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The New Editor: We've Been Listening.

Releasing the New Editor. Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

[Update: Please read the most recent post on the new editor here.]

We've been testing a new editor for TypePad for several months, based on feedback from TypePad bloggers. After several weeks of being available to TypePad Beta bloggers we are rolling out the new editor to all of our bloggers.

While there are some changes to the new editor, a majority of the tools are the same as with the previous editor. We are confident you will see an improvement with the new editor.

Based on questions we have received from TypePad bloggers, we've compiled a FAQ:

What happened to all the toolbar buttons, including font size and style?

If you are not seeing all the Rich Text toolbar options, it is likely you are using the Lite editor. Click the "use the full editor" link in the lower, right corner of the Body field to restore all the Rich Text toolbar buttons. For information on the formatting options, see this Knowledge Base article.

Why is the Insert Link button not active?

In order to activate the Insert Link button you will first need to enter the text in the Body of the post that you want to display as a link. Use your mouse to highlight the text. Once the text is highlighted, the Insert Link button will darken, indicating that it has become active. Click the Insert Link button to add the URL and Title to the text (note: "Title" does not refer to the link text; instead, "Title" is a description of the linked site).

Why are the links in my post throwing an error or going back to my blog's homepage?

You will want to make sure the


is included in the URL when you insert a link into your post. Without the http:// in the URL field, the link in your published post will not render correctly.


Where did all the font size and style choices go?

We're looking into adding more font size and style choices to the new editor. In the meantime, you can use Custom CSS to apply the desired default font size &/or style to your posts. When you use Custom CSS to set the default size or style, you will not need to format each individual post.

At Design > Custom CSS, you can enter the code:

.entry-content { font-size: 16px; font-familiy: 'Trebuchet MS'; }

Please note that you will need to replace "16px" &/or "Trebuchet MS" with your preferred font size and font name. If you have any problems adding the CSS, or you do not have the Custom CSS option, please open a ticket at Help > New Ticket, and TypePad support will assist you.

Why am I unable to change the color of my links?

The color and other text formatting needs to be applied to the text before the link is applied. If you apply the link first, the link style will override any other formatting you add to the text after the link.

What happened to all the color options?

Right now, there are limited color options available. We're looking into adding more color options in the future. In the meantime, you can change the color code by editing the HTML. Use the color picker to apply any of the available color options to your text. Then, click to the HTML tab to view the code for the post. Locate and replace the current color code (e.g. #FFFFFF or #c00000) with your preferred color code.

What happened to the auto-save and restore content option?

We've actually made the restore content option better. If you encounter any problems (frozen browser, error, etc.) which cause you to lose a post you have been working on, you will see the "Restore Auto-Save Content" button activated when you return to the Compose page. Click the button to restore the last saved content to the text fields.


Jennifer W. Freeman

Why can't I insert a URL link for the images in my post?

Sharon Harnist

Why can't I (or how do I now) edit a photo now like I used to? For example -- click on the photo, then the 'insert photo' button again, to have the pop-up box come up where I can change the photo size (if I want to be precise) or change the image to 'float left', etc? Thanks.



When you insert your image into the new editor, you'll be able to click once on the image and then once on the Insert Link toolbar icon. You will see the pop-up window which will be auto-populated with the original URL link. You can choose to replace it or remove it altogether.

Hope that helps. :)


Hi Sharon!

You can still double-click the image within the editor in order to see the image dialog window pop-open. It will look like:

If that doesn't work for you could you let us know your browser and browser version so that we can take a look? :)


Thank God for Live Writer. As much as I appreciate the hard work the TypePad team puts in to make our blogging a better experience, so much of what is released seems counter-intuitive. I guess it is a constant challenge to evolve TypePad, but the day still seems far off when we will be able to work in a near-perfect wysiwyg environment where the process of getting to the end result is pretty much transparent to the user. If you couldn't already tell, I'm not as much of a techie as some of my ill-informed friends have been fooled into thinking.

Brian Hines

Um, maybe I'm missing something, but what are the improvements in the new text editor? Reading your post, it seems like a bunch of features have been deleted, but nothing significant added. I'll take this opportunity to mention that I miss the auto-save feature, which disappeared without me noticing. Until... last week I highlighted almost all of my lengthy post with the intent of copying it, mistakenly pressed return, and I lost it.

I figured I'd simply fire up auto-save and get it back. Then realized that auto-save didn't exist any more. So I started over, wasting an hour of writing. Dear TypePad: I'd much rather have features like auto-save than the insert link icon grayed out until text is selected. That does nothing for me, while saving my writing automatically would. (I now save drafts periodically, but it'd be better to have TypePad autosave every few minutes, as Google Docs does.)

Brian Hines

A P.S.: I just wrote my first post with the new editor. As I feared, its a step backward. When I saved drafts, paragraph line breaks disappeared and I had to put them back in. That never happened before. Please fix this, as it's irritating to save a draft and then find that the formatting has changed.

Brian Hines

P.P.S. I'm completely unable to publish my post with proper paragraph breaks. I fix them, click "publish" and then they disappear again. Extremely frustrating. My post looks terrible. Bring back the old editor right away. If my experience is typical, you're going to have a lot of unhappy customers very soon if you don't revert to the old editor that worked.

Account Deleted

I'm also not thrilled. I tried to save a post in draft and got a blank page with an error message. When I tried to hit the back button to return to the post, it was gone. I had no idea about the new retrieve button, so I didn't even know to look for it. But I did notice that the old autosave message was gone and there wasn't clickable retrieval, so I also had to rewrite the post.


If (like us) you're having major problems with the new editor you can report it at

Some of the Typepad customer service people are trying their best to help people but the release was obviously premature and the code is buggy.


The Apture Firefox plugin doesn't work with the new editor (the Apture icons no longer appear). This is very frustrating!

Brian Hines

No, I can't report it. I just wrote a Get Satisfaction comment and got a "Service Unavailable" message. You guys are batting .000 tonight. Here's what I tried to say:

I'm simply furious at TypePad. I just attempted a post with the "improved" text editor. Every time I saved a draft or published the post most of the paragraph breaks disappeared, leaving me with a big block of unformatted text. I'd fix it in the text editor, click "publish," and the same thing would happen. Extremely frustrating and time wasting.

I've got thousands of posts on TypePad. I can't switch my two blogs without going through way too much work. But right now I feel like dumping TypePad and going... anywhere. It's ridiculous that you rolled out a new text editor with many fewer features and many more bugs than the old one. Bring back the old text editor immediately.

Lastly: I write plain vanilla posts, format wise. There's nothing fancy about them. All I want is to be able to type what I want, add some links, insert some photos, and have the damn thing published like I wrote it. This is the freaking 21st century. That isn't too much to ask, technologically. I could do that on my Apple II+ back in the 80's or whenever. But not now, not with TypePad in 2010.

Janson Jones

Wow, um. Okay. So the great Typepad I know and love is pretty much wrecking my course blog experiences. You know, I use this service to get away from the guttertrash that is Blackboard's blog utility -- and now? Now my visual control on font design has been eradicated because of an *upgrade*???

Not happy, dudes and dudettes. Let get this thing working again. You're breaking my visual flow!

Image Amplified

TypePad seems to forget we're paying customers... This isn't Facebook or MySpace. Fact being, these kinds of mistakes are not what I paid for. Not even close. My service should not be subject to your half-baked whims. Unforgivable and I expect drastic improvements ASAP. Get it together.

Kimberly Cain

Wow - this is really scary in terms of time. I'm currently editing a radio show archive & about to post. When I saw that changes were afoot, I decided to read first. From your description, NONE of your new changes are appealing. In fact, if I were reading them before choosing TypePad, I wouldn't choose TypePad. Alas, my blog is already hosted by you, so I'm going to have to deal with it apparently - I hope not for long, however.

I'm not a techie either, in terms of code, & the idea of having to use code to add a color or font, simple style, etc. is absolutely RIDICULOUS! That would add hours of work for me to figure that out & the result is that I wouldn't post - but you sure would still be collecting a monthly fee. The issue of losing the post due to it not saving properly is absolutely unacceptable. My e-newsletter provider has a function where I can take content originally typed in Word & add to the newsletter. I've been wondering, for a long time, why TypePad doesn't have this. It would allow us to be able to protect our posts by bringing them in from Word or copying them to Word to archive. Not to mention that there are probably a lot of other writers like me, who have many things already finished & would love not to have to retype.

As others have said, you must fix this pronto!


Blogger Brian,
I've got a great hint for you. I lost one long post once by drafting it in an editor (on Blogger) and never did that again. Now ALL my drafts are in Word and then I copy them onto my computer's Notepad, which removes all underlying code. That means the paragraph breaks I insert into the Notepad version stay when I copy and paste to the Typepad editor.

This seems like three steps, but it actually saves me a lot of time, as I'm not fooling with line breaks and paragraph breaks. Using Notepad also ensures my pre-set font is intact.

(PS - Notepad is usually in your Accessories folder.)

(PSS - it was a Typepad team person who gave me the advice to go from Notepad onto the editor. It was the best blogging advice I ever got. I'd previously had the same issues in both Wordpress and Blogger, and their tech people are not responsive.)

Account Deleted

The color selection for fonts is gone....where is it? When I want to use this , I have to disable my Beta Testing app.

Jennifer W. Freeman

I can do all of that, but it doesn't stay when I publish it. I like to link it back to the post URL so people don't get derailed if they click on the photo. It worked in the old editor but not the new and it's driving me nuts.


Download Windows LiveWriter - unless you are a Mac user, in which case your options are somewhat restricted. I stopped fiddling with these ridiculous TypePad composing and image editing debacles over a year ago and am glad I did. Though not 100% perfect (because nothing Microsoft make is perfect) LiveWriter is an essential blogging tool that will make your life much easier and you will stop wasting time, losing posts, and losing formatting, *and* you will always have an automatic back-up copy. All of these 'improvements' TypePad keep making became a complete time- and energy suck to me. In effect this has rendered TypePad rather a costly hosting service for me since I am not using their editor and, as such, spending virtually no time on their site, but at least I'm not loathing blogging like I used to do.

Brian Hines

Geo, thanks for the tip, but I am indeed a Mac user. I've tried composing posts in Pages, or Google Docs, but those approaches have their own problems. I want to be able to add links and photos as I write my post, not afterwards.

As I've noted, this isn't blogging rocket science. TypePad should be able to come up with a rock solid basic text editor that meets user's needs. It's deeply irritating that it hasn't done this, while fiddling around what, for me, are useless social networking features.

I'm a blogger, not a Facebooker, Twitterer, and such (though I do use these services minimally). TypePad seems to have lost its way, forgetting what its core mission/service is: hosting blogs. If I could dive out of TypePad, I would. But the cost of doing so is too large, so I'm stuck in this dysfunctional blog host relationship.


I feel your pain. I have an Intel-based Mac and installed Windows on a partition just so I could use LiveWriter. And considering how much I dislike Microsoft, that's something. There are a couple of Mac-specific blog writers but they are things you have to purchase, whereas LiveWriter is free. I think Blogo is the one I tried originally. It was alright. You may consider Qumana at -

- it's free and works on Mac. I personally never tried it but have heard a number of good things about it.
I'm simply gobsmacked, though, that the folks at Microsoft can come up with something that actually works (and works surprisingly well) and yet TypePad can't seem to get it together and stop fiddling about with these 'changes' that continue to alienate their customers. As you correctly point out, they seem to be forgetting their core mission.

Brian Hines

Thanks for telling me about Qumana. At first glance, it looks pretty good. I'll check it out. I'd like to have an offline editor for my Macbook Pro. There isn't a coffee shop with wi-fi handy every time I feel like writing a blog post.

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

How about finally removing the automatic insertion of a link to a pop-up of every image posted?
That's needless and specifically counter to the check box which supposedly controls that insertion.
It's needlessly tiresome to go back and manually delete links we don't ask for all the time.

And, is the H1, H2, H3 pulldown coming back or not? Isn't using these header text styles important to help search engine spiders recognize the most important content on the page? Will using bold + 14pt font have the same SEO value?

And how about some more choices between 12, 14 and 18 point type?



I have to agree. Improvements? No. At least give us a choice between new editor and old editor, so those of us who expect (and pay for) a higher level of control can have that with the old compose editor.

By the way, by prematurely releasing the new compose editor with all of these bugs, you are placing a huge burden on your tech support team. I think they are terrific, but if all of their time is consumed with helping people develop workarounds to your own compose editor, they will not be available to solve other problems.

Doesn't seem to make much sense, Typepad.


Hello again! I've opened a ticket for you within the support system so that we can take a closer look at the behavior you're experiencing. You should receive an email shortly with a link to the ticket, or you can view it in your account at Help > Open Tickets. :)


Thank you for your reply to the post, David. We, too, would like a transparent shift but that's unlikely since there are innumerable setups--from computer system, hardware and software configuration, browser choice (supported and unsupported), plugins, composing preferences and more!--that affect how well the editor works for each user.

We are working very hard to make certain that as few bugs as possible pop up after users receive the new editor. Right now we are seeing a small surge of reports from users of behaviors that weren't as prevalent or reported by the Beta users, so we're addressing those as they come in. We'll soon have these new reports prioritized and investigated, which should improve the blogging experience with the new editor.

If you're experiencing any specific behavior, please don't hesitate to open a ticket within your account, at Help > New Ticket, so that we can discuss it further with you.


Hi Brian!

The auto-save feature is still there within the editor. Instead of appearing as a note below the editor, the auto-save works behind the scenes and can be accessed via an icon in the first of the two toolbars.

A great tip, that works in almost all Rich Text editors, is to use the hot-key of holding down the CONTROL and Z keys together. Each time they're tapped together an action you've taken within the editor will revert to its previous state.


Brian, can you let me know which part of the editor you're using when you insert the paragraph breaks? Are you using Rich Text, HTML, Convert Line Breaks or Markdown? Are you switching between editor areas or simply typing in one tab and then saving your post as a draft?


Brian, we appreciate your sharing feedback on the TypePad service. TypePad grows as the needs of its bloggers grow, which includes the integration of social networking options, exciting features and more. The majority of those requested features are for the editor itself and we add ones we feel would benefit the TypePad service but, more importantly, the TypePad blogger.

While we understand that not all users will want to use those features--they're certainly not a requirement--we do believe in what we are offering, the changes we are making, and the overall improvement of blogging that users will experience once these last few issues with the editor are corrected.

If you would like to discuss any of the behaviors you've experienced, please don't hesitate to open a help ticket at Help > New Ticket. Members of TypePad Support, including myself, can then focus our attention on your specific reports and how to improve your experience. :)


Hi Andrea,

I'm glad to read that you were able to locate the "retrieve auto-saved content" button. I'm sorry, however, to read it was too late to recover your lost post. Please let us know if the feature doesn't work as expected for you in the future, or if there are any other behaviors you're unsure about. :)


Brian, GetSatisfaction is not a Six Apart product. We use GetSatisfaction as a community forum for TypePad users, so I'm sorry to read that you were unable to share your thoughts on the thread that the previous commenter provided.


To the best of our knowledge no one else has reported this behavior with the Apture plugin conflicting with the new editor. To discuss this with you further I've opened a ticket for you within your account. You should receive an email shortly, containing a link to the ticket.


Hi Janson,

Is the issue you're experiencing related to the color choices for the font? We have reported the difference of color picker options between the old editor and the new editor, so we will be looking into adding the missing colors back to the editor.


Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for sharing this tip. I believe BloggerBrian is a Mac user, from a comment left above yours, but the same tip can be used with TextEdit and a Mac word processing program or Word for Mac computers.


Hi Troy,

Please don't think that we forget about our users, paying or otherwise. We work very hard to provide great features, as requested, and it's unfortunate that some issues aren't caught during the Beta testing process. We have escalated these issues to our engineers so that they can investigate and correct bugs, as well as return some portions of features that are missing (e.g. font color options).

We hope you'll allow us the chance to correct these items, then give the editor another chance.

Thanks for speaking up and sharing your feedback!



We agree that the issues reported must be fixed, which is why they have been reported.

The items mentioned in the post you've commented on are temporary issues. The workarounds we've provided are only necessary if those particular features are regularly used.

The features of the editor have not changed in terms of being removed. They're all the same features; it's the backend of the editor that has changed and taken a few options of certain features away. We are working toward re-adding those options.

There are also additional features, like a proper blockquote option, now in the editor and the auto-save feature is now more stable and easily accessed from within the editor's toolbars.

Thanks so much for your feedback. If you have any specific questions or reports you'd like to share with us, you can open a help ticket at Help > New Ticket!



As mentioned in the post, there is currently a limited selection of colors within the new editor. This is due to the backend change to the editor. The default option is to have a limited color choice but we are working toward providing additional colors in the near future. We appreciate your patience as we work to bring them back! :)



Thanks so much for sharing your feedback.

There is not an option to remove a link from an image within the image dialog window. Instead, that option has always been to either decide whether the full-size image pops up into a new window or opens within the same window. If you want to remove the link entirely, click once on the image and then once on the Insert Link icon in the toolbar. You can then remove the URL from the link field and then save the change to return to the editor.

As to the font size and style options we are working on re-adding those items to the new editor.



Thanks so much for your feedback.

(Thanks, also, for the compliment to the rest of the TypePad Support team and myself. *basks*)

There does seem to be some issues with the new editor that weren't caught during the beta testing, and we apologize to those who are greatly affected by them. We believe we can correct them quickly enough that it shouldn't affect users for too long.

While the editor may not quite be 100% just yet, we are confident that, once those items are corrected, everyone will be happier with the stability and feature set. :)

Alan Brochstein

Is anyone else having problems doing simple cut and paste into the new editor? This is something that I can put in here, but not on the editor. I do this once a week and now have to save it as an image and then insert it. Pain in the...

Performance as of 9/3/2010
Year to Date 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month Inception Annualized
Top 20 14.83 % -3.97 % -2.33 % 4.98 % 35.35 % 40.90 % --
S&P 500 0.42 % -1.16 % 0.68 % -0.27 % 12.33 % -15.89 % --

Difference 14.41 % -2.81 % -3.01 % 5.25 % 23.02 % 56.79 % --

Kimberly Cain

Jennifer, you rock! Thank you so much for this. I've asked about something like this from TypePad several times (after losing long posts), including once in this thread & have never received this simple tip. I'm doing a Snoopy dance over this one. ;-)

Kofla Olivieri

"If ain't broke, don't fix it". I for one am not happy and already sent an email to Typepad.

Lorraine Lewis

Sorry but I don't like it. Posting today was filled with frustration because of the changes. We had very few fonts in the beginning- now even FEWER! There don't seem to be as many colors to choose from as well! I can't get the URL link to work. In my opinion you have changed something marginal to less than marginal. I don't like to make complaints but I am paying for this service.

jeffrey rice

Dear Typepad team,

I have loved the Typepad feel up until recently. The The Posts Settings area is changng so often and lost features that I once enjoyed seem to vanish. I had liberty to write a post in MS word and then paste on the post page... It offered MANY options and features and as of now are gone. I am an Optimist but I cant help but feel like I am stuck blogging in a small card board box with the Basic typepad-options now.

It could be that i am not adjusting to the new The Posts Settings area. But it is just to simple and is not wise for business. Again, It is highly limited for me at least in any amount of creativity without the liberty of writing in MSword and pasting on the Post page....

If other people are happy with the Latest typepad- The Posts Settings area--more power to them. Yet i am looking for a solution to my challenge here. Any Fix you can share before i pull anchor?? Hope to hear from you! ThANK YOU!
Yet, I know the pat-postive response I may get but i would encourage you to think about this and discuss it with whoever is making these decisions. it isn't business smart and is like a preschool-postsetting area.

Clive Simpkins

Posted today and it took me twice the usual time. I *hate, hate, hate* what you've gone and done. Cutting and pasting a footnote from a previous posting results in total loss of formatting and colour. When one highlights a word to create a link, the old editor automatically inserted that word and one merely had to put in the URL. Now we have to put in both. You've gone *backwards* folks. Your name is Not Mark Zuckerberg and this isn't facebook. We pay for this service. If you must create 'improvements" for goodness' sake ensure they're not a retrograde, counter-intuitive hash like this. Someone should be fired for this debacle.This is not acceptable business practice.


Aw glad I could help Kimberly! I got the advice when I issued a help ticket - it came fast and friendly. I still maintain Typepad's support team is far superior to Blogger and especially Wordpress. I've used them all.


Thanks Brianna - after I rattled off that comment it occurred to me he might be a Mac user and assumed there is an equivalent...

Amy Flynn

I am sorry TypePad but this new editor rollout is PREMATURE and as at least one person remarked completely counter-intuitive.

We are not your guinea pigs, we are your paying customers. We pay you to provide the service we signed up for and you agreed to provide. Your job is to keep us happy so we continue to blog over here at TypePad and you continue to get our money. You should NOT be rolling out a new editor and inflicting something upon us that has essential features removed, not everything working and known bugs.

I have no idea what the rush to roll this out was, I'm sure it saved Six-Apart some kind of penalty or payment for something. Otherwise there would be NO reason to roll out something before it had all the features working that your bloggers rely on so heavily. It is BAD business.

This is not good business. I personally need FULL RANGE of colors and FULL RANGE of sizes. I regularly create elaborate sales pages filled with varying text sizes and images. I can't find things in the HTML code easily at all. What should be a simple highlight and click the size button is now a hunt for the code and make sure to delete all that's in there and then insert a new number for the size. Same thing with font.

** I would recommend since you are making our lives much more difficult and we have to hunt for color codes to code into the HTML, that you put on this BLOG HERE a copy of the color code chart so it's handy. Do something to make our lives easier and not harder. **

This rollout is certainly is not for the benefit or to support your customers. TypePad's terms says you supply a fully functional WSIWYG editor. I am sure there are bloggers here that come to TypePad for the ease of using a WSIWYG editor and don't know how to work with HTML.

This editor should not be being rolled yet.

If I find that this makes my blogging difficult and demands too much extra time that I don't have to spend, I will request a free month of blogging. My time is worth something and it's adding insult to injury for me to have to pay to be severely inconvenienced and my time usurped.

**I think you should give all your paying bloggers a FREE month of blogging while you get the new editor up to speed and fully functional. This is the right thing to do especially since your customers now have to spend much more time blogging while working around a premature editor rollout. It will ease the pain of trying to work around SixApart's mistake.**

Amy Flynn

Clive, create a help ticket and ask for a credit for your monthly payment. I will not tolerate this from a service that I pay for. If I find that my time (which is worth $$) is being wasted and usurped by having to mess with this editor I will do the same. (see my post, I actually suggested that TypePad give ALL bloggers a free month to deal with this mess).

Amy Flynn

Demand credit for this mess. We should not be paying to be tortured!! This is not what we signed up for. I think TypePad should give ALL paying bloggers at least a free month. This rollout is a disgrace and premature.

Amy Flynn

Request your money back for this month. If TypePad is not going to step up and GIVE US ALL a free month, then each one of us should open a ticket and demand a credit for this month. It is the LEAST they can do. This is not acceptable!

Amy Flynn

Request a credit of the payment you made for this month. We should not be paying to be tortured. TypePad should be eating this, NOT US. It's their premature rollout - their error.

Amy Flynn

I request that you issue credits to ALL PAYING BLOGGERS for this month. I don't care if it WILL be better, you are taking our money NOW. Since we are heavily inconvenienced and our time usurped to deal with TypePad'd inadequacy, you should not be taking out money this month!

Amy Flynn

Request a credit of the payment you made for this month. We should not be paying to be tortured. TypePad should be eating this, NOT US. It's their premature rollout - their error.

Amy Flynn

Near future? Brianna that is NOT acceptable. We are paying for this NOW, not in the "near future". I think then it is only right that our payments be deferred until the "near future."

Amy Flynn

Brianna I do not understand why you and TypePad think it is ok to roll something out that is not ready and requires work arounds to be done by your paying customers? Not everyone is up to speed with HTML coding - people (like myself) signed onto TypePad nearly 3 years ago for the EASE AND CONVENIENCE of typing in a WSIWYG editor and creating a page or a post. Since that time you have continually eroded the functionality and ease of use of the editor. Why I do not know.

I do know however that NOTHING should be forced upon PAYING customers until is is tested, fully functional and WORKING PROPERLY. TypePad owes all of it's bloggers an apology and a credit of $ on this one.

Amy Flynn

Troy you are absolutely justified in feeling this way, I do too and so do many others. My recommendation is that you ask for (strongly!) a credit or refund of at least a month's payment.

Amy Flynn

Request a credit for this month's payment Janson. See my many notes below! We should not be paying to be inconvenienced when this was avoidable. We are paying customers!

Amy Flynn

You are absolutely justified in feeling this way. My recommendation is that you ask for (strongly!) a credit or refund of at least a month's payment.

TypePd forgets we are PAYING CUSTOMERS. We did not agree to a non-functional platform, that's not what we are paying for.

Amy Flynn

Brian why can't you leave? You may need to find a techie type to help you. I'm sure you could go to WordPress or another blog platform if you really wanted to. But regardless, do not agree to pay for this mess, get credit and don't pay until this working!

Amy Flynn

The bottom line bloggers is that we can motivate TypePad to QUICKLY get this fixed and fully functional by not paying for the service until it is!

We pay for a FULLY FUNCTIONAL WYSIWYG editor. That is why nearly all of us are here.

The One-n-Only

I have always typed drafts into my Word or somewhere else before going to TypePad. I learned that with the Web it could be lost in an instant!



Agreed - only had to lose one post to learn that lesson! Besides, many of my posts are not finished in one session. I wouldn't trust any web program to save my work!

Brian Hines

Amy, a demand for some sort of credit seems completely justified. A lot of people have put a lot of time into fixing post problems that wouldn't have occurred if TypePad had done its job correctly.

The only thing that's keeping me from marching on TypePad headquarter with flaming torches and pitchforks in hand is my being able to write and publish a post normally last night.

It felt good to be back to normal, assuming "normal" has any meaning with TypePad -- which has an unfortunate habit of fiddling around with what is working until it is broken, while not working on desirable features that would enhance my blogging experience.

For example, I'm still waiting for the ability for my blog readers to view more than the last ten comments (I get lots of comments, but it's tough for people to keep up on them when only ten are shown in the sidebar), or to get email notifications when comments have submitted on a post they want to follow (just as I'm able to).

Sharon Harnist

TypePad HTML Email

it wasn’t working the day I posted my question but the next it was!  But today
my “Insert Link” isn’t working.  I get the pop up box and can insert everything
the way I used to, but when I’m finished, the text isn’t hyperlinked.


- Blog Inspiration

From: TypePad

Cath Ü

I am not a techie... I don't seem to be having any problems... I just write and publish... check online and edit if I have made a mistake.....Haven't had any trouble making links either... will have to make a new one to see if it still works... I love Typepad because it is easy to use.....

Cath Ü

Kofla Olivieri

Thank you for your concern, but I'm not interested in money. Spamming a thread as you have done will lessen your argument.

I love Typepad and plan to continue using their service. As I said on my previous comment, I already expressed my dissatisfaction about the New Editor directly to them.

CENTURY21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.

Thhis was rolled out way too early. Why fix something that was not broken or make something more complicated that was fine in its old form. I used to be able to place a cursor anywhere in my text and enter a picture, now it will not allow any of that.

We are paying for a service that now no longer is doing what you promised us. A reasonable company would say, we made a mistake, let's pull this back for a while until it is ready for release.

We do not have hours and days to use a program that is now harder to utilize effectively than it did when we purchased it. Newer is not always better, and this is not helping any of us. Especially those of us who have businesses.

If this continues to be an issue I will have to search for a new blog host and there are many. I have been a customer of TypePad for years, but need something that works. Your site no longer fits that description. I strongly suggest that you take steps to fix these issues or return to the old editor immediately. At this point I cannot recomment your site. Time will tell if that changes.

CENTURY21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.

Thhis was rolled out way too early. Why fix something that was not broken or make something more complicated that was fine in its old form. I used to be able to place a cursor anywhere in my text and enter a picture, now it will not allow any of that.

We are paying for a service that now no longer is doing what you promised us. A reasonable company would say, we made a mistake, let's pull this back for a while until it is ready for release. We do not have hours and days to use a program that is now harder to utilize effectively than it did when we purchased it. Newer is not always better, and this is not helping any of us. Especially those of us who have businesses.

If this continues to be an issue I will have to search for a new blog host and there are many. I have been a customer of TypePad for years, but need something that works. Your site no longer fits that description. I strongly suggest that you take steps to fix these issues or return to the old editor immediately. At this point I cannot recommend your site. Time will tell if that changes.

I do not know who made this decision, but if he were my employee there would be some carpet burns on his/her knees. This apparently is not just an isolated problem or there. Many people are having to put up with nonsense that was not necessary. There seems to be little response to issues and my guess is that Labor Day will still take place while your customers do not receive what they paid for. I have already heard from some of mine whom I directed to my blog and they told me they had issues using it. Thanks a lot! So much for 4 years of loyalty and payments.

CENTURY21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.

Keep in mind that for each user that complains, there are many more who will simply give up, cancel their accounts and move on to WordPress or other providers. What you are reading here is the tip of the iceberg. Is anyone at TypePad working on this over the weekend, or are they out partying and enjoying the holiday while we try to use a site that is no longer usable?????? One has to wonder. I was a big cheerleader for you in the past with other REALTORS, but no more. How you handle this situation and in what timeframe will determine if I can do it again. So far, from what I see on my own computer and what others are having to endure, I am not very hopeful. PS: I agree, a credit is due.

CENTURY21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.

It has now been over an hour that I have tried to insert one little picture into a past post that used to take me 60 seconds. Now it will not work and I have a headache. Is this what I can expect with every post from now on? Even when I try to pullup the "View my Blog" it takes forever. Thanks for ruining a weekend for your customers. Hope you are having a nice weekend while your paying customers are not.

Kimberly Cain

Good to know that, Jennifer!

And @ Brianna - I can appreciate that your team is taking a lot of heat here & that you're trying your best to answer & keep everybody calm.

One thing I do notice though, is that there is a tendency by TypePad Support (not you personally) to come off sounding like everything is wonderful. I understand that's a customer service tactic. I think it helps a lot when companies acknowledge that they may have lost sight of what customers want & that they're Hearing, as opposed to just trying to pacify & reassure. I see that you've done that a couple of times, yes. Keep acknowledging our needs & the heat will probably go down a notch. Of course, the acknowledgments have to be followed up with action, as you know. :-)

CENTURY21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.

Now even when I click on YOUR pages it comes up Cannot Display half of the time and many of the images are just X's. Even your Help link and thie particular blog of yours took 3 times before it finally showed up. This is occurring on two computers, so it is not just an issue with mine. Never happened until you started messing with the new editor. Your site is having some serious problems and so far I see little being done to improve it.

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