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Old TypePad interface set for retirement at the end of May

The original TypePad interface would be turning 7 in 2010. In dog years that's getting on a bit but in web years that's ancient. So it's time to say good bye. At the end of May the old design of the TypePad interface will be retired and will no longer be accessible. So if you are in the small renegade crowd still to switch over - now is the time to hit the "Give the new TypePad a try" button when you log in.

New typepad too

It's nearly a year since we announced the new design of the TypePad interface. Since that moment we have delivered more new features and functionality to TypePad than ever before in it's history.

  • Social networking services have been fully integrated
  • TypePad has become a networked community of bloggers and blog readers who can track their favorite bloggers' activity from their TypePad dashboard.
  • Post by email and the Bookmarklet have made posting quicker and easier than ever. 

I'll stop there, there's way too much to list. These new features were all released on the new design. So go on, switch over! We think you'll be pretty pleased with what you find. If you need a tour guide open help ticket and ask for directions from our support team. They'd be happy to help you find your way around.



Say it ain't so!

Where's the nostalgia?! You should put the interface in a museum for everyone to gawk at. Now that would be something!

Too much progess!



Say that I was pleased with what I found at the new TypePad would be an understatement. I was literally enthusiastic but I'll say more about my personal TypePad experience on my next post. There's just one thing I don't like, especially at Pro level. I wouldn't like anyone, including The TypePad Team, put anything on my blogs without my approval. I am the owner of my blogs and I pay for that. I would like, therefore, to decide what I choose to put on my blog.

TypePad arbitrarily set the TypePad toolbar to default and as a result it also appeared on my blogs. I have never checked the box "Show the TypePad Toolbar" at Settings

I'm asking you - not as a Pro member but as any blogger. Am I to worry about what will suddenly appear on my blog when I'm offline? Am I to worry that I will suddenly see myself as member of the Beta team as well? I haven't checked that box either! But I'm beginning to feel that the new TypePad controls our blogs and puts by default whatever they wish without letting the blog owner decide first. Well, I thought the check boxes at Settings were always respected. In my case they were not! Or they didn't work! The good thing is that as a Pro member I am offered the choice to turn that toolbar off. Ans so I did. But is this a solution? Others may love it! I don't!

I warmly welcome new features on the new TypePad but I believe that we should decide whether we like them or not before they appear on our blogs. I also believe that this should apply to all levels! The bottom line is that I would like to have full control of my blogs on the new TypePad.

Claire Alcock

Thanks for putting your thoughts down on this one. I'm pleased you love the new TypePad. We believe Pro bloggers should feel in control of their blogs. We know that's why many people choose TypePad in the first place. You won't automatically be placed in the beta team, I promise and we always aim to forewarn everyone of planned changes. Sometimes we have slipped on this - but it's always our intention. Not everyone is going to like all the changes we make - and that's why we keep the support team on alert to help you when you need it and make sure you have all the tools at your finger tips to keep your blog exactly the way you want. Please keep sharing these thoughts - we hear you! - and I am looking forward to your next post.


What I like most at the new TypePad is this open exchange of thoughts and ideas. I know that our voice is heard and that our opinion counts. If you ask me, this is why I stick to the new TypePad. I wish you the very best in everything you do. And thanks for being such a good listener, Claire.

Account Deleted

I second that motion. Even though I may disagree with certain aspects of Typepad, I never feel like I'm being ignored. (Of course, if I tried calming down once and while and not shooting off an angry Help Ticket before I've even bothered to learn about a new item or quirk in the system, I'm sure I'd still be loved by Typepad.)

Ayana Posadas

How can I tell if I have the old interface version?
I just started my blog this year.

Claire Alcock

You got me! I looked. Your content is not for everyone - but as long as you are nice to the support team - we'll love you!

Claire Alcock

Hi Ayana - great question. Any one who started after June last year will automatically be on the new TypePad. But if we don't see the big image in the post above when you log in - you can be sure you are in the new TypePad.


as they say a change is as good as a holiday

A Twitter User

Do you know when the Knowledgebase will be updated so that articles no longer refer to the old TypePad? I routinely find step by step directions in the Knowledgebase which apply to the old version of TypePad.


The new KB can be found here: http://help.sixapart.com/tp/us/

Andrew (@culturengine)

The new design is great, but I care more that the code Typepad generates is sound than if the interface is slick, and right now the text editor creates shonky 3rd rate markup. I am a fan of the platform, but this really needs addressing too.


Andrew from CultureEngine put it very well: love the platform, love the improvements, but major resources need to be focused on cleaning up the code generation. It's embarrassing for a system that is otherwise great, like an elegant model who can't eat lunch without snorting and spilling spaghetti sauce on both the tablecloth and the table mates.

The really lame code I find in the HTML tab is the only thing that ever makes me consider going through the hassle of switching systems. Thanks.

Geoff Castle

I still have some problems with the new typepad. A lot of times the page is slow to load and gets hung on images from prior posts. Also when I copy and paste text into a new post it never quite comes out right and requires a lot of editing. If I have to make a backspace or delete I usually have to start my re-edits over from scratch. I have been using the old interface to compose posts because it seems to give me less grief.

John Caruth

I'm 66 now and my darling wife is not putting me out to graze just yet! ... change for change sake is not always good; what's that old adage: If it's not broken, don't fix it ... I shall check out what you done, but I imagine that it is windown dressing. Ps ... some of the changes you have made, like emailing to the blog, are only marginally successful. I tried that element and the insertion didn't go where I expected it to go and the Typepad team were unable to make it do what I wanted it to do, so bye bye that new approach. Cheers for the moment ...


I love Typepad... great support, but I'm with Andrew @ culture engine, the text editor is like something from the dark ages.
I write my blog on Word because I want to keep a record of it, and because the Typepad text editor is such a painful experience, but it's not ideal.
Patiently waiting for that next upgrade.


Most auto mechanics today would probably be happier with less electronics, so they could go about the business of fixing cars and not chasing error codes into a black hole. Like John, the ‘post by email’ went awry when I tried it (formatting errors); maybe it’s the optimist in me, I keep thinking it’ll get resolved and be a useful addition. The ‘Quick Compose’ didn't go well (no "Title" in the post); stopped using that one. That’s why resorting to Notepad over MS-Word (or in my case, both are employed over the TypePad editor) can be just what you need – sometimes the simple solution is the best one; it can be faster, too.

Account Deleted

I don't use the old Typepad anymore except when I close a post for comments . In the new Typepad, I cannot seem to find where I can turn off the comments for a certain post. I have to switch to the old Typepad just to turn off the commenting.

Typepad team---how can I turn off or close the comments for a post in the new Typepad?

Account Deleted

One more thing, Typepad team----how is it that most oftentimes we can't copy-paste from Word ruining the HTML format?


My only concern with the new platform is the inability to track photo album stats. I like to know this out of curiosity on my personal blog, but for the site I help run with my two business partners it is crucial that we're able to track our photo album statistics. Is this option going to become available before you retire the old Typepad? Currently we have to switch back and forth to retrieve the stats.

Kofla Olivieri

I had the same problem, usually switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer solves this issue for me.

The yoga lady

I am not sure if I have the old or the new. Am very new to blogging and to Typepad and still have a lot to learn.


Please keep the data overhead down... Those of us that sometimes maintain our blogs from remote locations often do not have broadband access.


Hi. Where can I try out the new interface? I clicked on the picture that said to try it out but it just opened up the image in a new window. Thanks!!

Connie Mettler

Why does it take so many clicks to reach "Pages"? Posts are well highlighted but access to Pages is buried in the new interface.

Norm  Foisy

don't like the new changes at all! I agree with John C. "if it ain't broken - don't fix it". I'm just a family blogger and don't have the time to learn something new after I've been using the old system for years. Bad decision as far as I'm concerned.


Am I in the new interface? I signed in in 2008.I f not, how do I go about?


Account Deleted

I joined Typepad in 2006, and enjoyed it back then. But now I'm getting ready to leave it, as the constant "improvements" have provided far more headaches than help. It's taken the fun out of blogging, and I want to get back to it without the wilderness of help tickets blocking the way. Yes, the staff is nice. But it'd be a lot nicer if they'd get a system that works right, the first time and every time, so they never had to hear from me.

Claire Alcock

Aimee - don't go! I'm sorry the changes have given you a headache. That's no good. Our intention is to get out of your way as much as possible while delivering the tools that our customers need to create beautiful blogs. But it should be fun and you shouldn't have to talk to us. I will email you directly to get more of your feedback.

Claire Alcock

One day made! - thanks Anastasia. I'm going over the feedback to this post with the team now.

Claire Alcock

You should access articles for the new Typepad automatically if you are searching in the TypePad Help section.

Claire Alcock

Hi Andrew - can you tell us what browser you are using? are there actions in particular which create this wonky behavior? thanks for the feedback

Claire Alcock

We don't wanna be that girl! Thanks for your thoughts on this. I'll email you now to get more details.

Claire Alcock

Thanks Geoff - let's get that sorted for you. Where are you pasting from? Copying and pasting from Word docs or emails will introduce code that is difficult for us to deal with in the editor.

Claire Alcock

Thanks for this John! I am sorry the post by email didn't work the way you wanted it too. This new design is no window dressing though. Connecting with new people is one of the most fun things about blogging and we have designed the new product to help you do just that. Please do give it a try - the old design has just one month left...:(

Claire Alcock

Hi Judith - we hear you. are you copying and pasting directly from word because that will introduce code that is hard to deal with in the TypePad editor. Using Notepad or similar would help. I'll feed this back into the product team though - thank you.

Claire Alcock

Hi Bing - when you copy from Word you are copying all the code that was created behind the scenes by Word when you wrote that copy. It is hard for our editor to translate that code into the exact formatting you want on the blog. It's better to use the TypePad compose or a simple text editor like Note pad.

Claire Alcock

The best way to learn is to test out everything! There are a lot of options in TypePad so my best advice is to go through every tab and just click around until you find what works for you. You are seeing the new design - so nothing for you to do here Om girl. Good luck!

Claire Alcock

We hear you travelblogger - wherever you are!

Geoff Castle

Im usually drafting in Word then copying and pasting.  Is there a better way?

Andrew (@culturengine)

Using Safari (4.0.5) on OSX (10.6.3) I have a repeatable bug where changing the font in rich-text view generates additional font tags, instead of changing them. For example. If I change a font 5 times, I get 5 x font tags in the markup all competing with each other.

Alex Sirota

I've previously provided a whole long list of improvements to Claire that I think are a priority for businesses who use TypePad. It seems many of those improvements are in the thread above as well, so it's good to see I am not the only one.

I think the Content Editor is definitely a weak link in the overall solution - mainly because while the design of the blog/website may be perfect, when you insert content it inevitably gets munged somehow. And the overall page becomes a weaker reflection of the website and the brand of the person or company that the website represents.

Currently there is only 1 way to insert content to ensure the fonts and formatting can be applied - copy non-formatted text (aka paste into Notepad to "strip" the formatting). This of course removes all formatting like tables and other items like bullets, which then have to be rebuilt in TypePad from scratch, a pretty big annoyance depending on how big your text is.

There is a tool that is supposed to remove formatting but it rarely works (the A->a tool in the toolbar).

MediaWiki -- Wikipedia's engine has a tool bar that solves this problem in this way: when you paste in something from your clipboard you get a popup instead which asks you to paste the content into a mini-Notepad. Then you paste it in. This ensures formatting is applied with the toolbar and not some external HTML editor that munges the content like Word or Excel.

MediaWiki is also commonly used with a terrific open-source, GPL'd editor that is called CKEditor at http://ckeditor.com/what-is-ckeditor. It's been in development as long as TypePad so it's gone through the paces of quality control and constant iteration.

Try it out for TypePad -- and then customize it for your audiene:

1. Tools to apply formatting consistently:

Replace the font formatting tools with simple tools that control the Heading level (H1, H2, H3) -- the fonts then can be controlled in a style sheet consistently. That's the approach that CKEditor uses when used with MediaWiki for example.

2. Tools to create the basic HTML elements like horizontal rules and tables.

3. A Find and Replace tool

4. A Paste from Word tool that works consistently and well, or remove completely.

And don't be too attached too much to your current editor. It's such a critical feature in TypePad -- it is the heart and soul of the editing process for all of your clients. Many may not use the new Like feature of "Facebook Connect", but ALL will use the content editor. So focus your efforts to make it top notch, industry grade and test it on your loyal fans to make sure it works well before deployment as you always do.

Oh yah, and make Pages equal citizens to blog posts. TypePad is for making any online presence not just blogs. That's how many people use it, so why do you insist on hiding Pages? Let them be accessible and editable just like posts.


Thanks for your feedback. Photo album stats is not something we plan to offer in the new design in the short term. Do you you Google Analytics or another 3rd party service on your blogs and albums? Many of our bloggers use these free tools in addition to TypePad stats as it offers a larger breadth of analytics.


There must be two different TypePads, because my experience since this new interface/direction debacle began almost a year ago has been nothing but a carnival of horrors and a deafening, resounding silence from the TypePad team when it comes to working out problems. So thanks for the heads up on the final switch over; it gives me a time frame for finding a new blog host.


What good news. Honestly I can't stand typepad. It is like digging up the same old stinking dinosaur.
I am annoyed that I paid for it thinking it was going to offer something Blogger didn't. I was wrong. But there is a chance I may soon be on the right track after all.


Geo - well said!
I can't tell you how many times I have run screaming into the night, blood running from my eyes and ears with uncontrollable font sizes driving me to the brink.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Live Writer is the perfect tool for creating and publishing posts to any blog platform.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Problems occur if you use the wrong browser. Typepad clearly is optimized for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but not Internet Explorer. So, if you work within IE, you will always encounter a ton of problems.

If you continue to use IE, and I assume you do, then only you are to be blame for any problems you may encounter.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

I don't understand the crybabies who do nothing but complain. I've been with Typepad since at least 2004 or 2003 or something, and I've never had any of the problems that the crybabies keep crying about, and I'm a heavy and frequent business user of the platform.

Sure, hiccups occur once in a while, but all the problems I've ever had were of a temporary nature and had to do with server failure or something.

For the most part, those problems are created by users who don't know how to do things the right way (in about 95% of all those case).

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Or use Windows Live Writer -- works with every blog platform and there are no formatting problems whatsoever!

Copying from a Word file never works online, because the coding always causes problems in HTML. Again, users need to learn how to do things right, instead of blaming others.


I dread the day. I've been using the new interface as much as possible to try to learn it, but any time I'm in a hurry or need to do involved work I go back to the old interface. The new interface is an unintuitive mess. Meanwhile it's been over a year since Blogspot introduced the modern blogroll (that lists the last post...what a good and obvious idea) while I pay Typepad every month for second rate options and blather from Typepad.

Claire Alcock

Yes absolutely. We work to optimize the compose experience in TypePad. But if you don't feel comfortable doing that, Windows Live Writer is a pretty good alternative. It generates hmtl that TypePad can understand - Word does not.

Geoff Castle

Hey, Thanks so much.  I will give that a try.  Geoff

Sara Pepitone

Are we going to have something like this...


And this is precisely the type of response I normally receive - though typically from the TypePad team: the automatic assumption that the problems are inherently *my* fault and certainly not possibly the fault of TypePad. Just for an example, because I'm so utterly sick to death of beating this dead horse to absolutely no avail, the new TypePad Compose screen has taken a colossal step backwards in functionality in the three years I've been with the service - losing posts and unable to do the simplest things like keeping the fonts the same or keeping them same size - and the image handling is utterly worthless. When we got moved to the new platform I had to manually go back and redo three years worth of posted images because of the idiotic defaults of the 'New & Improved' system. When I complained, I got nothing. Although I was told it would be fixed. That was more than a year ago. To date, nothing has been resolved. I have been forced to use third party software to do the things I have been paying TypePad for because TypePad can't seem to do them any longer. Taking questions to the Get Satisfaction page has produced nothing but stock non-responses that do not answer or address the issues.
Somehow I fail to see how this has anything to do with the browser I use or my perceived ineptitude as a user.
And for the record, I use Firefox. I haven't touched IE since 1995.


And, as it was pointed out by Aimee, they have taken the fun out of blogging. I've managed to do nothing but fight this awkward and hideous new interface. Every time they switch me to it, I immediately switch back. I resent having to learn, from the ground up, an entirely new TypePad at someone else's whim. I want to spend my time blogging, and enjoying it, rather than waste it finding work-arounds for faulty and unaccommodating software.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Look, you all need to get a life and get real. Software is never perfect. You all expect the impossible, and that's never a smart thing to do. Glitches do occur, for example, when a server is down, but anyone who says the new Typepad interface is worse than the *Neanderthal* old one is a fool. How could anyone in their right mind say that the old and, by comparison with modern standards, primitive interface was better? It boggles the mind how foolish people can be and how quick they are to blame others for their inability to use software, applications, etc. correctly.

I host sites on all major platforms, and let me tell you, none does a better job than Typepad. I have sites on Typepad, Wordpress (both the free wordpress.com and the self-hosted and paid-for wordpress.org kind), Blogger and others, and none is as user-friendly and reliable as the Typepad interface.

For example, even my self-hosted Wordpress often takes minutes (!) to access the Dashboard and/or to upload a new post. I've never experienced anything like that with Typepad, unless a server was down for maintenance or something.

And what about Wordpress and its inanity of basically scrapping everything every time a new version of WP or a template comes out? Whenever there's a upgrade to Typepad, we don't lose our features and functionalities on our blogs, but Wordpress users do.

Re Blogger: Try keeping track of the many times Blogger is down. And don't get me started on the crappy editor/composer they have right now, one that has done away with the 'p' CSS code and replaced it with the silly 'br' instead, thus creating gaping holes between paragraphs.

I could go on for another ten hours listing examples here in this space, but I don't want to use up all of this blog's bandwidth. Suffice it to say that Typepad is the best platform out there. Yes, it can have glitches too sometimes, like EVERY software or application, but it's still the best and most professional tool for bloggers and professional writers.

Oh, and let me just say that I am very happy to be a paying customer of Typepad services. In fact, I enjoy the service so much that I maintain 3 separate accounts, and none of them is a freebie micro-blog account.

The main fault lies with users. As Geo here posted, some users hate to "learn" a new interface. Sorry, but that's laziness talking here, and a closed mind. Besides, it's a blatant exaggeration, because anyone who has mastered the old interface will know how to use the new one -- unless you are an utter and total moron.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Sorry, I don't work for Typepad, nor am I on their payroll in any shape or form, which is why I can be as blunt about this as I wish to be.


Yes, Werner. You are absolutely right. Anyone who does not fall prostrate before the power of TypePad is simply a lazy, incompetent fool who needs to get a life. It is only our bovine ineptitude and unrealistic expectations that are completely to blame. Thank you for that invaluable lesson and personal attack.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

How good of you to admit to the error of your ways.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Listen up, folks, change is good for you. Embrace it, don't reject it. No change effectively means you're dead (at least intellectually), so get with it!



Sorry I am so out of it...what will happen to our old webpages at the end of May? Thanks for the information.

Teresa Hildinger

I have to agree with you on this. I am all for update and new layouts and new settings however choice has to come with these changes as well. Especiall when you are writing about personal items. I personally do not want my writings touched and if I am going to promote my business or anyone else's business I want to be ensured that a a blog owner my blog settings will not be changed. To me this is like identity theft and without the choice to being able to decide on how we want our blogs to appear is not very fair-especially since we did this on the old TypePad.

Well, I thank TypePad for all the wonderful features they added I just think something like choice of Settings should be our choice and not the company. Or did we all miss something?

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Why? None of this affects how your blog appears on its public page/site.

People, people, people...get real, please!


So, you're saying use third party software because the TypePad composer isn't doing what you're paying for it to do. Interesting.


Yes, everyone. Please remember that according to Team Werner we're all completely incompetent and unable to function and that every problem we have with TypePad is due to our own bungling.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

I am so happy that you have finally admitted to being too incompetent to handle a relatively blog application.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

See? Here is your problem: You cannot read!

I never said what you imply. Since I syndicate my web columns and feature articles to different sites and locations, it is easier for me to work from one central application and then fire off my articles.

But I suppose this concept exceeds your capacity of comprehension. Sorry, but I had to try anyway.


Funny. You obviously cannot read either because no-one here has said, not even once, anything you have implied about them and passed such harsh and unwarranted judgement upon. Calling morons and crybabies anyone who does not agree with your assessment of TypePad is not valuable advice or assistance.


You're right. It is a 'relatively blog' application. Glad you finally see things the right way.

Claire Alcock

Hi Robert - don't panic. Nothing will happen to the way the blog appears at the end of May - the changeover applies only to the interface - what you see when you log into TypePad. I checked and you are already using the new one - so no change for you!


Teresa, I love the new TypePad very much but I guess no one is infallible - not even TypePad. Even the best of technologies won't always work. I trust the TypePad Team and I'm sure that I will no longer see on my blog "settings" by default I've never chosen.


Hi Kimmie,

Google Analytics is both inaccurate and clunky when used with photo albums, especially with as many as I need to be tracked. I haven't had problems with it in conjunction with the main page, but it doesn't work properly otherwise. I've used sitemeter for over five years and that works fine with the main page as well, but there is no good way to use it with photo albums. It's disappointing that there are no plans to continue these statistics.

Mikel Dunham

Will I or will I not lose my earlier posts the end of May? I haven't changed over.

Claire Alcock

Hi Mikel - no one will lose posts or access to edit their posts. All your posts are visible in the new TypePad to edit. Why not switch over now and take a look? until the end of May you should be able to switch back

Kimberly Cain

I've never used the old Typepad, but I've been searching for some of the same things that have appeared here. i.e. Geoff said, "If I have to make a backspace or delete I usually have to start my re-edits over from scratch" I've experienced the same thing & it's VERY time-consuming. It happens a lot when I try to change something like a font size or trying to make text look pretty wrapping a photo or something. Everything (or certain sections) will just change & mess up the formatting & will not go back. I'll have to start over. Makes me shy away from any changes in color, font, etc. when I get tired & those are the things that keep a blog more inviting.

Claire, you also mentioned pasting from Word docs. That's actually what I was searching for. I've never done it, as advised not to. However, I write so much content that is not a part of my blog (I have tons of things done pre-blog) that I would like to use. It's not feasible to re-type all of those things (I'd rather write something new instead), but I'd sure like to share this content. Isn't there some way to convert what's been written & paste into Typepad without problems?

Claire Alcock

Hi Kimberley - thanks for this feedback. We are aware of some of these compose bugs and we are working on a nmber of solutions - sadly it's not a simple fix due to nature of these editors - so it may take a little time. In the mean time I recommend Windows Live Writer. It's a free and let's you compose a blog post and publish it to your blog directly from the document - let me know if this works.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

I started my blog in June of last year. I'm trying to understand your answer to Ayana. How can I know if you see "the big image" when I log in, so that I can be sure I am in the new TypePad? Is there a way you can let me know if I am using the new TypePad or not? Thanks!! xo Kari

H.B. London

I agree with Kari. The question was not fully answered. Our blog was started several years ago by someone no longer with the organization. I'm trying to learn how all of this works, but I'm finding more frustration than information. Maybe too many assumptions are being made before responses are provided. Maybe I'm just not qualified for this job. I don't know. But I'm still not sure how to tell if I am in the new TypePad (I sort of doubt it, which makes me wonder what happens to my blog at the end of May). I do know that, whenever instructions are given, very few steps match what is on my screens and I am lost more often than found.

Account Deleted

Why does it take so many clicks to reach "Pages"? Posts are well highlighted but access to Pages is buried in the new interface.

charter kennel

Bring back the access to the old type pad...those who want to switch to the new version can and those who want to use the old version can...what is wrong with keeping all your customers happy.

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