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Thank You, Miz Claire

We like it! Adding Facebook Like to Your Posts

We had a ton of great feedback around the Facebook Like button for your blog's sidebar on the Everything TypePad blog post and in tickets. Thank you to everyone who contributed. One of the things we heard loud and clear from many, including David Hooper of Music Marketing and Miguel of Cote Boulevard, was that you wanted to add the "Like" button to each post rather than the full blog. So here it is!

From today you can add Facebook Like at the post level!

FB-like-2 How to add Facebook Like to your posts

  • Design > Content > Post footer module.
  • Hit the Post footer drop down and select Facebook Like

But how is this different from the Blog level "Like"?

Well...they function in different ways but are best used in conjunction.

"Like" on the Blog: great to keep a visitor engaged and encourage repeat visits.

If a Facebook user hits the Blog level "Like" in the side bar they are essentially subscribing to your blog via Facebook and will receive updates in their Facebook Newsfeed. Every time you update your blog everyone who has "Liked" it will get an update. This reminds them to come back and check out your next post. You can read more about it here

"Like" on the Post: great to attract new visitors to your blog and build awareness.

If a Facebook user hits the "Like" button at the end of a post, they highlight your post to their Facebook friends with an update to their own Facebook profile and a link back to your post. Any one who's friends with that person will see that update in their own Newsfeeds.

Best news of all: Facebook Like increases traffic to your blog

It's official. TypePad has seen a huge rise in traffic from Facebook since we released this feature just a few weeks ago. So if you are looking to grow your number of visitors this is a simple way to do it. While you need a Facebook account to add the "Like" button to your sidebar, you don't even need your own Facebook account to add the post level Like.

Free TypePad Micro users will see Facebook Like on the blog and the post level automatically. TypePad Pro users will have to add it on the post level or the blog level Advanced template users can add the code - here's the detail.

Keep the feedback coming! We like it :)


Kofla Olivieri

I love it! Thanks! :-)

David Hooper

Great addition!


This is awesome, thank you!


Thank you :-))))))

Account Deleted

Finally, I love it ...thanks.

James Gray

TypePad,thanks for always being on the cutting edge and adding new features quickly. You Rock!

Account Deleted

Thank you - and so easy for us to add in too :-)


Yippee! I never did get the button to appear on the blog itself but it was easy to put the button on individual posts. Thanks!


Wow, you acted fast on that! Thanks folks! It's a great addition.

Sarah (Syrup and Honey)

Thanks for this! One concern though...I just added it and it's not flush with the other buttons and it's a slightly different color, so the aesthetics aren't great.

Kiril Kundurazieff it's safe to attempt to add both versions now?

As I've commented before I had issues, when I tried to add the Blog level version, a couple of weeks or so ago, so have not gon near it again since.


The Like button on a post level is as easy as adding a 'favorite' or 'reblog' or 'tweet this' button to your footer, so you won't need to connect to Facebook in order to get it working. Should be pretty easy!


Hi Sarah. Just took a look at your blog and noticed that the button seemed in line with the other buttons. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the coloring, as that is Facebook's color for the button.

Sarah (Syrup and Honey)

Hmm, I just pulled up my blog and the "Like" button is still raised. It's a bit higher than the other buttons.

Claire Alcock

Hi Sarah - we have seen this now - thanks for alerting us!


It's a different shape than the other buttons - a 'rounded rectangle' whereas the others are straight rectangles.

Grace Marshall

Hi there, I've just followed the steps and added this feature, but it doesn't seem to be showing up on my posts. I did the Tweet this button at the same time and that is showing up. Any ideas or help please? Thanks

Sarah (Syrup and Honey)

Thanks - It looks like it's fixed now!


Yes, unfortunately this is also something we cannot control because it is Facebook's design. It's slightly different... good thing it's not *too* different though!


Hmm, that's strange. Any chance that you didn't save before implementing it? Could you preview your blog design after you added it and did it show?


Honestly doesn't bother me that the shape is slightly different. I'm just happy to have the button. Posting my blog posts on facebook has already increased my readership - I'm hoping this button may add more 'facebook exposure!'

Grace Marshall

Thanks for replying. I definitely saved it and did so again to make sure. It is odd isnt it?!

Sent from my Blackberry with Utility Warehouse -


Very strange! Could you let me know what browser/computer (PC or Mac) you are using. It will help us investigate this issue further. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sarah (Syrup and Honey)

Actually, it looks off again. I'm fine with the color and the fact that the edges are rounded. The button is positioned higher on the screen than the others, and it's distracting to the eye.


We'll take a look at this next week. In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience!


Works good to me, thx! Like it :)

Grace Marshall

Firefox 3.5.9 (PC) - just noticed the like button for my blog has disappeared too. That was definitely showing up before. It should be at the top of the right hand column under Become a Fan.


Thank you soo much!! Works perfect!

Kiril Kundurazieff

It WAS easy. ;-D

No one has clicked on them yet, but they are there now. ;-D

Kiril Kundurazieff

Had no prob adding the button to the individual posts.

No-one has clicked yet, but the button is in place. ;-D

The button for the blogs, though, is still a no show, however.

RE - Step 2: Once the Facebook “Like” button displays, hit the “Like” button to initiate a connection to Facebook. A series of Facebook permission dialogues will then appear. You must select your blog from the “Page” drop-down and agree to the permissions in order to connect your blog to Facebook.

I tried to add the module to my Musings blog.....

No permission appeared, HOWEVER I was approved as 1st liker, and a notice as such appears on my Facebook page.

I went to add the module to my sidebar but see no Facebook "I Like" to add.

There IS an iLike but it's some sort of music widget I've no interest in adding.

Am I missing something?

Tin Aung



Its Brilliant


Thanks for doing this. Are there plans to enable this function on Typepad Pages (as opposed to posts), too?

Jeff Lennan

There is a discussion over on the typepad beta blog about why this button doesnt throw the comment box so that the share is a status update rather than just a "like" Any news on that?

Heres the thread:

Andrew Bleiman

It's only been a few days but so far Facebook referral traffic as a percentage of total traffic has almost doubled for us since installing the post level Like buttons on

Grace Marshall

Firefox 3.5.9 (PC) - just noticed the like button for my blog has disappeared too. That was definitely showing up before. It should be at the top of the right hand column under Become a Fan.

Robert Edwards

Linking to Facebook, the site most known for disrespecting their users' privacy, sucks. A backwards step for typepad, and one that, if they don't correct it, will make me leave them.


Robert Edwards

Does typepad disrespect their users' privacy as much as Facebook does?


Danielle Gutherie & Tanya Schevitz

i tried to add this but the post footer module isn't available. is there something else i have to do first?


Okay, we're going to look into it. I'll keep you updated, and sorry for the inconvenience!


But I don't like the fact I have been refollowed to typepad's blog despite actively unfollowing a few weeks ago, and then to make it worse the staff are favouriting your own posts including this one, so that they show up twice in my stream when once was bad enough. I'm really disappointed in Tyepad's behaviour re automatically making people follow your blog, especially when they've already actively unfollowed it once. Surely this is an invasion of privacy on a level Typepad wouldn't want to impose on its users? For example do you really want to come under the same sort of facebook scrutiny around disregard for privacy and user preferences? At least once you set privacy settings in facebook they don't actively go in and reverse them all against your will. I'm seriously annoyed and considering closing my typepad account. Which would be sad having been here for 4 years or so now. Please stop it.

Account Deleted

I also have added the like button to posts and it is not showing up. I am on firefox 3.6.4 (pc). Could you please keep me updated on this problem.

Account Deleted

Easy to implement and working fine. However, I'm a bit disappointed by what the feature does. I was *hoping* it would be more like the 'share this' footers that most corporate-level blogs have now where it will repost a LINK, image, and allow room for a personal comment from the Facebook user. Sure, a Facebook user can still share by pasting the URL into a link in their status (or on someone's wall) but I think the 'like' button will be the first (and only) thing a person will bother doing. >>Really wish you'd do a partner deal with ShareThis so we can insert their code into TP footers instead!<<

Kevin Cherrick

When I went to the post footer edit button, a new box popped up for me to click what I wanted to add (FB like, etc). The box is longer than my screen, and the ok button is below my browser. Scrolling down doesn't work, as the popup box slides down with me, so I am never able to access the ok button to save the changes I want to make.

FF 3.6.3

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi there. It sounds like you are going through the right motions, but sometimes Facebook takes a while to register that you are trying to make a connection. I've encountered this problem before and usually I just needed to refresh the page and go through the flow again (try un-liking the button and then liking again) until a Facebook permissions dialogue appears. Once you see the permissions dialogue and save you'll know that the button has been installed. You cannot manually add the widget via the content section however, and the "iLike" widget is not the same. Hope that helps!

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi Jeff. We're looking into that. I'll let you know when we have an update.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi Sally. Sorry that we've upset you, it was certainly not our intention. The re-following TypePad behavior sounds like a bug, as we have not implemented anything to force users to do that. If this happens again let us know so that we do not bother you again.

As far as TypePad invading your privacy, we certainly consider our users' privacy of utmost importance and wouldn't do anything to take advantage of that. When we initially prompted users to follow Everything TypePad the intent was simply to provide an avenue to our users to be more easily notified about new features and TypePad updates. Obviously this turned out to be something that not everyone wanted, but I wouldn't want you to perceive it as an act of invading your privacy. I hope that clarifies things.


Thanks Tiff that does make things look a little better yes, if its a bug then at least its been highlighted and you can look into it, and if it does happen again Ill let you know pronto, thanks very much. Sally

Tiff (TypePad Team)

I'm happy I helped to clear things up. And yes, let me know if this happens again, because I can understand how annoying that would be!

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hey Kevin. Sorry for the inconvenience. While we're looking into the issue, if you'd like I can go in and add the like button for you to your blog. Just let me know what blog you want it on and I'll help you out.

Michele Zygmunt

I have tried four times to connect to the blog level and am never asked for permission etc. I want to connect my blog to my Facebook Business Page not my personal page with this Like widget. What am I doing wrong?


Hi there
It doesn't work for me either - I have Facebook Like Button but no button... any ideas? My blog is:

Thanks.. Andaleeb

C'est moi

Will you please remove your messages from my dashboard? Thank you!

Z. Kelly Queijo

I've added the FB like button to my post footer on and my personal blog: It does not seem to be working or I don't get how it works. I assumed it would work the same way the FB Like button for the entire site does (smartcollegevisit)in that a counter shows how many times something has been liked and an update goes to the Wall of the user's FB page.

When someone "likes" a post from my footer a number (so far the # 1) flashes and then the button returns to normal and nothing is updated on Facebook.

Please let me know what should be happening. Thank you!

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi there. Can you provide a little more detail about what king of trouble you're having? Are you adding the "Like" button to your sidebar or your post footer? Is the setup flow available but is the button just not showing on the blogside?

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi Michele. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Unfortunately the connection depends on Facebook's response to our request for connection, so sometimes it takes a few times to go back to the setup page before it works. What browser are you using?

Also, I'm not sure if this addresses what you mentioned at the end of your comment, but you cannot add the like widget at a specific page level. You can only add the like widget for your blog at a blog level, otherwise your facebook fans won't receive your post updates.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi there. I just tested this out on your blog. It seems that if a user attempts to hit the like button when they're on your blog index page, it doesn't work (it flashes and then reverts to the same state). However, I did get it to work when the user clicked through the post to the post permalink page and hit the like button in that context. Going to the post permalink and hitting like sent an update to my facebook page. We'll look into the blog index page problem, and sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Thats right - I am adding the like button to the sidebar via design, content and then in a notes typelist I think. The button just doesn't show up. Help! ;-)

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hi there. To get to where you edit the footer, you have to click on the design tab of your blog, and then hit the 'content' tab to the left. Once in the content section you should see a little bar that says "Post Footer". Hit the pencil to edit the post footer settings, and you can turn the Facebook "like" button on from there.

If you do not see the content tab in your design, chances are you're using an advanced template design and must manually add the button to your footers. Is this the case?

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Just to be sure, did you make sure to save your options when you edited the footer settings? Could you preview the Like button on your post footer in the design section?

There have been some on and off issues with Facebook as of late that may be the root cause of the like button not showing up on your blog. We're doing our best to work things out, so let me know if my previous advice helps any. If not, we'll let you know when we have an update from Facebook.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hmm. Are you using advanced templates?

To set up the 'like' button on a blog level (allowing facebook readers to 'like' your blog and receive post updates in their news streams) you need to go to your blog settings and go to the "Sharing" tab. There at the top you'll see a prompt to connect your blog to facebook. Once you've successfully gone through this flow the like widget will be added to your sidebar modules.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're trying to add the like button on a blog level by putting the code in a Typelist and arranging that Typelist in your sidebar. You can only add the like button to your blog by following the flow outlined above. If you want the 'like' button on every post (allowing facebook users to simply say that they like your post), you need to go into the post footer settings and add it there.

Hope that helps... let me know!


Hi there
Thanks for that - you are right, I want to do the first - I followed what you said, went via Sharing but when the Like button comes up, it says:

The page at could not be reached.

Its odd as I only want to link to:

Any ideas? I really want it on the sidebar, not on every blog post... thanks for any help.

Kind regards


Andaleeb Lilley Photography
[email protected]
079 654 4115

To: [email protected]

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Ah, so here's where the confusion is. First off, it looks like Facebook is having a bit of trouble connecting to your blog. If you still want to add the like button to your blog, you'll probably have to retry the flow a few times until it works. I suggest refreshing the page, and hitting like and un-like a few times until the permissions dialogue comes up. If that doesn't work, it's probably because Facebook is having trouble. So you might want to try another day.

However, just so that you're not mistaken, the 'like' button will not directly connect your blog to your current facebook fanpage at It creates a NEW page to start building up fan connections, but this NEW page is invisible to any facebook user and only visible by you but available for any user to like. Ideally, Facebook would have a way to transport the 100-some fans of your current facebook page to their new functionality, but unfortunately they do not. Thus, it's up to you whether you want to add the new button with the new functionality, or wait until Facebook hypothetically offers some way of merging your old fan page with your new one. Hope that helps.

Account Deleted

Yes, the option is saved and it is showing up in my preview.

It showed up on another computer in the office using IE7, but today it isn't showing up in IE7, Firefox 3.6.4, IE6, or Chrome 5.0.375.55.

Thanks for the help!

Michele Moore - Happy1

Thanks! This looks great but how do I link my Creating Happiness (Typepad) Blog to an EXISTING Facebook page?

I followed the instructions and a new Facebook Page was added with the Creating Happiness Blog name - I'd like to include existing Fans, or now Likes.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Are you using Custom CSS or widgets in your sidebar that use Javascript? If so, they may be conflicting with the ability for the like button to show on your post footer. Let me know... but I'll still see if I can find more information.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Unfortunately there is no current way to transfer any fans from an old facebook fan page to the new facebook 'like' pages. We're very interested in this feature as well, so we're doing our best to work with Facebook to see if they will implement this in the future. We'll be sure to let you know if and when that feature becomes available.

Account Deleted

I removed the Facebook fanpage from my sidebar and the like button worked.

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Great to hear that it works now that you've removed the facebook fanpage widget. It's unfortunate that they don't work together... but thanks for helping us find a source to one of the problems!


So, yesterday a few people clicked the facebook "like" button on a post of mine and I had a good rise in numbers. I knew this would be a great feature, and now all indications are proving that to be true! Thanks again Typepad peeps!

Account Deleted

how you refers your URL to Michele Moore - Happy1

Account Deleted

I'm a new member and looking for a fantastic blog, for me to read with.

Account Deleted


love 8!!



Hi Grace, checking in again. Does the button still not work for you? Let me know!


It's not showing up on my blog either. All the other buttons are, though. Any news as to how to remedy this problem?

Tiff (TypePad Team)

Hmm, strange. What browser are you using? Do you have any sidebar modules that you've added using Javascript? Any more details about your situation can help us locate the problem... thanks!


great feature, noticed it was already on my blog posts, didn't have to do a thing :)

Matt Mealiffe, M.D.

Do you anticipate that you will be adding the ability to Facebook like pages (in addition to posts)?


Using the iframe, I've added the Like button to my post footer and it seems to be working, but I'm not sure how to tell WHO's liking my post. Is there any interface that allows me to see that? Thanks.


Hello, this is great! I bet you deliver the rest of the Facebook social plugins soon?

Next challenge: Facebook Notes integration !!


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