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Hey TypePad New Yorkers -- You Busy Later?

We've started up a brand new TypePad NYC Meetup group, and we're kicking things off with a get-together on Thursday, May 27th here in our Six Apart office!  

Our first meetup will primarily focus on you, the TypePad blogger.  We'll be answering questions, providing demos of the latest and greatest TypePad goodies, and attempting to connect userpics to faces IRL (that's In Real Life...what a concept!).  The next gathering will be more developer-focused, where we'll provide more information about the TypePad Platform API's and client-libraries.  We're open for ideas for future meetups, though; feel free to join the group or chime in with your suggestions here in the comments.

We'll see you in the big apple!


Jeff Korhan

Just let me know when you are ready for TypePad Chicago. I'll be there!

Account Deleted

I would love to go...but the time at 6:00 pm is not working for me....why couldn't you start earlier like 3:00 p.m. I come all the way from Connecticut.

serge the concierge

Will try to make it there.
Sounds like a good way to meet fellow Typepad users and the team


Whoa, we're flattered that you'd make the trip all the way from CT! We'll aim to sponsor a gathering in an earlier timeslot for traveling bloggers later this year.

Account Deleted

Yes I really would...I live in northern CT so it's about 2 1/2 hrs drive all the way to NYC for one way...and driving late to go home is not my thing. Good to hear that you will come up next time with an earlier one.

Kofla Olivieri

I also would love to attend, but it will have to be on a weekend. It only takes me two hours to get there from Philadelphia! Good luck at the meet and greet! :-)

Ian Stewart

What about Sydney?

David Hooper

I'm actually in NYC next week for BookExpo, but the time doesn't work. Next time!! :)

Joanne Costello

I have Typepad Pro. Can I get the same buttons that you have under each of your entries - reblog, tweet, facebook, etc.?

I feel like the latest interface is more complicated. I can't even clearly see where to access widgets, etc. and actually began blogging less when it was introduced.

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