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Six Apart and VideoEgg create SAY Media: a modern media company

Dear TypePad bloggers,

It's been almost a decade since we started Six Apart. With you, the bloggers and creators, we changed the way people expressed themselves online, empowering anyone to publish and build large and loyal audiences. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and trust as you've shared your worlds and your passions on TypePad.

Today we announced our intention to join forces with VideoEgg to form a new, modern media company called SAY Media. This new company will continue Six Apart's mission to make creators like you more successful. It will continue to help you create powerful and engaging content, and grow and monetize your audience. And it will continue to leave you in control.

Nothing in TypePad changes today, and SAY Media will continue to provide support to TypePad subscribers, and evolve the TypePad platform. You can choose to take advantage of our strong relationships with marketers to monetize your blogs, or you can keep your blog ad-free.

This acquisition marks a new beginning, but SAY Media is also an evolution of how we've already been growing TypePad for the past few years; now we'll be able to do it on a much larger scale. We will be able to better serve you and the advertisers that may ultimately fuel your voice and finance your passion.

As we move forward, we will continue to have active roles in the new company. We hope you will join us, as you always have, in shaping our future.

With gratitude for your continued support,

Mena & Ben Trott
Six Apart Ltd.



Ricardo Barrera

My gut feels funny.


'Nothing in TypePad changes today.'
Hmm. That sounds ominous.


After what we've just gone through with the new Compose Editor fiasco, and now the news that Typepad is being bought by a company whose primary interest is not supporting bloggers, we need to be thinking hard about the future of our blogs and the future of the Typepad platform.

Brian Hines

Gulp..."monetize" isn't the word that I've been hoping TypePad would emphasize. How about "good customer service" and "stable blogging platform"?

François Nonnenmacher

That Movable Type, the software you started your business with, doesn't get any mention at all is telling.

Michael Sippey

Hey, Francois -- the post here is for TypePad bloggers, a lot of whom don't know about Movable Type! We'll be posting more on and in the next day or so.

Michael Sippey

Hey, Lydia! When Ben and Mena started Six Apart their mission was to support bloggers. Over the past couple of years, based on feedback from the bloggers and publishers we work with, we've expanded what it means to undertake that mission. So in addition to providing publishing technology, we've expanded to provide services and ways for bloggers to make money from their efforts.

A modern blogging platform can't just be about publishing blogs, but also about enabling ways to drive more traffic to your blog, and for you to make money from it, if you choose to. We've been investing heavily in both of those areas over the past couple of years, and joining forces with VideoEgg will only help expand all of those capabilities. We're excited about it!

Account Deleted

So the rumours swirling around TechCrunch and Mashable recently were true after all, despite Ben Trott's flat out denials (according to TechCrunch, that is--if he really did deny it, it would've been better to simply say, "We don't comment on rumours." rather than deny.). Anyway, that's beside the point.

I can't really say that this merger instills confidence in the platform, however this is from an outsider's perspective. Perhaps if I had more information, I would feel less concerned. I do understand that it's your information to share, or not, as you please. I'm certainly not making demands for more information. I understand how tricky it is to make announcements like this, and I understand that you make decisions based upon an overarching business strategy, rather than based upon angry demands and petitions from customers.

The reason I moved to TypePad from self-hosted WordPress is that TypePad made managing the back end tech of a blog worry-free and freed me from my tendency to endlessly fiddle around with technology--leaving me only to blog. When I read about the rumours in the past couple of weeks, I did seriously look into moving my blog elsewhere.

I've been one of your biggest supporters in the comments section here, giving you all the benefit of the doubt and understanding that many, many people in the comments section do not. Hell, a lot of your commenters/customers are flat our rude to you here, which is appalling to me, and I know it kind of sucks for you all. While this advocacy doesn't make me entitled to any special treatment whatsoever (nor do I claim entitlement to any special treatment), what it does indicate is that I put more faith in your decisions than a lot of the other commenters do. And I am saying I am concerned.

I guess what I am saying is that I am hoping for some reassurances regarding the TypePad platform and the company's dedication to the bloggers that made TypePad what it is (though I'm sure you realise that you're the underdog these days, compared to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, etc. which I'm sure was factored into the decision to merge). As someone who has never been interested in monetizing my blog, nor displaying adverts on it, I am not hoping for reassurances from that perspective. It looks like you have the monetization angle well in hand, from looking at VideoEgg's website and from Six Apart's existing expertise in advertising. What I am hoping for is reassurances from the perspective of ordinary bloggers who simply want a stable, reliable platform. With the closing of Vox (I was a Vox beta tester BTW, though this doesn't mean anything except that I have been supporting Six Apart for a while), this obviously puts the VideoEgg merger into even greater perspective in terms of knowing that TypePad will continue to be supported and that our blogging platform won't suddenly bite the dust as happened with Vox or get sold off as happened with LiveJournal (I used LiveJournal before it became a part of Six Apart, and still use LiveJournal regularly to this day).

Anyway, I'm hoping for reassurances. I'm not blindly loyal to TypePad or Six Apart that I won't also be looking at options to move my blogs off the platform and on to WordPress. (Please don't take this as a threat, it's not. Nor am I angry at you all. I think Six Apart is a decent company. I'm simply saying that the reality is that I need to look after the best interest of my blogs, just as the good people at Six Apart need to look after their business interests.)


Wow. This is really not cool. I've been through this sort of thing and it never, ever turns out well for anyone other than the people who got paid on the deal. Is it time to look into moving off TypePad?

Kofla Olivieri

Wow, I agree completely with you. I joined Typepad at the end of December of last year after looking around other blog sites. I am not a power blogger and I am not interested in monetizing my blog either. The new editor fiasco left a bad taste in my mouth. Sometimes I wonder whether is foolish to continue paying when most of my blog friends are blogging for free somewhere else.


Well, how about that, Typepad? Not one comment sharing your breezy confidence of great things to come! I'm afraid I'm with my compadres above: deep concerns now that the chilling word 'monetize' has slipped into your vocabulary, profound misgivings now you appear to be in thrall to a commercial outfit with no intrinsic interest in blogging.

Sorry, guys, but you're going to have to do a lot more than talking fast and hard in order to settle the hearts and minds of all of those who turned to Typepad in preference to the competition, stuck with you through the format change fiascos and now face a sell-out. Please bear in mind the fact that there are now viable (just) alternatives. You could be looking at a blogging diaspora.

Account Deleted

This is pretty sad for us long-time TypePad bloggers. I've been reading how this "merger" was reported in the news. Here's the NYTimes link: Blogging Pioneer Bought by Video Ad Firm -
It's a bit in stating what is going on.
I've been w/ you since 2003. A Movable Type (sp?) user suggested you as I'm not a techie-type (or I thought I wasn't).
TypePad worked out smashingly for me. I so loved it here. Then you got really big... wow, I'm pretty speechless. Yeah, I tried Vox when you asked, I did the BETA thing, even sat on a TypePad consumer panel for a year. I've felt the shift. You're very, very interested in "big" bloggers, which given that I have spread myself across 5 blogs I'm totally not and I never will be.
Monetizing a blog successfully is incredibly difficult. EVERYONE knows that. So one either goes for the bucks or blogs for free.
There's no point in regular bloggers staying with not-Six Apart. Monetizers--big bucks bloggers perhaps will find not-6A appealing.
After seven years I hate to leave and certainly I'll try whatever is coming but this is not good news at all for me.
Please, one request, give me time to migrate my 7 years worth of writing to another host.
Best of luck,

Sidney Snoeck

VERY SAD NEWS INDEED. I am a small time blogger since 2005... never wanted to earn any money with advertising. I like typepad's platform...I like typepad's spirit... I hope your "merge" with Video Ad will not be the end of it...and the end of my blog... I am not even sure if I would be able to move thousands and thousands of pictures and comments to a new host :-(
I am very concerned about the future...


I have been blogging on TypePad since 2004 on one site or another and my current blog has been running since 2006. I agree with Cyn that over time I have subtly felt the shift to power bloggers and I think that is why the following comment by Troy Young, President of the new Say Media, is worrying.

"Its main focus, Young said, is in those that hope to build media businesses, rather than regular people who write a blog for fun."

As a regular person who blogs for fun this is disheartening. I have looked at other content management systems over the year and none of them appealed to me the way Typepad does. Not even Wordpress. So I will have to wait and see what happens, but I hope you understand why people are nervous. For me blogging is not about monetizing but about sharing part of my life.


Oops... I realized I didn't share the sentence before which actually makes the statement even more unsettling:

"Say Media expects to lose some subscribers to the Six Apart blogging platform. Its main focus, Young said, is in those that hope to build media businesses, rather than regular people who write a blog for fun."



Instead of kneejerking this, can everyone just calm down? If anything *does* change then we've all got plenty of time to sort out where to go, it's not as if Six Apart haven't built excellent exporting facilities and have always been open to the point that some bloggers like to shift their platform around every so often.

Everything changes. Six Apart is a business and businesses do not stand still, because their backers would like to make some more revenues back, please. You might not like it, but it's the way it is.

So just... chill out, go with the flow and vote with your feet *if* things change, not before. I intend to stick around. Not out of loyalty frankly, more like inertia ;) but I have no reason to leave. I'm sure there are enough annual subscriptions coming in to keep Typepad chugging along as an entity, particularly if those of you who take advertising continue to make money.

Right now you're just freaked because it's change. Change is ok!

(This message has not been paid for or endorsed by the ex-Six Apart organisation ;)


i guess i'm the lone voice of agreement here, but i felt interested and curious reading the announcement. as in what will typepad come up with next???

i've been with typepad for over seven years. i have my personal blog here, and my shamanic/intuitive work blog. Neither is monetized, but it's mostly for the reason stated above - that it's very difficult to make money with blogs, and tradeoff of ads on my blogs in exchange for $5 a month hasn't ever felt worth it.

maybe typepad will focus more on monetizing. & maybe that'll turn into something amazing. as in: wouldn't it be amazing if folks could actually, really, genuinely make money from blogging? and do it by hosting ads for companies they like and believe in? and have it all draw in more folks who resonate and love their blog's content?

i love to write, love the work i do, and typepad has always given me a strong, supported, user friendly place to do it. i love typepad. i'm staying :)


This whole thing makes me nervous.


Don't lie to me. Change is awful! :-)

Actually I think if you look at the comments above not many people said they were leaving immediately, just that they were nervous. I will stay on TypePad until they kick me out.

Account Deleted

I agree with all of you. This makes me nervous. This will be a strictly monetized blogging platform VERY shortly. I only hope that those who aren't wanting to make money from their blogs will be able to stay, at least until they can find a feasible alternative.


I second everything in this comment. I started on Movable Type then moved to Typepad. It is so much more secure than Wordpress - I really don't want to move there. But neither do I want to deal with a Vox-like situation. Sigh. Here's really hoping you don't just dump Typepad.


"You can choose to take advantage of our strong relationships with marketers to monetize your blogs, or you can keep your blog ad-free."

So what I'm hearing: bloggers like me who work with Federated Media, and who have done fairly well by them, will now have to drop them and go with Say Media, or migrate to another host. Greaaaaaaat.

Kofla Olivieri

Please, don't patronize me. I am not a child to chill out and I don't have to go with the flow. Change is NOT ok.

I've should've read the links before making my first comment. I guess this line explains what the future holds:

Say Media expects to lose some subscribers to the Six Apart blogging platform. Its main focus, Young said, is in those that hope to build media businesses, rather than regular people who write a blog for fun. "The kinds of people we want to work with are emerging media personalities," he said.

The Franchise King

I'm a bit nervous. Just a bit. That's ok.

I'm into monetizing my blog more. I've been around for 4+ years with Typepad, and I'm pretty comfortable with it.

I'm ready to get my blog to the next level! Will Typepad help me get there?

I hope so. I'm out to change my little niche in a big way.

The Franchise King®


I left Typepad, went to Wordpress and came back to Typepad. I am comfortable with change, however, if it comes down to having to take my writing elsewhere, I am concerned about migrating 4+ years worth of files, seeing as I lost 2 years worth of writing trying to migrate files, when going over to Wordpress, the first time.

Frankly, I can't afford to hire someone to migrate the information for me (I understand it takes hours to do so) so, if it does come down to moving to another blog platform, any help in making this a little easier would be greatly appreciated.


Well...useful still. I do like WP, but Typepad is easy enough as well


Account Deleted

I'm with Liz. I can't afford to migrate 6+ years' worth of posts and learn a totally new way of blogging just because Say Media decides its focus is on bloggers with 25k unique visitors per month. What if I'm a long-time, loyal blogger with 24k unique visitors per month? And how would you suggest we react to all the technology media stories similarly saying that Typepad bloggers will probably go by the wayside?

You should have known up front the concern your customers would have and been better prepared to address this than simply "nothing changes". C'mon!

Account Deleted

See for yourself. Only 25k+ unique visitors monthly need apply.


Migrating a blog depends on the amount of content in it, it does not take long (I am one of those people who recently had to migrate my 4-year-old Vox blog!). What you tend to lose, though, are the metadata, eg subject categories. I am having to go back and do all that manually in the typepad blog I've put my old Vox content in, and it is taking ages. I can see from the old posts that there are lots of imperfections in the process, too, unsurprisingly (eg links dropping out).
So let's hope that this news is not bad news for those of us who are on Typepad and who (like me) have no interest in adverts etc on our blogs (but who nevertheless pay Typepad for the service).

Michael Sippey

Brinstar -- thanks so much for your comment. We are absolutely committed to the TypePad platform, and in continuing to evolve the capabilities of TypePad. As I said above, one of the things we believe is that a successful modern blogging platform includes not only great publishing and community-building capabilities, but tools to help you grow your audience and earn money from that, if you choose to. We're excited that with VideoEgg we'll have a whole new set of tools in the toolchest to make that happen.

Michael Sippey

Jason - we'll continue to give Pro bloggers on TypePad control over their own blogs, which means that if you have ads from another provider, you can continue to run them. We aren't changing that policy.

What we hope to do is build great ad programs for people that are on TypePad, like TypePad Conversations, that create new opportunities for bloggers that are different and better from other ad providers.




Here we go again.


Thanks, Michael. That is good to hear, and I'll be interested to see how Say Media will help me grow my audience.


Hi Geo!

Don't worry too much about little things like that. TypePad is doing extremely well and we're excited about what this merger means for the future of the product and for you, the bloggers. And for me! I've been on the Support team for 5 years and I'm a TypePad user myself and I'm looking forward to a new adventure!

If you do have any concerns, just let us know and we'll be happy to clarify.


Ricardo, if you have any questions or concerns, just let us know and we'll be happy to address those.


Jeremy, we think this is the time to stay on TypePad and join us in this next phase! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know before even thinking about moving off TypePad. We value you as a member of the community and we want you around for the future of TypePad and SAY Media.

Michael Sippey

Hey, Dick -- thanks for your comment. It's been a long couple of days, but let me see if I can explain our point of view on monetization, and why we think it can be a good thing for bloggers and for TypePad.

One of the things that we've recognized as a company the past couple of years is that blogging is evolving, and that the needs of bloggers are evolving. And something interesting that's happened concurrently is that brands and advertisers woke up to the fact that *this* is where passionate people are spending their time -- reading and writing blogs. So what we did when we created Six Apart Media is to help bloggers take advantage of both of those trends -- a lot of bloggers wanted to profit from their efforts, and a lot of advertisers were interested in reaching those bloggers and their audiences.

The folks at VideoEgg see the world similarly, though they've come at it from a different angle. They started with the marketers and brands, whereas we started with bloggers and publishers. The one thing that's become clear to me over the course of this process is that they really, honestly, do understand and appreciate independent bloggers and what they do....even if those bloggers *aren't* interested in making money from their blogs.

I agree with you that we're going to have to do more than talking. What I can tell you is that we're listening to the feedback here, and that the TypePad product and engineering teams are working hard on making the TypePad platform better, faster and stronger.

Michael Sippey

Ah, I knew I forgot something, Brinstar! I did want to address your Vox point. One of the reasons we did decide to close Vox is so that we can focus our efforts on *one* hosted platform: TypePad.


Hi Dick,

If you don't want to monetize your blog, you certainly don't have to and you will continue to receive the same level of service you've come to expect. We know that many people will never be interested in putting ads on their blogs and that's fine - it's totally up to you. We will continue to offer you the same features and security that you've enjoyed all along.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the Help link in your account or right here in comments. We're happy to help clarify!

Michael Sippey

Cookie! I'm a huge fan of sarcasm. (Follow @sippey for proof. :) But hang in there with us -- we're all excited about the next phase of this adventure...



Hey Brian!

We work really hard to provide great customer service, and that will never change - the support team, and everyone here, will always be dedicated to our bloggers. The platform is stable as well, but as always, we continue to work on improving it and bringing you new functionality. If you have any questions or concerns, just let us know - we're happy to answer any questions that you have.


Hi Cyn,

Actually, we hope that you won't leave at all! TypePad will continue to work smashingly for you, and especially as such a dedicated and long time TypePad blogger, we'd really love to keep you as part of the family.

We are very interested in all of our bloggers, including folks just like you. Your voice is just as important as "big" bloggers and we would so love to continue to be the vehicle that you use for that voice. You absolutely don't have to worry about monetizing your blog if you don't want to. You will continue to find the same great support with TypePad as you have come to expect. Stick with us - we'd love to have you on board.

The Franchise King

Hi Liz,

Yes..the thought of exporting to another platform make me queasy.

The Franchise King®


Hi Sidney,

I completely feel you, but I promise that the TypePad team is still just as dedicated to our small time bloggers as we have always been. You mean a lot to us! This absolutely does not mean the end of your blog, and you don't have to consider advertising at all if you don't want to. TypePad has always put our bloggers in control of that, and that will not change. We definitely want to address any concerns that you have specifically, so thanks so much for speaking up, and keep talking to us, okay?


I loved VideoEgg when they hosted videos, but then they pulled the rug from underneath my feet and went in a different direction. I hope by merging with them we will be able to integrate their technology into our blogs.


Hey Laurie :)

That is an unsettling thing to read, and I can completely understand why it would worry you, as a person who blogs for fun. To be honest with you, I blog for fun myself, as do a huge number of our beloved bloggers (and other people like me who work for TypePad Support!). But you know what? Our attitude toward people like you (like us!) will never change. You are important to us, and we want you to continue to share your life via your TypePad blog. I really do have confidence that sticking with TypePad for my own blog is the right decision, and that's not just from the standpoint of an employee. I really believe in it, and I believe that it will continue to be wonderful. I really can't wait to see what the future holds and I hope you'll be along for the ride!


Hi Kolfa,

As I mentioned above to Laurie, I totally understand how that statement can be unsettling, but we are still absolutely dedicated to our bloggers who blog for fun - you mean a lot to us, "emerging media personality" or not.


Hey, thanks Katherine! This is how we're hoping that everyone will feel over time, and I love knowing that you're in it with us for the long haul. That means so much to us!


I feel pretty much like on the days when the old Yahoo360 was on its last legs. For months they'd deny Yahoo360 was closing down! As Brinster says, it's better to avoid commenting on a rumour rather than deny it. In the case of the old Yahoo360, I was one of the last to jump off the boat. I also feel a bit sceptical and a bit nervous about this merge - especially because I used to have an account on Video Egg! In the early TypePad days, I think that was the only way to post a video. Then I heard Video Egg had closed down and most probably all my videos disappeared into thin air. And now I hear they've bought Six Apart! Never say never!

I blog for pleasure and have been on TypePad for exactly 6 years. I truly think that TypePad is good value for money since it's the one and only blogging platform which provides so many cool tools, not to mention support. So,I welcome this merge hoping that the new owners will continue what Mena and Ben Trott built in 2001 - Six Apart. And I also hope that I won't have to jump off the boat as I did on board Yahoo360!!! But that was then - I had a lifeboat called TypePad!


From my brief experience with VideoEgg, when it offered video hosting, I'm surprised they are still around, let alone able to acquire another company.

What synergies I can imagine between a firm now aimed at advertising delivery and a firm ostensibly aimed at individual bloggers, aren't to my benefit. Perhaps you'll surprise me.

Good luck.

serge the concierge

First time I hear about this.
Maybe because I stopped reading Techcrunch a while back.
My blog 'Serge the Concierge' has been on Typepad since its inception in March 2005.
I definitely like the support and ease of use.

I have to say that as far as monetization goes, I still have to find a solution that satisfies me.

When I talk monetization, I mean advertising that can cover my basic costs (web hosting, typepad fees, domain registration) etc...

I have to say that my use of Six Apart Media does not pay for these.

I am considering dropping all current advertising networks I deal with since it really pays pennies and does not make it worth running ads and instead have my own handpicked sponsors and advertisers.

I am not sure how I feel about the merger (sale) and hope it will not bring down the road any loss of my 3000 plus posts.

Good day

'The French Guy from New Jersey'

Account Deleted

Hmmmm. I've blogged with you since the beginning in 2003, and used my personal blog non-stop over those 7 years. I've also persuaded the school I work at to use Typepad for the school website, and recently convinced them to allow every pupil to have their own blog in which to record and save examples of their work during their time with us.

I read the announcement and my first thought was how will a media company - one that works for its advertisers - affect educational blogs. We don't want ads on childrens blogs, we don't want ads on the compose editor, we don't want ads that the children might come across. End of.

I really hope that there is no change to how Typepad works. I don't want to have to export 180+ blogs to a new platform.


Hi Kate!

We are absolutely not dumping TypePad. In fact, we're really excited about what's happening now and what the future holds for our bloggers.


Thanks for the calming vote of confidence. :)


Hi Agnes,

I can understand that - change is always a bit unnerving, but it can be exciting, too! We're really stoked about what's happening with SAY Media, we're committed to bringing you the TypePad that you know and love, and we'll always be here to support you. If you have any questions or concerns at all, we're listening!


Hi, Melanie ..

OK, I'm going to hold you to that! :)

I don't want to leave!!

thx .. k


I just can't understand why this wasn't emailed to your loyal, paying customers. I literally had to submit a ticket to the help desk (as if they need to be fielding this request) in order to be directed here. The thing is, any customer-centric company knows that customers get concerned with acquisitions (call them mergers if you will) and to read about it on mashable... and not from my own 'customer-centric' provider that I've been paying since 2006? I'm just stunned at how little thought was given to customers... which only raises my level of concern.

This will be used as a "what-not-to-do example" in my upcoming speeches to companies. Very let down that a simple email reassuring your 'valued customers' wasn't issued. And to think I've been an advocate of the company and always lauding how communicative it is with its customers.

BIG let down.

Even worse if you don't learn from it. Just a simple email was all it would have took... why is this so difficult?

Well, thanks for hearing me out.


Hey Toni,

We want you to stay for the long haul. You can check around this post at the comments that I've been making to other bloggers, but essentially, so many of us here at TypePad are bloggers who blog for fun, and we're just as happy to stay with TypePad for our blog as we are as members of the TypePad Team. You will continue to have control over whether you want your blog to be monetized or not, so please rest assured that your blogging experience will continue to be awesome - in fact, we think it will just grow more awesome.


Michael, I don't know what @sippey even means. I don't do social media or blog ads. My kind of blogging doesn't require that.

Clearly, I am not a typical TypePad blogger and, therefore, am being ignored. Yet again. Perhaps under our new overlords, I will learn to accept my fate.


I know this has been said previously and you've read this but - you won't be required to put ads on your blogs if you don't want to - period.


We will definitely help you get to the next level - in fact, we're really excited about it, and we hope that as you start to see the positive changes, that you will be too!


Hi CK,

Actually, members of the support team are here answering questions as well. I'm sure that you can understand the need to keep information about the merger confidential until the official announcement, and while we are currently working on an email that will go out to all of our bloggers, we wanted to get this post up so that everyone would have some information directly from us, as soon as the announcement was official (it wasn't until today - the things that you saw around the net yesterday were not official).

We still pride ourselves on how communicative we are with our bloggers, and that won't change - we're here, ready to answer any question you have.


We love hearing from long time TypePad bloggers, because you've been with us long enough to have experienced all of the changes that have happened, and you know that it's an even better blogging platform than it was when it started. It will always continue to improve, in fact. Thanks for sticking with us! One of the things that we want to bring to our bloggers is an enhanced ability to monetize your blogs - if you want to. It sounds like that option will be a great fit for you, Serge - which is pretty exciting, actually.


TypePad HTML Email

Of course I understand confidentiality with mergers (huh?), that
wasnt my point. My point, again, is this: Why am I reading about this on
Mashable this morning... and now, at 3:30pm being told an email is being crafted
for your loyal, paying customers? I shouldnt have to dig for information...
that assurance should come to me, and timely.

Its just really a letdown all around, and I have a very sensible
point here of reaching out to your customers far more quickly. Good example of
what not to do.


Thanks for the well wishes, Jim. I'm sure we'll surprise you, so I hope you'll stick with us!


We're still your life boat! Mena and Ben are going to be a very active part of SAY Media, and TypePad will still be the awesome blogging platform you've come to know and trust. Thanks so much for your positivity and for hanging in there with us - it means a lot.


We're all really excited about what's coming next - I know it will be great for our bloggers, so thanks for sticking with us!


We love all of our bloggers, from the homegrown, happy to blog for fun folks to the big wigs, never doubt that. Your voice is an important part of the TypePad blogging family, and we're so happy to have you - adverts or not.

Are you getting help with your Vox import already? If not, and you need us, we're here! Let us know, okay?


I'm trying to avoid repeating myself too much in this post, but we absolutely care about our smaller bloggers - it doesn't matter how many unique visitors you have, we will continue to provide an awesome platform for you, and the dedicated support that you have come to know and trust. Please hang in there with us, okay?


Thanks Melanie, that's very reassuring to know. I am almost there with the ex-Vox blog, thanks - only a year to go ;-)

I did appreciate that nifty feature on Vox in which you could upload the book you are reading direct from Amazon. It is very good to share your current reading, and also an excellent aide memoire as to what one has read. Any chance that this would be part of a future Typepad upgrade?


Hey Maxine,

Actually, you can do that with TypePad now! Just create a Books TypeList at Library > TypeList, and add the ASIN number or the name of the book, search, and if the book is on Amazon, it'll pop right up. Once you're done, you can go to Blogs > Design > Content and add the TypeList to your sidebar there. Let us know if you need help with that, okay?



Okay, thanks for clarifying. I completely get what you're saying about wanting an email, and we've just sent one out which addresses some important points and questions, but this post was actually published yesterday - we care very much about making sure that our bloggers know what's going on, and we work hard to keep the lines of communication open.

I don't agree that it can be used as a bad example, and I'm curious as to how much more quickly you'd have liked to have this post go up, since we hadn't even made the announcement yet when it was posted by Mena and Ben yesterday.

We always encourage folks to follow Everything TypePad - after all, this is where we announce everything that's happening as soon as it happens.

marco barsotti

agree. Thank you for saying this

Leigh Hanlon

Will the iPhone app be supported and updated? I still have a open ticket that's nearly two years old now in which I complained that it mangles the photos it posts.

Account Deleted

You should be able to tell that we love Typepad and want it to grow and add functionality and kick Wordpress' ass. So I'm hanging in and hoping ... praying ... that Say Media will continue to develop Typepad. There's a reason so many of us use it -- I know a ton of really amazing, even leading, women bloggers that use your service. You would do well to keep all of us around.

Thanks for your reply.

Fox Tucker

I've been away for a few days. Today I return to my mailbox with x8 messages, to my x8 typepad accounts. All saying... "we've got a new owner, but nothing will change."

I've been using the internet commercially since 1999. I'm far too long in the tooth to buy the "nothing will change" marketing bull'S.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with typepad, but from personal experience of internet service buyouts / funding / takeover / mergers/ whatever, I feel that now is right time to take my revenue elsewher, and invest in my own platform for my blogging/social activity.

A real shame. I'll miss you Typepad. It was real fun while it lasted.

Boo! Hiss! Boo!... but enjoy the bucks. The typad service was the best (but only because you were working to this 'endgame' scenario). Congrats on duping us along your road to personal reward.

Fox Tucker


Could the last "zoonie" to leave TypePad/SixApart, please turn out the lights. I thank you

Account Deleted

Everything changes. Looking forward to joining SAY Media.

Account Deleted

Everything changes. Looking forward to joining Say Media.


What I am most concerned about is statements like this in the New York Times:

'Mr. Anker said Six Apart had been shifting its business focus from blogging tools to advertising for at least two years. What bloggers really want, he said, isn’t better technology for allowing comments, but a way to support their livelihoods.'

That really goes a long way in explaining the issues plaguing this platform for a while and shows just how out of touch some members of Six Apart are. While it's nice to support our livelihoods - and I think I made a whopping $1.29 in the last year since monetising my blog through Six Apart - we bloggers, in case no-one has noticed, have been *screaming* for better technology to do the very things Mr Anker appears to think we're not interested in.

After the shift to the new platform two years or so ago and the mess it created, and after the introduction of this wretched new interface and the recent debacle with the new Text Editor (which *isn't* better, despite the heading of the last Everything TypePad entry) I just have to wonder what kind of issues are in store for us - and how soon - when SAY begin to fiddle about under the hood.

Account Deleted

I am not afraid of change. I welcome it.
However it is the way change is implemented and the results of said change that concern me.

I too have recommended TypePad many times over the years.
I have warm feelings towards many soon-to-be former TypePad associates/employees/workers.

I do not want to leave but I do not dig the vibe VideoEgg is sending out.

However, part of what endears TypePad to me is their awesome upbeat attitudes. If they truly believe this is a "good thing" then until I see differently, I'll hang in there.

I wish all the 6A folks the best as well as the vast collection of every type of blogger until the sun that uses this platform.

Troy Young

Hey, Troy Young from Say Media here.

Thank you all for your comments. I want to say directly to this group, that upon completion of the acquisition Say Media will continue Six Apart's mission of providing bloggers the best platform and tools to make them successful.

Every influential creator starts somewhere. Ben and Mena Trott started with an audience of zero and went on to build a company that reaches hundreds of millions. Our technology platform will absolutely serve passionate creators with online audiences big and small.

You can read more of what Mena has to say about this on her own blog:

Account Deleted

SAY changes. Looking to Everything joining forward Media.

serge the concierge

I just found time to catch up reading on 'Say Typepad' news...

The following statement in Adweek piece (September 21) is not very encouraging:

"Say Media expects to lose some subscribers to the Six Apart blogging platform. Its main focus, Young said, is in those that hope to build media businesses, rather than regular people who write a blog for fun.

"The kinds of people we want to work with are emerging media personalities," he said."

As Ray Davis said 'Everybody's in showbiz', is everyone a star?


serge the concierge


Part of your statement in Adweek that I just quoted a few minutes ago contradicts or is less diplomatic than your words above.

What's the 'real' plan Troy?

I'm not a hotshot, only 'the French Guy from New Jersey


Facebook: serge theconcierge
Twitter: @theconcierge

serge the concierge

I agree with CK that you could have communicated with your faithful paying customers in a better way.
Also as I wrote a few minutes ago, statements by Troy Young in Adweek piece are not very encouraging.

On Typepad since 2005.

*Staci *

I am all for change and all it keeps things interesting and brings new features. However, if I end up with some toolbar with an ad on my blog (or anything else annoying I have to deal with every time I go to make a post) I will be dragging my feet back to Blogger or WP....just saying.

My blog *is* for fun so I hope I am not one of those people Say Media plans to lose. I love TypePad and really don't want to leave.

I just read every word of every comment and clicked on every link (apparently very few people do this). At first I thought this news is mostly good--maybe I will get even more service and functionality with my $15/month ($180/year) Pro account. Honestly, I have wondered why I continue to make monthly payments when there are so many free alternatives. I guess it's called loyalty.

News like this gives you an opportunity to reexamine things, though. I don't need reassurances or simply to be heard, although I appreciate those gestures in the above responses from TypePad. What I would like is firm commitment to the continuation TypePad services as they currently exist. We have no reason to trust Say Media as we did Six Apart. Blogging is not by and large a mass medium (even though mass media providers use blogs); most blog writers and readers reside in the shadows of giant media companies. Many of us don't want to be big or rich, so teasing us with these rewards actually increases our anxiety.

Profit-making is essential for a company but it is not what motivates most people who blog. Say Media has yet to show that it understands--let alone values--the humble act of blogging. Bedside manner is nice and all, but we need evidence that Say Media, TypePad's new boss, actually gets what we do.

Randall Rodrigues

Wow...I just spent the last 10 minutes reading through the comments on this post.

I guess my first reaction is what Ricardo said at the top of the thread, "my guts feel funny."

Hmm...let me think back to why I chose to pay Six Apart to host my blog vice the many free alternatives???

Clean interface
Nice templates
Excellent html and css support
Dependable hosting
No requisite advertisements

I am also like many of the folks who have already commented above. I use TypePad to principally host my personal blog. Monetizing my blog has never been a priority. Sure I have a Google Ads Typelist in my sidebar (and I'm really glad that I do, because I've made $0 dollars with it!). Yeah, I'm sure you'll take this opportunity to tell me all the ways that I am not correctly monetizing my blog...spare me, I don't really care.

I just took a look at VideoEgg's site, and read the popup that announces their "acquisition" of Six Apart. This seems like a media company with no intrinsic interest in blogging or bloggers. This does not give me any warm fuzzies about the future of this platform. And neither do all of the smoke and mirrors supposedly reassuring comments above from the Six Apart folks. Most of us write pretty often...and I imagine read just as much. It is not hard recognize damage control in written form.

I have been a satisfied Six Apart customer who luckily has avoided all of the hoopla with the "new editor." Only time will tell if this is the mortal blow that ultimately kills this platform. I imagine that many folks will choose to take their blogs elsewhere. If Say media or VideoEgg make it impossible to continue to use Typepad the way I have grown accustomed too, then I too will have to find an alternative.

I imagine what most of us loyal paying customers have been drawn to was a blogger-centric platform that provided ease of use with varying degrees of customization. It has been worth my $14.95/mo thus far.

I understand that the world is a competitive place and that folks are out to make money. I just don't think that blogging itself will ever make anyone very much money. I don't blame Six Apart for looking out for their company's best interests.

I too have enjoyed using TypePad and don't really want to leave this platform.

Overall I think this really stinks for us current TypePad bloggers!


I'm happy to learn about the Typepad lists. I have looked at the library, but somehow overlooked that. In my approximately three weeks here, I've enjoyed getting to know how it all works. The move from Vox was not perfect, but it was straightfoward, and mostly painless. I miss all those individualized features I took for granted over the past four years, however, it was good to feel like I could get comfortable here quickly. And I very much appreciate the loyalty benefits of doing so.

Most of my friends went to WordPress because they were mad at Six Apart. I came here because I like the Six Apart model; different way of looking at things, I guess. Also, I find WordPress difficult to enjoy...But I do feel I'm starting all over in terms of sharing and making acquaintances. I had a small but steady following through the years; only the most dedicated of those are willing to read my blog here.

The others are just itching to say 'I told you so; they don't care about you.' You are all saying that you do, and that people like me should not be concerned. I'm willing to believe that, but it's been a very rough blogging month for some of us, so what I look forward to is a specific statement of goals that allows the little people to exhale again. If doing this makes you more money and gets you further along the path you want to be on, I say rock on. But transparency is requested.

Account Deleted

Honestly, you guys. I'm feeling decidedly annoyed. I am one of those people who writes a blog for fun. I am one of those who you displaced this month from Vox. I've heard from others that you weren't really paying that much attention to us toward the end, either and then you just dropped us like a hot rock! Is this SAY Media going to drop us "fun bloggers" in a similar fashion?

David Kamatoy

Let's hope for the best and try to keep our voices involved with the changes. When we started with typepad in several years ago it was so obviously ahead of the competition. Wordpress has become a much more viable option these days.

I think the SAY concept creates a competitive model.

We at are launching 3.0 as we speak and it's a monster that goes well beyond a CONSTANT CONTACT type platform. We are experiencing the growing pains as well.


Account Deleted

Please, pardon my outburst, earlier. It's been a very rough month.

Amy Flynn

This is a terrible reply to her concern! Her concern above is REAL, heartfelt and you reply with what sounds like a canned little chirp.

It feels totally dismissive.

SLOW DOWN Melanie, the chirpy responses are NOT DOING it and they ARE NOT feeling good to anyone but yourself.

Amy Flynn

Typepad and SixApart aren't customer centric. They are profit-centric. They provide customer support and service and support customers in that way, but the big decisions are fueled by profit.

P.S. and there is nothing wrong with that. This merger is fueled by SixApart's bottom line - not blogger well being.

Amy Flynn

Troy what I would to have clearly defined is WHAT Videoegg, now SAY Media, means by saying they want bloggers who want to create "media businesses".

Please share your definition of Media Businesses. I have a blog and two websites on TypePad. Yes, websites, not blogs, like people build on WP. I have 2 of them I built on here. I have one regular operating blog. I would love to monetize more with ads that are in line with readership and my niche. Not JUNK. Not Video ads. Not flashy ads.

So again, what do you mean when you use the term "Media businesses". It really is a term that means absolutely nothing specific by itself. So I would like to know what your vision is.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Amy Flynn

David I didn't know you were on here! I remember you from a few years back and Myspace! LOL Small world. LOL

Amy Flynn

Wow what a forward thinking idea! How empowering to have each student have a blog to write about their school experiences and save examples of their work. Wonderful!


Thanks, Melanie, I'll be trying that out right away. I appreciate the run-through.


PS I clicked on "reply to Melanie" in both my replies but I seem to be appearing as a new comment, so apologies for apparent lack of logicality.

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