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Friday Roundup: Summer Fun in the Sun

We're so grateful that the weather has been nice here in the Bay Area. Makes it that much easier to get outside and enjoy those long summer days. This week's Friday Roundup includes a selection of posts that made rounds at the office.

Over to you, dear readers.  Share your favorite TypePad (or any blog!) post from the last couple weeks in the comments!.



Here in the UK it has been hot, hot, hot. This does not happen very often as I am sure you know and in true Brit fashion, after weeks of moaning about the rotten summer weather, we are now moaning about the heat. I am just so glad that I am now retired, no more forcing my way onto sweaty horrid trains with sweaty horrid people (sure they are nice really....)and so can enjoy the sunshine

glad to hear you are too!

Toya Bianca Turner

oh it is soooo soooo hot in Antigua- during the day. At nights, we've been having thunderstorms lately...very odd.

It's carnival here too, so there's lots of parties and cultural events to experience. I'll probably do a post on the costumes (but I'm participating in carnival too) so I'll have to designate a photographer. I love summer.... even with the crazy heat ^_^

Barbara Wilford Gentry

Here I am in Jacksonville, Florida, love this weather, sure it's hot, but makes it all that much more enjoyable when you jump in the pool,***SPLASH****The morning sunrises at the Julington Creek Marina are quite beautiful. I am fairly new to the site, not really sure how to get around but trying my best. I am an artist/photographer and love every things about it. Now have a couple photo's entered in contest, hope its ok to post link first row to the left bottom photo, only one vote per person
Here is the other
this site has my name under the photo, Barbara Gentry, and you can vote once a day, See you all are having a good time with summer days, take care enjoy!!

Account Deleted

Get your holiday here in Bali


My favourite blog this week is Siesta in Agnes'Pages:

Account Deleted

Who cares about where people spend their summer holidays? Post something useful: something about how to solve that annoying problem of inserting pictures in blog posts. Better yet do something about that darn issue. It's getting on my nerves already!

Qarla Diokno

I'm new to typepad, I just transferred from Blogspot, welcome me! Haha!

Account Deleted

Welcome to TypePad Mr. Qarla Diokno, You will find lot of better option in typepad when compared with blogspot. I am 100% sure that you will happy once you browse the entire website..

Megan Van Sipe

This is my favorite blog this week!...


how do you choose the Friday Roundup blogs? they are always great pick and I am also currious as I would be very proud of behing picked up one day...


Thanks for the suggestions Barbara!


Thanks for the recommendation!


We pick blogs based on subject matter and what's been making the rounds at the office. Maybe someday you will be picked!


These are the posts that make the rounds at our office. Friday Roundup is not about posting bugfixes. That being said, sounds like you're having issues with inserting photos into your blog. Can you describe the issues that you're having? Are you not able to insert a photo? Are the photos inserted incorrectly?

Barbara Wilford Gentry

Welcome, I am fairly new too!!
If you want something to do check out some nice photo and art work
Have a wonderful day or evening I should say


Thank you for taking time to respond :)

To: [email protected]

Susan Abbott

How can I unsubscribe from this feed? I have unfollowed, but it continues to show up on my landing page.

Account Deleted

wow nice of it i want to be theere to hehe.

Scott Henderson

My favorite blog this week is I like the way the owner has used articles to demonstrate his credibility.

Programme Management, Scotland

John Estes

I miss the Bay area very much, here in Brazil at this time it is very cold. I've got to get back to sunny CA


i miss the bay too cos i need to cool off my brain and get more tour

Account Deleted

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Account Deleted

yeah I agree with you.

Kalpesh Patel

we are now moaning about the heat.
Better yet do something about that darn issue. It's getting on my nerves already!

Account Deleted

"Friday Roundup is not about posting bugfixes." - Good to know.

Account Deleted

I miss the life at the beach!!! Can't wait for the next summer :(

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