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Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Picture 10Tomorrow is the infamous holiday of Cinco de Mayo. (Today being the less infamous, but almost as fun "May the Fourth" Star Wars day). The strangest things about this wonderful holiday is that seemingly very few people who celebrate it actually know what they are celebrating, other than the inspired combination of tequila and tacos.

Put this theory to the test. When you spy margarita sipping revelers ask them what they are celebrating and please post the answers below for us all to enjoy. Better still post your own versions below right now (ignoring the fact that I have linked to the actual origins above)

Well, origins aside, our bloggers are also gearing up for festivities and there are tons of great ideas. If you are planning a dinner you might like to consider Jerry's chipotle roast chicken tacos or Jamie of all trade's fabulous looking margaritas. Yum! And if you are  looking for inspiration of the decorative sort we love social couture's party ideas.

But if Yoda and "The Wars" are more your thing - that's OK too - but make sure you check out the edible star wars photo contest going on over at Between the Pages.

Long may the festivities continue!



Well, happy Cinco de Mayo and happy Star Wars Day :-)

Carlos Gutierrez

Cinco de Mayo is a date when México beat the french army in Puebla in 1862. It is not that important in Mexico, because the final battle and the war itself, was won by France and they put an Emperor in Mexico. But for one day, and only for one day, May the 5th, Mexico was superior to France.

I'm mexican, btw :)

A Twitter User

THANKS for plugging our Tasty Star Wars Photo Contest!!!

Since we're a food blog, we're also spotlighting Great Cinco de Mayo Cakes & Cupcakes -


I've always believed the victory in Puebla subjective and truthfuly, overrated. If you look at the facts, one will find the French basically said why should we waste time with an insignificant village and take causulties that are unnesessary. So the French took their military and tactically, ummmm WENT AROUND THE VILLAGE AND SEIZED MEXICO CITY!!!

Hey, it's a reason to eat some tacos, chips/salsa and through back a Corona or two. Happy CInco de Drinko everyone!!!

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