they might not have found otherwise and that means more eyes on your content as a result. As a blog owner, you can also enable the toolbar for all readers, including those not in the TypePad network. This will allow you to convert new readers into active community members for your blog.

Besides the great community benefits, the blogside toolbar is a great tool for TypePad bloggers when surfing the network because you'll be able to find and follow new TypePad blogs immediately. And when viewing your own blog, the toolbar will provide important management links at the click of a button.

We hope you enjoy using the toolbar as much as we do. For further details on settings and functionality, check out the Beta blog.

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