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Thank You, Miz Claire

The toughest part of working in a small and close knit team is the day you have to wish a friend and colleague, best of luck in their new adventures. As many of you know, Claire has been the voice and evangelist for Everything TypePad and the TypePad Team these last few months. She stepped into some tough to fill shoes but managed to go above and beyond in her role as a community manager. Not that we had any doubt that she would be excellent at doing just about anything. Claire was one of the key people in building and sustaining the growth of TypePad Business Class these last few years. Even with the additional responsibility of community management, she was still the go-to-person for many of our business class bloggers.

The TypePad Team wants to give a big shout out to Claire and thank her for all that she's done here at Six Apart. It's a good thing she's not going far otherwise we'd have some serious crying to do after this post.

With LOVE and SUPER HERO hugs  -- The TypePad Team

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