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The Friday Roundup: 4th of July Edition

It's 4th of July weekend and Summer is finally here! This week's Friday Roundup includes a selection of 4th of July treats and some interesting reads for your extended weekends.

Over to you, fair readers.  Share your favorite TypePad (or any blog!) post from the last couple weeks in the comments, and tell us what you have planned for this holiday weekend.



First let me wish you and Six Apart Happy July 4th and a great holiday weekend. My favourite blog this week is Tipper's Blind Pig and the Acorn because I really loved Etheline's stories about the American War of Independence and those brave men who paved the way to Independence and democracy. Apart from the fireworks, the parades and the barbecues, it's worth remembering those heroes whose self-denial not only led ultimately to the downfall of British rule in America and the rise of the revolutionaries' own independent nation, the United States of America, but also incited many European countries to follow their example.

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I am going to be quitting typepad. Forcing paying customers to take the new fugly layout admin page is the last straw. I didn't ask for it and I don't want it. It's ugly and it's got a lot of unimportant data to me pushed up front and a lot of stupid and unnecessary changes. I came to typepad because Wordpress did the exact same thing. Your coders should all be fired. I don't understand why you can't make tweaks to the old page without having to redesign the entire thing. And who told you that the new layout looked good? It's trash and I didn't ask for this and shouldn't be forced to pay for something I don't want. Thanks for rining my experience with typepad. Up until now things were cool. And now you have lost a paying customer.

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I've been having lots of fun re-living LiveAid over at If you were too young first time around, you'll find video of the performances too.


mmm.. look so good!!!

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