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Blog It for Safari

Blog It is a handy TypePad feature which makes it easy to quickly post articles, photos, video, and more to your blog. Blog It for Safari is an extension for Safari 5 that puts the power of Blog It right in your browser’s toolbar. Just click the Blog It button, customize your post, and publish.

To try it out, simply download the extension, double-click to install, and you’re done. If you don’t already have a TypePad blog, you can create an account right from within Blog It.

Blog It for Safari

If you like Blog It but you’re partial to other browsers, we also offer a Google Chrome extension and a bookmarklet.

Update: Blog It for Safari has been downloaded hundreds of times and is now available on Apple's official Safari Extension Gallery.


Trent Fitzgerald

This is cool. I love the Safari web browser and I'm a Typepad user since 2003. So this is a good combination for me.

Now let see if this thing work. *crossing fingers*

Lavinia Weissman

The utility did not work for me. I click on the download twice and it opens in my Safari Browser with nothing in the window.

I am very frustrated with Typepad these days and prefer to stay with you, but I keep being told I should move to Wordpress.

So I hope you can respond and support me with success with Moveable Type and Typepad so I can serve my clients and projects with professional alacrity.

My current blog has caught a lot of attention globally and viewed as almost like a magazine.

Hopefully I can get over this hurdle wit you.

The Typepad Team

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Here are a couple of things to check: Do you have Safari 5 installed? Is the extension file being downloaded to your computer? Does double-clicking on the extension file ask you if you want to install it? Does the Blog It button appear in your toolbar? Does clicking on the Blog It button display the Blog It form? If you're having trouble at any of these points let us know and we can try to narrow it down further. Thanks.


sweet...i been waiting for this



Lavinia Weissman

I downloaded and it would not open when I double clicked.

I just discovered that Safari 5 requires an operating system I can don't have.

I have MAC OS X 10.4.1 and Safari

* Snow Leopard System Requirements
o Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 or later
* Leopard System Requirements
o Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8

That is very disappointing since my machine works really well and has a smaller hard drive, so I was advise by Apple Genius Bar to stick with my current operating system.

I am trying to see if I can borrow another Apple computer to test the blog features out.

I don't want to buy a new computer just to upgrade to new features on Typepad; when my computer works fine.

I have become annoyed with technical domination re: my budget as a self-employed person that pushes me to upgrade when my equipment works fine.


Marianna Scheffer

I don't know what this is about.

The Typepad Team

Don't worry, there's no need to upgrade. :) You can use Blog It on your current browser as a bookmarklet. Here's an article that describes how it works:

Lavinia Weissman

Thanks, I need to submit a design to a developer and move on with my next stage of blogging with multiple authors.


dat is cool bro

Randall Grass

no I don't have Safari 5 installed. Are you saying I must have Safari now in order to make posts in the way I used to? I never
had Safari before and don't particularly want it.

Caren Rothstein

Can you help me revise the title of my first blog? I did not mean for it to be the question generated by your team.

The Typepad Team

Hi Randall, this doesn't affect other browsers so you can continue to use TypePad in the way you used to. :)


o thanks i got it now:)


No problem with installation. It's so easy :) Thanks

Randall Grass

well, unfortuantely I can't use it the way I used to because you've changed the features around...I can still post alright but it used to be that I could copy the first couple lines of the blog post and post them on
the home page of my website....I don't see any option to do this anymore and it is rendering my site useless because now there is no change in the home page when I do new blog used to be that I could go to a specific page, delete lines and past copied lines from somewhere else (like my new blog post) can I do this now?

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