Releasing the New Editor. Got Questions? We've Got Answers.
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The New Editor: We've Been Listening.

Since the ramp up on the new editor's release we have been reading and responding to your feedback. Those of you whom have had the new editor applied to your account have taken the time to speak up and share your experiences. We have been paying close attention, working side-by-side with several of you to try and correct the behaviors experienced.

Due to the wider usage of the editor, with unique computer and browser setups, the newly reported behaviors were only recently discovered. We have decided to temporarily restore the old editor to most of our bloggers' accounts.

Most users have enjoyed the new editor, so if your account no longer has access to it, you can join the Beta team, by visiting Account > Summary, to return the editor to your account. If you have any feedback about the editor while you use it, please open a help ticket at Help > New Ticket.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and helping us to better understand what you’ve experienced. You are the voice of TypePad and it’s you who help us make TypePad the best it can be. 

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