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Creative Marketing and the TypePad Affiliate Program

We recently announced the winner of our affiliate creativity contest in our March affiliate newsletter. We were so pleased with all the creative ideas our affiliates came up with that we wanted to share a few great examples with you.  

  • FireShot capture #325 - 'Teaching CS in Dallas_ Linking Blog Posts to Twitter (Typepad Feature)' - www_kweaver_org_cs_2010_02_linking-blog-posts-to-twitter-typepad-feature_htmlHighlighting TypePad Features: Our winner of the contest focused on showing useful features of TypePad.  In her blog Teaching CS in Dallas, Kathleen Weaver wrote about how to link blog posts to Twitter and make posts via mobile phone with TypePad. Highlighting product use cases is especially effective because readers can see why they might need the product.
  • Using color and other formatting to emphasize a point: One affiliate highlighted her promotion using bright, cheerful colors. This is a fun, easy way to capture a reader's attention.
  • Mentioning personal experiences: There were many personalized posts from affiliates who are TypePad users. They shared different aspects of TypePad that meant a lot to them, such as the wonderful support they received. Personal testimonials are a powerful way to highlight the value of a product.

These techniques are just a few examples of ways to draw attention to your affiliate program. Creative marketing will help you build your affiliate program and boost your sales!

Have any other creative ideas you would like to share?  Include them in the comments section!

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