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The Friday Roundup: World Cup Edition

We're back for the second installment of Friday Roundup! Once again, we're sharing great posts that caught our attention. This week, we've got a slew of World Cup posts, some NBA Finals drama and a mix of other good stuff.

Now it's your turn! Share your favorite TypePad (or any blog!) post from the last couple weeks in the comments.



These blogs, about living in other countries, are lovely and perfect for a little Friday day dreaming :-)



Tiff (TypePad Team)

I've been following mbf for a while now, and he always posts really interesting content about videogames and gaming culture. His new blog, gamescenes helped me discover an artist who I promptly bought work from for my art collection!

MBF - http://profile.typepad.com/manybits
Gamescenes - http://www.gamescenes.org

Account Deleted

My fave blog post from the past couple of weeks is Fatshonista's great analysis of Lady Gaga's Alejandro video: http://www.fatshionista.com/cms/index.php?option=com_mojo&Itemid=69&p=412

serge the concierge

In the World Cup realm, I wrote a couple pieces about Wine Producing Countries amongst the 32 competing teams...

Here's one...


Account Deleted

World Cup...



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There's a couple of blogs that have had my attention over the past week. One is http://iammommy.typepad.com/i_am_baker/ as it has such beautiful photography which I love and the other that I keep hanging my nose over is http://www.halloweensuperaffiliatepro.info as it looks a very interesting way for me to earn some extra to give my children a really special Christmas..


Anastasia's last post: http://cordelia.typepad.com/anastasia/2010/06/password-selection-rules.html


One of my favorite TypePad blogs:

http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com by Sidney.

Sunil Mehta

Take a look at http://nimblecat.typepad.com/thecareerists. We blog atleast once a week on the state of the US job market. The NimbleCat engine classifies jobs accurately by the professional experience required to do the job. We combine this with our job aggregation engine that collects more than a million jobs a month from online sources. This gives us the real time data that we use to produce our job market micro-views. Our analysts review this data weekly and uncover interesting trends that will be useful both to job seekers and to recruiting professionals.


I read many TypePad blogs and, believe me, I love them all. But three of them are my most favourite which I always visit. I'm sorry I can't choose just one!

1. http://www.bobbintalk.com/
Because I think that Aneta is the greatest fashion blogger ever! I love her blog because she promotes talented young people.
2. http://www.agnespages.typepad.com/
Because, apart from her beauty, I admire her strength, her energy and her unique way to master words. I've also learnt a lot from her!
3. http://hotkerfuffle.blogspot.com/
Tina is one of my greatest online friends. I've known her online for about 6 years. Tina is a great artist and a great painter. She won a blog award on Blogger and, to me, she is not only a great artist (as much as I can understand art)but she is also a great lady, a loving wife and a wonderful mum!

Account Deleted

Take a look at http://archaeologyexcavations.blogspot.com/ We blog atleast once a week on the archaeology updates.

Account Deleted

It's very good
take a look at http://www.alvagamma.com and http://www.forfed.com

Destiny Evans


Zhirayr Ghazarosyan

Hi, see my Sites! TRUTH - Jesus Christ!...

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Bill Van Loan

Thanks Agnes,

This Blog is pretty fantastic...


Hi all, we recently posted our World Cup thoughts following a lacklustre performance from the England team. There's parallels with branding here - and the England team certainly neglected theirs!

Would love to hear your thoughts:



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Soccer may be Football down under, but the team you root for is NOT what you think it means!!!


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lets have some BEERS and lets start the party!!!

Account Deleted

lets have some BEERS and lets start the party!!!


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The world cup is very surprising this year!

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Thomas Shaw

After following the fortunes of the England football team for the last 30 odd years, i have given up watching them permanently.
England 1 Germany 4
I just don't understand how we just gave up when the going got tough.

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