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Liking your blog on Facebook

Today Facebook announced their new Social Plugins and we're excited to be a showcase launch partner. In fact, TypePad bloggers are the only bloggers to have access to these features at launch. Woot!

Facebook-logo-200 Starting Thursday afternoon, if you are in the Beta Team, you will be able to  install Facebook's new "Like" button, and connect your blog to Facebook's Open Graph**. This will give your readers the ability to share your blog with their friends on Facebook.

Facebook is a great way to introduce new audiences to your blog. Last year we added the ability for you to automatically share posts with your friends on Facebook. Now with Facebook's new Like button, any visitor to your blog can show their appreciation for your blog.


Feeling confused? Don't panic! It's actually remarkably simple. The best way to grasp the idea is to try it out.

Add the Facebook Like Button to Your Blog

Here's how you can add the new Facebook Like button to your blog:

  1. Go to Blog > Settings, select the Sharing tab and click on the link to: Connect your blog to Facebook.
  2. Follow the steps to connect to Facebook and install the Like module on your blog. If you're using a drag-and-drop design, you can visit Blog > Design > Content after to arrange the module in your sidebar.
  3. Advanced Template blogs: You will need to go through the same connection steps above. After that is complete, you can add the HTML "Like" code to your templates.
  4. When visitors click on the Like button, a link to your blog will show up on their profile AND in their friends' news feeds. This helps drive awareness of your blog through Facebook and can help drive more traffic to your blog.
  5. And when you create a new post, as long as you still have the Like button on your blog, TypePad will automatically post that new item to these visitor's news feed on Facebook.

The new feature is now available for all TypePad customers at all account levels. And we're looking forward to providing more support for Facebook's Social Plugins and Open Graph in the coming months.

Feedback update: We were seeing reports of the Like button not displaying in IE 6, 7. We have now a fix in place for this.

** Wondering what this sounding graph is? Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the Open Graph this morning at the F8 conference. Described as a technology for pulling together different online networks to create a web "that is smarter, more social, more personalized and more semantically aware". Read more about Zuckerberg's announcements on CNET or by following #fF8 on Twitter.

/posted by Michael Sippey


Werner Patels

Its on all Typepad blogs that the toolbar doesnt pop down in IE8. But it works like a charm in Firefox and Google Chrome.

By the way: Blackberry users also have problems with the toolbar, as it prevents any Typepad blog from loading in full, leaving the Blackberry user with a blank white screen. The site does come up at first, but then once the prompt for the toolbar kicks in, Blackberrys browser cant handle it and shows blank screen instead.


Thanks for letting us know. So you currently can't see the toolbar at the top of this blog in IE8?

Marlita H

I'm having a problem, unless I didn't understand what this was supposed to do. I Liked my blog but when I posted an entry, it changed the Description in my Admin page and the blog post did not appear in my news feed.

Isn't Liking the blog supposed to be like subscribing to its posts in your Facebook feed?

Werner Patels

TypePad HTML Email

No, I cannot. As I said, everything is fine in Firefox and
Chrome, but not IE8. I use Firefox as my default browser, but I am worried about
users who come to my site via IE8 (according to my stats, IE users still make up
more than a third of my readership, so that is substantial


Thanks for the response. I needed to confirm the blog because some blogs have a lot of javascript widgets in their sidebars. The toolbar loads *after* everything else on the page loads. If you're not seeing it on Everything TypePad, then it's another issue.


I was able to click the "Like" button on the set-up page, but got no prompts. There was, however, an admin link which took me to a page for my blog, that showed me as fan, but I didn't get a module to add to the blog itself.

Werner Patels

Yes, let me confirm: on the blog, the topside toolbar does not load either in IE8 (just tried it again myself).

Werner Patels

Allow me to add another observation, based on what another reader has posted here in this thread (I have to add it here, because right now, the REPLY link in these comments does not show in Firefox):

In IE8 it is impossible to install the Facebook Like feature. The dropdown menu etc. does not load and even though the blog shows as being connected after the aborted procedure, Facebook then comes up with a message (still within Typepad Dashboard) saying that the page could not be found.

I set up my Like feature on my Typepad blogs using Firefox, and everything worked like a charm. The connection was established, and a page for the blog was added to my Facebook account, but in IE8 that procedure fails every single time.

Let me just say it one more time: IE (whatever version number) is the worst of all the browsers out there. I use Firefox (default), Chrome, Safari and Opera, and they all produce better results (not to mention that they all start up faster once you select to open them). It is high time people moved away from IE, because, sadly, Microsoft has failed to keep up with the times, and with what is out there today -- Java, HTML5, Flash, various social media applications, etc. -- IE is simply not capable of providing its users a complete Web 2.0 experience anymore.

The fact alone that programmers and web designers need to spend an unreasonable amount of time and effort of adding extra code so that sites display properly in IE, as opposed to the other browsers that seem to digest the standard code equally well, also speaks volumes.

Personally, I would say switch to Firefox, it is the better choice.


Ok, so I futzed around with it on Chrome and was able to get through the permissions page, so I'm good there...I think. When I go to Design>Content, I see the Facebook Like module but don't see it on the the actual blog. Do I need to change the layout?

Nicolas Silberman

Yes, I just had to wait a little bit and try again. I didn't change anything neihter in my typepad blog, nor in my facebook account
Regarding my question, would it be possible to change manually the widget's width ? (I need 190px and currently it has 250px)
thanks !


Thanks for the helpful information. Unfortunately right now the Facebook widget's minimum width is 250px, however we'll be fixing it so that it adjusts to the proper width of your sidebar, so keep an eye out for that fix in the near future.


Thanks for trying again. What browser are you using?

Jonathan Burg

I really only have one issue: people like content, not just sites. How can I allow people to like a post, without having to subscribe to every post?

Harm Reduction

Not working for me. It says I'm going to get permissions and it never happens. I'm using IE 8 - so I'm guessing I'm having the issues that others are.

Also when it created the "page" it wasn't invisible - I had to go into the settings and make it invisible.


The Like button is working for me, but with a strange quirk... it arbitrarily shows how many people like it. For instance, sometimes I will click on my blog and it will say "ABC and DEF like this." Then other times it will say "GHI, JKL, and 46 others like this." I don't know why it sometimes reverts to look like only one or two people like the blog. Very strange.


I tried to link the two.. see how it goes.


The LIKE word got cut off on my blog. Is that because of I use template?

The Stamford Historical Society

I would be careful! Facebook is greatly expanding its hold and there may be privacy issues involved.


That sounds a little quirky Cayla. I know for a fact that as long as you're logged into facebook, the widget on your blog's sidebar will display which of your friends have liked your blog too (and will randomize which names/avatars you see), while if you're logged out and looking at the widget it will show the general number of users who've liked it. Not sure if that helps explain what's going on, but that's my best guess.


Yes, it's very weird. Here's a screen shot of what it looks like today - - not even showing a number even though there are a few avatars below it and not just the two names mentioned) and here is a shot of the actual page and how many people have really clicked Like - . I also notice that today the Like button is enabled for me, even though I have already Liked the page. So, so strange.

Account Deleted

I would like to try this but before I do I want to make sure that this is something different than the sharing your blog with facebook that already exists. My blog is not linked to my facebook page and I like it like that. Might seem confusing but I don't like the idea of my new posts popping up on all my friends newsfeeds but I do like the idea of it going to the newsfeeds of the people who have chosen to "like" it. Does that make sense?


Sure thing Juli. Your friends and other members on Facebook will receive your blog updates in their news feeds *only* if they've opted-in by hitting the "like" button on your blog. Your network of friends on Facebook will not receive updates unless they've hit that like button, so no fear! Hope that helps.

Riad Chowdhury

H&R DRIVING SCHOOL,PH:718-313-6147,mo:917-204-6401,Fax:718-559-6452,

Account Deleted

Thanks .tiff, that does help! Now I feel comfortable to give it a try. Have a great day.

Needle In A Haystack

I'm using the module on one of my blogs and I'd like to customize it a little. I'd prefer not to have it list who "likes" it (it shows that I "like" it). I'd prefer to have something more generic appear. How do you edit the properties of the module? All I can see is how to turn it off.

Needle In A Haystack

Never mind on my last comment. I figured out it was showing up that I "liked" my blog because I was signed in with Facebook in the browser I was testing it with. I read the info on Facebook in regard to the Like button and understand it a bit more now.

Dave Barnhart

I second Andrew's request. the 'Like' button needs to be in the blog footer. (The same place that 'Share This' 'Tweet This' and 'Favorite' are.)

Claire Alcock

Thanks Dave - We're working on this - coming soon!

Janice Loewen Insurance Services

This is great! It's nice to work in many social networks and to link them together. Hopefully more sites begin to do this.


Hey Andrew. We just launched the Like button on a post level. Check it out, and enjoy! Here's the post on Everything TypePad


Wanted to let you know Werner that we just launched the like button for posts on TypePad. You can check out more information on this Everything TypePad Post, hope it helps!


Hi there! Just wanted to give you the heads up that we've launched the like button for posts now. Check out this Everything TypePad post for more information, and let us know if you have any questions - Hope that helps!


Hi Kathleen. Lucky for you, we just introduced the facebook like button feature for posts! You can find out how to add it to your blog on this Everything TypePad Post, hope that helps!


You bet. We just released the ability to add the Like button to your post footer. Check out this post on Everything TypePad to started, hope that helps!


We just introduced the "Like" button for post footers, so that should solve your problem. This allows Facebook users to 'like' your posts without subscribing to your blog. Check out this post for more details on how to add it to your blog, hope that helps!


Hi Dave! Just wanted to let you know that the Like button is now available in the blog footer. You can read this post to see how to add it to your blog, hope that helps!

Werner Patels

Yes, thanks, I've noticed and already enabled the feature on my blogs. Works like a charm now.

Zhirayr Ghazarosyan

Hi, see my Sites! TRUTH - Jesus Christ!


the development is just wow. i want the button to appear on my custom writing help website how can i do that?

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