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Beta: A New and Improved Compose Editor

UPDATE: We have acted upon your feedback by addressing some pressing issues with the new composer and have now released it to 5% of all TypePad users, continuing to rollout the composer over the course of the next 1-2 weeks.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for the initial feedback. We rolled out fixes to several annoying bugs today around link URLs and special characters in other languages. Additionally we've made the 'full justify' option available again. We know you're missing the 'image edit' pop-up and will have that available in the next release.

Today we launched a new Compose Editor in Beta that is powered by a more reliable, open-sourced editor*, one that is widely used around the social web. When we launched the revised Compose Editor two years ago, we introduced many great features such as text and photo justification and font and paragraph break controls (exciting!). With today's release, those features you know and love will remain unchanged. Benefits of the new editor include improved reliability, more responsiveness, and in fact, just plain better formatting. Can we say no to more font discrepancies?

The new Compose Editor has gone through several rounds of internal testing and is now ready for our Beta members. We're looking to you to provide feedback on what works and doesn't work. Remember, you can switch in and out of Beta at any time by going to Account > Summary > Join the Beta Team (at the bottom of the page - don't forget to hit Save Changes). And when you switch to Beta, you'll likely see some other awesome changes.

There are some known issues with the Compose Editor that we'll be ironing out over the next few weeks. Anything you spot out of the ordinary, please let us know in the comments – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


The TypePad Team

* For those of you that enjoy the geeky details, the editor of choice that we've swapped in is the tinyMCE editor


Michael Gat

Another issue. I think this one may have been mentioned but it's still there.

If you put an "extended entry" break, the editor adds an extra paragraph ahead of it every single time you save. Unless you remember to go back and delete these, the space between the first and second halves of the entry will grow larger and larger every time you save.

Alisha Gibb

For some reason with the new Compose Editor if I try to attach pictures it only wants to put them at the top of my post. I can't add them in the middle of my text like I could before. This is REALLY frustrating!!!

Randy Barnhart

Why all the complaints? I thought Beta testers weren't the gripey type?


Further to Peg and possibly others above, I am having a problem with adding photos. I had a post in which I was placing photos throughout amongst the text, and every single photo jumped to the top of the page. When I had very specific spots for these photos, it became a nightmare. It took me more than an hour, when it should have taken a few minutes.


Thanks for the update. The biggest issue I'm experiencing is the automatic addition of unwanted paragraph tags above the extended entry line when I save as draft. Every time I save as draft more paragraph tags are inserted above the line. Not a huge deal, but it requires that I remember to remove them before publishing. Thanks for looking into it.

Account Deleted

So, I see we still have the spelling issue with that widget over the list of alternative spellings. Well, guess what? It's still incredibly annoying. Please fix it.

The Letter E

I have been having a problem uploading photo's I crop in Iphoto.....when I upload it reverts to origional???


I didn't have time to read through all the many comments aboev, so apologies if this point has been raised. There no longer seems to be "autosave" when writing posts. This was an invaluable feature of the last upgrade so I hope it is on the list to be added (back). Now, it seems, I have to manually save a draft in order to not lose a post.

Also, the spell check no longer seems to be working.

Thanks for the upgrade, it is always good to be part of an evolving service and to know that there is a team working on improvements and innovations as new tech gets invented.


I didn't find any issues with mine, or maybe I'm just one of the luckiest. I'll keep an eye on it for any changes...



What was wrong with the old editor. This one has SO many issues. I lose posts. It also arbitrarily rewrites my HTML coding. It makes it so that everything that centered is not now left justified. I want the option to go back to the old, much better editor. And I try to insert hyperlinks and the window doesn't disappear. This thing is no good. No good at all.

Account Deleted

Thanks for your kind information about the new composer editor. I think this could be very useful for me. provides such type of services. Thanks

Sara Bozich

I'm having a lot of trouble with the new editor also. For instance:
- It seems to automatically add extra "returns" at the bottom of my posts so that when they're published (if I haven't noticed), there is a lot of extra space at the bottom of the post.
- Instead of saving as a draft the first time I click, I get the "Are you sure you want to move away from this page?" message. The second attempt usually works.
- I like to use the line break feature for long posts. I insert it as I go, and then when I publish, it moves up a line and distorts my text placement.
- I also regularly use the bullets, and those get distorted when I publish, too.
- The auto save is not working well at all.

Please help if you can. Thank you.

Sara Bozich

Oh I also dislike how there's less control when inserting hyperlinks.

Window Watcher

So far I don't care for it. I looked at the editor it was based on and I see the following: ours doesn't have as many colors or all the functions available. It is barely WISIWIG... spacing looks right when editing, but not on actual blog. Also, titles for photos is needed.

What a mess.

Account Deleted

Sorry but the new changes are terrible. I'm getting extra spaces when I do a break and I don't like the fact that misspelled words aren't highlighted like they used to be. The one thing I keep hoping you'll upgrade -- the spell check feature which allows us to add custom words to a dictionary -- keeps getting over looked.

All About your Computer


So that's why I can't blog with my ipad anymore.

Amy Flynn

I am having a disastrous compose experience the past week 10 days. (More in the past week) If I have the new one REMOVE IT NOW!!

I am NOT KIDDING - GET IT OFF MY BLOGS! I do not want this "new compose editor" now. This is a business I am trying to run and I can''t even edit... I can't even get an ACTIVE CURSOR in the edit screen half the time to type. (it's not Firefox it's YOU! I can get a cursor here just fine!)

This is horrible. I have a business to run and an edit on a page that should take me 15 minutes takes an hour and even then i have to abandon correcting my Sales page because i can't get a cursor!

DO NOT GIVE me the new compose editor until every bug is out. I want to be one of the LAST ones on the new compose editor (since you are forcing it on us !)

TypePad you have your priorities backwards! You are HURTING your customers not helping them! Do not put UNTESTED and DEBUGGED editors out on people's blogs!

Test these things and get the bugs out BEFORE you deploy them onto the blogs of those who have not volunteered to test the new release.

Thank you

Amy Flynn

Where did my comment go? Well I am writing another since it seems the first evaporated. (Maybe the new compose editor is here also!)

Bottom line REMOVE THE NEW COMPOSE EDITOR FROM MY BLOGS. For the past week plus I have not been able to edit. I can't even get a CURSOR 60% of the time!! That means I can't TYPE!

I could not edit a SALES PAGE. You are costing me money and I will not tolerate you doing that. If the new editor has been deployed on my blogs.. REMOVE IT from my blogs please until it has been completely debugged. My blogs are BUSINESS sites and I will not have an buggy compose editor on my blogs. I do not pay you for this!

REMOVE IT AND DO NOT GIVE IT TO ME until all the bugs have been identified. I will gladly be the LAST one on the new editor!

And DO NOT tell me to start writing up HELP tix. I don't have the time! I WILL NOT DONATE my time to debugging your compose editor, that is NOT what I pay you for each month. I just spent 1 hour TRYING to edit 3 sentences (should have taken 5 minutes) and couldn't even finish .. Why? NO CURSOR!

This is horrible and I am not happy. TypePad you are NOT supposed to harm your bloggers, you are providing a service that people pay for. Stay in BETA and with those who volunteer to test and COMPLETELY DEBUG before you roll out. Stop cutting corners, if it costs a bit more because rollout is delayed SO BE IT. You have PAYING customers and deserve the best, not to be guinea pigs for a buggy compose editor.

Thank you, and thank you for promptly removing from all of my blogs and my account.

And if I do not have the new compose editor PLEASE explain why suddenly I am having such difficulty getting a cursor and typing in the window! The editing is as bad as as always with the font issues but I NEVER had this issue with the cursor before!

Amy Flynn

Sorry about the double comments.. I guess my first one materialized out of somewhere. As you can tell I was VERY upset. I have editing to do and am totally being blocked from doing so in the compose window.

David Ewart

I'm all for change - changes that work.
After the last experience my plea is Please, please, do NOT include me in the new release until 6 months have passed.
I can work with the old one, and I don't want the headaches of all the bugs getting worked out on my postings.


how can i be switched back to the old editor? I just need another week.


Yeah but many of use have adapted to using the old one, and all of a sudden, in the midst of non-stop 24/7 work with a deadline all sort of idiosyncratic errors are introduced. And they're such obvious errors --- the editor is no longer WYSIWYG with simple HTML for god's sake. Spacings don't work. I'm all for moving to "new innovation" but the very simplest things should be rock solid. This isn't rocket science, text editors have been made for decades.

L. D. Mitchell

The new editor no longer retains the formatting I put in for either text or images. Spacing between images is eliminated altogether so images are butt-up next to each other. Poetry, which requires something other than justified formatting, also has its spacing eliminated altogether. How do I go back to the previous editor?!!!!!!


1. Please get me out of whatever program that caused you to give me this terrible step backward for Typepad. I have hundreds of pages I cannot edit properly right now, and I'm days away from a major content rollout that is pivotal for my year.

2. I had no warning of this and you are damaging my business. This has been handled irresponsibly.

3. The new design has many problems, but they're moot because it won't work with my current Typepad blogs. If it doesn't support current blogs how can you roll it out?

4. I would like an immediate response. While you're considering what to do with this I'm considering what other blog sites I want to move to as a result of Typepad sabotaging all my work.

Kofla Olivieri

I agree. I just wrote a help ticket on this. I CANNOT add links to my blog.


font colors? please, sir, may I have them again?!


Having the same issue here. Tried to embed a Vimeo video using their iframe option and the beta editor scrubbed the code as soon as I hit publish. Hopefully a fix is in the works.

Account Deleted

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