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Latest release: Have you been SEARCHing for something?

Well, we found it for you! Blogside search is now available for all TypePad bloggers. As simple as clicking on a button, you can add a search box that allows your readers to search posts, pages AND comments on your blog. TypePad Search will serve the results right in your blog's design, keeping the look and feel consistent to your layout, headers and footers. That means no more twiddling with the customization options from 3rd party providers like Google or Lijit.

Here's what it looks like on Everything TypePad:


To add this little gem to your blog, go to (Design > Content > Search) or visit the Knowledge Base article for advanced template codes. It's that simple. We think the new search feature makes for a professional finish to every blog and will help your visitors find exactly what they are looking for.

Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate this awesome new addition to the TypePad platform, we propose a scavenger hunt using nothing but TypePad search as your guide.

Three members of the TypePad Team have offered up their blogs for the hunt. The game is simple and the prizes are enormous (kind of)!

Create the funniest sentence you can from the words/name you find with the following clues and leave it the comments:

  • Take One Big boy who's "wizard" on Tiff's blog:
  • Add that to the artist who sang about "jail" on Kimmie's blog
  • and times that by the title of a post on the waltpad about an "ipad"

This is a game of skill.  It will be measured scientifically in decibels of laughter it provokes in Kimmie (who hardly ever laughs, by the way, so it's gotta be reeeeally good!) The loudest LOL wins - a $30 itunes voucher.

Happy Hunting!

P.S. There are of course other fabulous features in this release including the blogside toolbar and category RSS feeds! Give them all a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

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