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We like it! Adding Facebook Like to Your Posts

We had a ton of great feedback around the Facebook Like button for your blog's sidebar on the Everything TypePad blog post and in tickets. Thank you to everyone who contributed. One of the things we heard loud and clear from many, including David Hooper of Music Marketing and Miguel of Cote Boulevard, was that you wanted to add the "Like" button to each post rather than the full blog. So here it is!

From today you can add Facebook Like at the post level!

FB-like-2 How to add Facebook Like to your posts

  • Design > Content > Post footer module.
  • Hit the Post footer drop down and select Facebook Like

But how is this different from the Blog level "Like"?

Well...they function in different ways but are best used in conjunction.

"Like" on the Blog: great to keep a visitor engaged and encourage repeat visits.

If a Facebook user hits the Blog level "Like" in the side bar they are essentially subscribing to your blog via Facebook and will receive updates in their Facebook Newsfeed. Every time you update your blog everyone who has "Liked" it will get an update. This reminds them to come back and check out your next post. You can read more about it here

"Like" on the Post: great to attract new visitors to your blog and build awareness.

If a Facebook user hits the "Like" button at the end of a post, they highlight your post to their Facebook friends with an update to their own Facebook profile and a link back to your post. Any one who's friends with that person will see that update in their own Newsfeeds.

Best news of all: Facebook Like increases traffic to your blog

It's official. TypePad has seen a huge rise in traffic from Facebook since we released this feature just a few weeks ago. So if you are looking to grow your number of visitors this is a simple way to do it. While you need a Facebook account to add the "Like" button to your sidebar, you don't even need your own Facebook account to add the post level Like.

Free TypePad Micro users will see Facebook Like on the blog and the post level automatically. TypePad Pro users will have to add it on the post level or the blog level Advanced template users can add the code - here's the detail.

Keep the feedback coming! We like it :)

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