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The New Rules of Marketing and PR

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Marketing, advertising, PR have all been irreversibly impacted by the rise of user generated content, social media, social networks and blogs. Chances are, as a TypePad blogger, you are already well aware of this. Chances are that you're already making the most of this shift in communications - in fact you're probably leading the way among your friends.

You are probably explaining to your friends the opportunity blogs offer to engage with people you never would have otherwise around your topic of interest. You might be explaining how, by linking your blog to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can increase the amount of traffic to your blog. You have told them how building relationships with your blog visitors makes your blog more engaging and encourages them not only to come back but tell their friends too.

Most companies have been pretty slow to catch on to the phenomenon of online citizen media and networked transfer of information between peers. Slowly but surely some companies are learning how to become part of the conversations that are happening everyday around the web. The biggest challenge for major corporations is to do something genuinely interesting that's worth talking about!

Take the recent example of John Deere. John Deere are huge traditional advertisers who recently managed to capture the imaginations of their fan base with a radical overhaul of the 4020 model. They Commissioned Chip Foose, the stars of TV show Overhaulin', to remodel and customize the John Deere classic. By revealing the human side of John Deere and the passion of the people who work there and combining that with a more widely appealing concept  they were able to drum up interest in their brand among new customer groups. They got everyone talking. That's worth a 10,000 newspaper or banner ads with a straight sell message.

This fine example and many others, with excellent analysis can be found on Web Ink Now,  the TypePad blog of David Merrman Scott.DMS

Few people are able to synthesize the cacophony of social media babble into something resembling a harmonious set of rules or practices for businesses. But David has managed it. His best selling book, the New Rules of Marketing and PR, published by Wiley, is now in its second edition and is the must-have guide for any marketer or small business owner. It's also available in 24 different languages. David's stories offer clear and concise do's and don'ts on marketing to the social web and has been an invaluable resource to the TypePad Team. So next time you are helping a friend navigate the social media waters you'll find David's book is an excellent aid

NRMPR 2E cover

I discussed the book with David recently and jumped at the chance of some FREE SIGNED COPIES TO GIVE AWAY! So if you would like a copy of this book share your most creative marketing initiative, the one that really got people talking - and the results - in the comments below. Even better you can blog about it and drop a link in the comments.

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