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Bay Area Bloggers — We Want to Meet You!

Following suit with our Gotham City office, we've started the TypePad San Francisco Meetup with our very first pow-wow Thursday, June 10th @ 6pm, right here in our Six Apart office!


Join the Meetup!

The first meetup will primarily focus on you, the TypePad blogger. We'll be answering questions, providing demos of the latest and greatest TypePad goodies, and attempt to connect userpics to faces. Folks from the team will be here so come by and say HI! even if you don't have questions. We'd love to meet you and hear your thoughts about the product. Our next gathering will be more developer-focused, with loads of information on the TypePad Platform API's and client-libraries.

We're open for ideas for future meetups, so chime in with your suggestions here in the comments. Looking forward to seeing y'all in the near future!


Account Deleted

I'd so be there if I stilled lived in the Bay Area. Hope those who attend have fun and find it productive. :-)

[I'm in the Seattle area, though I don't know how many bloggers you have up in these parts. :-)]

Account Deleted

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It would have been great to meet you! Who knows, if these meetups turn out to be a hit then we'll host more of them around the country.

Susan RoAne

Too bad, I'm going to be in New York, wish I could be there! I've been a Typepad blogger six years this August. Hope you do another one this summer.


Hi Susan!

Too bad you'll miss this one. We'll definitely have another one in the summer.


I can't make it at this late date. However, my question is: is there a design/format that is closer to being a social network -- that is, where my readers can comment and the default is that those comments are displayed, rather than hidden? I've been thrhough your GetSatisfaction site, and the knowledgebase, and can't find an answer.


That's too bad, hopefully you can attend the next one! Not sure what you mean about comments being hidden? The default setting is for comments to be displayed on the blog.


Thanks for the fast response. The comments require a click through from the post to be viewed; only the number of comments is shown on the same age as the post. To me this reduces the amount of feedback from my readers, whom I want to make writers. Can I accomplish that on Typepad?


We show the comments expanded from the post permalink page, example: Which is what your readers would see if you are sharing your posts to Facebook or with friends and they leave a comment.

This is the general format of most blog designs across other platforms and not just TypePad. It's an interesting request however and we'll keep it in mind as we develop new themes.


Come to Seattle!!

Devon Dudgeon

It was a great event - thanks!

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