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The New Editor: We've Been Listening.

Releasing the New Editor. Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

[Update: Please read the most recent post on the new editor here.]

We've been testing a new editor for TypePad for several months, based on feedback from TypePad bloggers. After several weeks of being available to TypePad Beta bloggers we are rolling out the new editor to all of our bloggers.

While there are some changes to the new editor, a majority of the tools are the same as with the previous editor. We are confident you will see an improvement with the new editor.

Based on questions we have received from TypePad bloggers, we've compiled a FAQ:

What happened to all the toolbar buttons, including font size and style?

If you are not seeing all the Rich Text toolbar options, it is likely you are using the Lite editor. Click the "use the full editor" link in the lower, right corner of the Body field to restore all the Rich Text toolbar buttons. For information on the formatting options, see this Knowledge Base article.

Why is the Insert Link button not active?

In order to activate the Insert Link button you will first need to enter the text in the Body of the post that you want to display as a link. Use your mouse to highlight the text. Once the text is highlighted, the Insert Link button will darken, indicating that it has become active. Click the Insert Link button to add the URL and Title to the text (note: "Title" does not refer to the link text; instead, "Title" is a description of the linked site).

Why are the links in my post throwing an error or going back to my blog's homepage?

You will want to make sure the


is included in the URL when you insert a link into your post. Without the http:// in the URL field, the link in your published post will not render correctly.


Where did all the font size and style choices go?

We're looking into adding more font size and style choices to the new editor. In the meantime, you can use Custom CSS to apply the desired default font size &/or style to your posts. When you use Custom CSS to set the default size or style, you will not need to format each individual post.

At Design > Custom CSS, you can enter the code:

.entry-content { font-size: 16px; font-familiy: 'Trebuchet MS'; }

Please note that you will need to replace "16px" &/or "Trebuchet MS" with your preferred font size and font name. If you have any problems adding the CSS, or you do not have the Custom CSS option, please open a ticket at Help > New Ticket, and TypePad support will assist you.

Why am I unable to change the color of my links?

The color and other text formatting needs to be applied to the text before the link is applied. If you apply the link first, the link style will override any other formatting you add to the text after the link.

What happened to all the color options?

Right now, there are limited color options available. We're looking into adding more color options in the future. In the meantime, you can change the color code by editing the HTML. Use the color picker to apply any of the available color options to your text. Then, click to the HTML tab to view the code for the post. Locate and replace the current color code (e.g. #FFFFFF or #c00000) with your preferred color code.

What happened to the auto-save and restore content option?

We've actually made the restore content option better. If you encounter any problems (frozen browser, error, etc.) which cause you to lose a post you have been working on, you will see the "Restore Auto-Save Content" button activated when you return to the Compose page. Click the button to restore the last saved content to the text fields.

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