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Introducing the Facebook Friend Finder and Facebook Fan Comment Syncing

Social media sites like Facebook can be successful tools for distributing content to new audiences and building additional traffic for your blog. In fact, we've seen a favorable increase to incoming traffic for TypePad bloggers who've added the Facebook Like button to their blogs and post footers. With today's release, we have two more Facebook features that will help enhance these traffic tools.

Facebook Friend Finder

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The Facebook Friend Finder locates and suggests people on TypePad to follow who are also in your Facebook network, making it even easier to find interesting TypePad blogs to follow. To try it out, go to your dashboard and click on the link "Find people to follow" at the top of your Recent Activity feed. You'll need to connect to Facebook if you haven't already to see which Facebook friends are also on TypePad.

Facebook Fan Comment Syncing

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TypePad bloggers can boost comment counts and bridge the conversation that's happening between Facebook and TypePad. All it takes is one Facebook Like button. By adding the Facebook Like button to your blog's sidebar, you'll enable Facebook readers to "become a fan" of your blog. These Facebook fans will receive your blog updates directly in their news streams and after you enable Facebook Fan Comment Syncing, any comments left by them will be sync'ed between Facebook and your TypePad blog. This means the conversation remains with your content wherever it's happening!

To try this feature you must first have the Facebook Like button set up on your blog's sidebar. Once you have that up and running, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Blog > Settings > Sharing. Under the first section, ensure that you have "Connected Facebook Like to Your Blog".
  2. Then go to Blog > Settings > Comments and turn on the "Facebook Comment Syncing" setting.
  3. Select "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
Note, Facebook Fan Comment Syncing will only sync comments left by Facebook readers who have "liked" your blog and will not sync comments to post you've shared to your Facebook profile via compose. Learn more.

Have fun testing out these new features and let us know what you think!
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