Six Apart and VideoEgg create SAY Media: a modern media company
Lunch with TypePad!

We Love Bloggers, We Love TypePad, We Want to Hear From You

Yesterday we announced our intention to acquire Six Apart and create SAY Media. And as CEO of the new company I want to reach out to TypePad bloggers directly, echo Ben and Mena's message yesterday, and clarify some of the things you may have read in the press.

First, we love bloggers, and we love bloggers regardless of whether they are interested in building businesses around the content they create. Content and your passion for the content you create is at the center of the vision of SAY. We brought these two companies together because we believe that creators like yourselves only need more support, not less. Whether that means content creation and management tools, or you need help building your audience or making money, we'll be there for you. We will continue Six Apart's mission of supporting that ecosystem with technology and services.

Second, we love TypePad. One of the most important things that attracted us to Six Apart was TypePad and the TypePad community. As Ben and Mena posted yesterday, we will continue to support TypePad and evolve it to meet the needs of the market. We firmly believe that you can't build a modern media company without having a platform, and TypePad is our platform for doing that.

Third, we want to hear from you. I understand that change is scary, especially when so many of you have such a strong connection to TypePad and the community around the product. We want to hear what you want out of TypePad, and how SAY Media can help make you successful. I can't promise that we'll be able to act on every request or idea, but we want to hear them. You can leave comments here, you can connect directly to the TypePad support team through the TypePad ticket system, you can connect with us on Get Satisfaction, or you can email me at

- Matt Sanchez
CEO, SAY Media


Amy Flynn

Can you bring over that Comment Spam tool that WordPress uses? I think it begins with "A". I have a spam problem from the same guy repeatedly. He uses a rolling IP address or a proxy and changes his email address with each comment. I doubt they are all even working emails. That would be a good check (are the email addresses real?)

I can't block him with keywords either. I report each comment he leaves as spam but he just finds another shoewear product to use as his name and create an email out of. He obviously has a website that sells atheletic shoewear.


Amy Flynn

Hello Anna, can't you remove the images by opening the post in the Edit/Compose editor? I remove or update images all the time this way. My images are removed or replaced permanently.

I certainly think that there is an easy (user facing) way to do this. How can there not be? If an image can be placed into a post, it has to be able to be removed.

Amy Flynn

Hello Melanie, you neglected to reply to a very important part of his comment. I'd like to know the stand on this too:

""Right here, right now, give your paying customers absolute irrevocable assurance that from now until forever the choice to display your selected advertisements will be ours and ours alone and that
-->we will not be penalized with price increases if we prefer to keep our blogs ad-free. <--**

Thank you!

Amy Flynn

This video is now removed. Page not found. Is this the correct URL? If so, they decided to remove a potentially inflammatory video.

Amy Flynn

Hi Amy, It's a buy out of TypePad by VideoEgg and they together are now called SAYMedia.

VideoEgg is the company who sells the rollover popup ads that you will find on nearly every newsmagazine site, on Twitpic and other free photo hosting sites and many more. I find them LOUD (the volume is way above your computer's setting), Intrusive, they pop up and block what you were doing with the slightest rollover and a major distraction. I want nothing resembling them on my blog or websites.

They can create income for those who place them on their sites.

Amy Flynn

How does SAY Media define "emerging media personalities". That term has been thrown around by the executives and by the bloggers in response. What does it mean? It is 3 words strung together that can be interpreted to mean many different things by different people.

Please will someone share SAY Media's interpretation, preferably an executive and not tech support. I think this is important for everyone to get clear about.


Viv Ilo

Amy, the video is still there. Go to: then click on "Say Explained".

They should remove it if it is not what they mean. If it is what they mean, then I am not yet reassured.

Anna Ikeda

Hi Amy,
Unfortunately, what you described is a common misconception. You can remove an image from the post, but that doesn't mean it will be gone from Typepad's servers. Don't believe me? Check the URL of some image that you think you've "deleted". It's still there. And will be for as long as you ask Typepad to remove it permanently for you.

Colleen said there is no user facing interface for this, every time you want to truly permanently remove an image (as in gone, gone, including its URL) you have to ask Typepad.

So basically, Typepad holds on to your images, even after you (and 99% of bloggers) think they've "deleted" them. I'd like to know why? The explanation Colleen offered was "to prevent users from 'accidentally' deleting the images", which is total bollocks.

Amy Flynn

Well I didn't know that! Thanks for enlightening me Anna. I'm sure they will remove them if you ask. Why not just present a LIST of them 10 at a time for deletion and request confirmation when they are deleted? It would be easier than requesting them be removed one at a time. And much easier and less disruptive than moving the whole blog.

I'm sure that TypePad would want to figure out a way to let images be deleted off of their servers by users as leaving them there takes up precious server space as many images can be large.

Amy Flynn

Thank you. I watched it. It's boring as all get out. Where is the ENERGY here? It talks about what this means to the advertisers but Mena barely mentions what it means to the "best, the brightest" bloggers. Bottom line as I see it, is VideoEgg received a TON of money lately in new rounds of capital of funding. This is there way of expanding the reach that they can offer to advertisers. Reaching into the referral and personal communities and networks of bloggers. Referral marketing and advertising is the wave of the future. VideoEgg lacked this, by buying TypePad and it's community of bloggers they instantly gain it and can now offer more advertising options to make more money from advertisers.

How this translates to us, the bloggers winning, I don't know. It's clear to me how the advertisers and VideoEgg win.

Amy Flynn

Would you believe that that guy Comment SPAMMED AGAIN while I wrote this comment! He must be psychic! LOL Really. This time he is Asics shoes. Another invented email address and a new IP .

Amy Flynn

I watched the video. No energy or excitement in it. It was mostly about the advertisers now being able to leverage the referral and trusted networks and communities of bloggers. Referral marketing which is the future. In your face marketing is out. VideoEgg had no referral or "trusted friend" type marketing until this acquisition.

I saw no reference to how this will benefit the bloggers, just a reference by Mena saying that SAY will be helping the best voices out there and is a way of tapping into them and bringing them to that next level. Which means to me, tapping into their referral and trusted communities to leverage for advertisers) No mention of the "less than best" voices (smaller bloggers).

Amy Flynn

DUPLICATE comment, link in email took me to the wrong place. This comment can please be removed. Sorry!

A Twitter User

For the record, I'm a niche blogger (along with three websites) who averages 100 readers per day. The extent of monetizing is through an Amazon widget and I won't add anything else unless it directly relates to my subject matter.

As a retired research librarian (engineering, medical and pharma libraries), I'ld say that leaving what works alone and correcting what doesn't work is the best approach. Don't fix what doesn't need fixing. Engineers love to fiddle with stuff, often to the detriment of other users. That's from my experience in a DoD engineering research lab. KISS works.

For those who want to monetize, fine, provide the services and see what interests people. For those who don't, provide the same high quality service Typepad has always provided and consider the widespread use of Typepad by bloggers to be a pat on the back. Don't go the Google route on monetizing by creating silly services that produce nearly nothing for the subscriber and are a pain to implement.

Typepad is a great service and in my book, a great service can provide for every level of blogger.

Captive Aquatics

I'd like to see a widget that tracks your most popular posts (maybe most popular in a certain date rang?) and displays them in a list on the side of the blog.

I'd also like to see fully customizable post footer.

Additionally, the commenting system is abysmal, forcing us to use IntenseDebate or Disqus for any kind of functionality and spam prevention!

Unfortunately, myself and several users have been asking for features for YEARS that are commonplace on wordpress, and now blogger.

I like typepad support and ease of use, but I recommend wordpress to all that ask about blogging, and would use it myself if I could do so without breaking my links and losing my SEO ranking.

Captive Aquatics

Btw, for all of those that hate ads, including those by the lovely new typepad service, simply download the "AdBlockPlus" plugin for firefox, it works amazingly well.


Ive used webshots for years, it doesnt work well w/ Typepad. For a couple of years now Ive been doing my slideshows on It works but still think it would be nice if my blogging platform had something better to work with. Maybe SAY will address this. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.


marco barsotti

In general, adding the unique ideas and features of VOX into typepad would make it by far superior to w...sss.!

thanks for replying

Account Deleted

Does the formation of Say Media from SixApart and VideoEgg mean that we could have a unified account holder base in which all TypePad bloggers would use VideoEgg to upload videos and post their VideoEgg videos to TypePad,MoveableType,etc blogsites and that all VideoEgg users would use TypePad and MoveableType etc as their blogging platforms?Could we use VideoEgg as a video uploading device for our TypePad/MoveableType etc blogsites.Could you also include VideoEgg on our TypePad Profiles internet services.Incidentally with the closure of could you(as its blogging system was already based on TypePad)please use the shell of as our TypePad social networking service.


I can't believe that the same team that created VOX is the same that is driving this poor perfomance platform, difficult to stay in touch with friends , even difficult to post , and if we talk about share it is a mess , I 'm sorry because I'll miss some friends that are here but I can't surbive with this early 90's platform. Bye


I love having my tiny hobby blog on Typepad. It was easy to set up and customer service and support were awesome when I had problems (ironically, each time the platform was 'improved').
Since my blog is just a for fun, on again off again hobby and not a serious, media personality, money driven blog, I am really worried about its future here with the new Say Media entity.
Like others, I am very nervous and want a backup exit strategy so I won't lose the content of my blog if things go sour.
Can anyone tell me the best way to backup my blog and keep the pictures in it, in case (heaven forbid) I should need to move it elsewhere? The photos are very important to me as it is an amateur art blog.

Alcoholism Drug Treatment

It was good to be here with TypePad.

Account Deleted

thanks for this guys!!

Account Deleted

i like this blog because every one is taking out there.

Your Host For Today's Show ...

I'd like to see the old editor back. While my blog is just for fun, I'm very particular about how it looks after publishing. The fonts are messed up, the font sizes are messed up. Little things? No, not to me. If I can't get the old editor back, I'll have to move somewhere else. I'M paying YOU ... but YOU make random changes without consulting paying customers? Sorry, that's not the way to run a business.


Hi. I am a refugee and I have only been here a very short time. I am having problems "acclimating" to my new surroundings as it is since Vox pretty much closed without more than a 30 day warning. Right now, I am just wishing for some quiet stability in my blogging platform so I may be able to readjust with some semblance of sanity.

Do the free bloggers have the same choice about ads on their blogs?


Hi Colleen!

I appreciate what you and your colleagues are posting in this thread, but it's a bit disingenuous to feign ignorance about where bloggers got the message that we might not be welcome in this new company when your very own president said as much to AdWeek.

Here's a snippet:
"Say Media expects to lose some subscribers to the Six Apart blogging platform. Its main focus, Young said, is in those that hope to build media businesses, rather than regular people who write a blog for fun.

'The kinds of people we want to work with are emerging media personalities,' he said."

He backed off a bit in the comments in the article, but still focused on the "influential creator". Comments like these are why regular people who write blogs for fun are wondering what the future of the typepad platform holds for us.

Thanks for listening.

hewn & hammered

Just a little FYI to those who bought the lie about "nothing changing" and thought that Say really valued customer relationships and service like 6A:

I've made dozens of help requests in the last 6 or 7 years. Every one was answered the same day - usually within 6-8 hours.

Just the other day, I asked a relatively innocuous question about DIVs and spacing of container elements with custom CSS.

It's now been more than 48 hours since I asked the question, and there's still no answer.

I think that speaks for itself right there.

oof! blam! argh!

A huge and long overdue shout out to the Six Apart Support Team - I've seen the worn out keys on your laptops: I know you work hard, and are the best in the industry.

Susan Maricle

Hi Amy, you and I started blogging at about the same time, and I have the same question. Browsing through these comments has been a way for me to see others' blogs, like yours. It's beautiful!

Susan Maricle

Seconded! I'm a new blogger so I'm not sure how many issues are the result of glitches in system changes or my own learning curve. But I DO miss the old editor. I'm not able to change font sizes, and really miss being able to edit a photo size by right clicking.

(Christine, I enjoyed reading your blog, BTW.)

Susan Maricle

Well! I'm a new blogger and have just finished reading all of these comments, hoping to find the information I needed. Heard people seconding my thoughts, found some interesting blogs to follow. Here's my take.

I haven't dealt with TypePad customer service since the merger, but previous to that it was AWESOME, especially Brianna. One area where I'd recommend improvements, though, is the help content. It's written for people who already know what they're doing. But for new bloggers (for me, anyway), it's often confusing. When I look up a topic and can't figure it out, I usually go to to see how he explains it. He uses real-world language, gives examples, draws parallels for us non-techy people.

Also, if I could add to the wish list, instant chat or telephone service for IT support.

In the meantime, I'll hope for the best!

Your Host For Today's Show ...

Thanks for reading Susan! I'm no techie, nor a computer geek, and all I want is a simple blog to vent (it's cheaper than a therapist). But I'm not happy at all with the way my new posts look. (I schedule a lot of posts in advance, so the ones that were written a while back which have yet to be posted will look the way I want them to look.) I'm really unhappy, and am thinking of posting a 'permanent' disclaimer to appear at the top of my blog, apologizing for the way it looks.


I'm aware of what's been said in the media and yes, I can see how it'd be disconcerting. But if you don't want to monetize or become a media type, you don't have to. Really.


The accounts that Voxers got are free but they're not free TypePad. You're essentially getting a paid service for no charge. I don't know whether this means no ads ever EVER EVER but your actual account isn't ad supported.


I replied on your help ticket but I wanted to state publicly - nothing has changed with the Support team (believe me, we're as boring as ever) we're just stretched a little thin currently. It has nothing to do with the merger.


We try! :)


Hi Susan! Bri is pretty great! Our team hasn't changed at all since the announcement of the merger, so we're still around to help out.

We don't have the resources right now for phone support but that's something we'd like to do more of, of course.

If you're ever confused by something or need a hand, just let us know and we'll be happy to help.


I don't think you need to worry a whole lot but if you want to back your stuff up for your own peace of mind, there are some tips here:


thank you for letting me know :D

Cherie Shirey

I currently follow "Positive Thoughts " and I'd love to be able to print the daily message and the photograph to keep as a collection to re-read away from the computer (no laptop here!)

Printing the entire page is not attractive; I need a print button for each day!

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your time and consideration.

Susan Maricle

Is there a chance that TypePad training classes will be available through They offer training for WordPress and Blogger but not TypePad. If not, are there video training courses available here? It's hard to find which help resources are where. Thank you!


Not really keen on this news. I had a Vox account that just recently shut down - lucky they gave you a Typepad account and moved the data.(I am new here and just learning the way around)

Seeing SAY is an advert company and they are buying Sixapart to push their adverts I am guessing that to be fair with users there will be free accounts and the pay ones should be vastly reduced in cost - thinking like Google and Blogger are now - Blogger is free because Google gets value out of it. I hope SAY don't want both - advertising and monthly fees!

amy kolz

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your reply and for liking my blog. I have found that this thread of emails is a great way to find fellow typepad bloggers!


Chris Sissons

I have been using Apture with Typepad for several months and have been very satisfied with Apture's service. Recently the Apture buttons have disappeared from the Compose page and so I wrote to Apture to ask what was wrong. This was their reply:

"Hey Chris, Sadly we had to remove support for TypePad. With their recent changes and our shifted focus on apture search we sadly have decided to end support for TypePad. Apture search and Auto-Enhance will still function but editor will not :( Sorry I dont have a better answer,"

I am not at all happy with this state of affairs. Could you please assure me you will undertake one at least of the following:

1. You will contact Apture forthwith and make whatever arrangements necessary to persuade them to reinstate their service (my preferred option)
2. Tell me you're going to offer an equivalent service yourselves. (Frankly, all your recent changes seem to have made little practical difference, whilst a properly integrated Apture type service would be a real step forward.) (But this would be no good if such a new service were to be many months away).
3. Tell me of any equivalent services to Apture that have not severed their contact with Typepad.

I can only echo what many people have said in these responses. This is a paid for service and the loss of Apture is a catastrophe for my blogging. I don't mind paying so long as I get a service which is at least comparable to Blogger - loss of Apture makes Typepad inferior to Blogger and it is only the hassle of transferring my post to another platform that will support the blogging that has been possible up to now that is preventing me from leaving.

Apologies if you've covered this above, I haven't time to read them all.

Dave Tutin

It's simple, believe what the CEO says. As nice and friendly as the support people may be they do not know the high-level business plans and business targets the way the CEO does.

I am 100% sure that what he told Adweek is the truth. It's just that like many CEOs he didn't think about the impact of his comments on the little people before he made them.

He also made the mistake of thinking something he said to an advertising trade magazine would stay with that audience. Doesn't say much about his understanding of the fluid media world in which we now live.

There's no potential growth in profits from those of us who blog for fun and refuse to have advertising on our blogs. We simply eat up server space. Of course SAY will be focusing on areas where they can charge more or partner with advertisers. This merger would never have been considered if the parties involved didn't see the cliched 'business opportunities.'

I say again, believe the CEO.


If only Typepad could offer more affordable pricing, it could probably pose a good competitor to WordPress.

Health Is A Skill

Hi Melanie
I appreciate your intro and answering the comments one by one I would heartily endorse the messages re the ability to handle comment smoothly
If you want to separate yourself from WordPress solve this problem
Blogging is meant to be interactive but for some reason there is presently no ability to post comments easily for the reader
And this is why we blog To create community and respond to our readers not to hear ourselves write
Thanks DrBill


I really don't understand why it hasn't had more traction than it has. I've used all the platforms and TypePad is easily my favorite. I'm using it on my new blog, and I have better performance for those than any other platform.

Jo Guerra

So here is my experience with Typepad. I used to love you, Typepad. Not as much. Hope you improve and I will again.

1. I had so many problems with the editor. And when I would open a ticket, several times I was told that you could not duplicate what I was experiencing. I thought it was my old computer, but I had the same problem with my new computer. It seems like the new editor is working a bit better.

2. Although the staff normally gets back to me within 24 hours, I've noticed that if I have another question or comment or they ask for clarification, it takes at least 24 more hours to get back to me. And if there is another clarification question or comment that I have to answer, it's another 24 hours. The worst time was this last time. My question was on 8/30, you answered on 8/31 and then after I clarified your questions, you did not answer again until 9/4 we finally got it figured out on 9/6. Is this because you want me to pay more so I can have premium support?

If you want to see what great customer service is, ask MadMimi - the email marketing company how they do it. Unbelievably fast - within minutes and if I have a particular question, they'll even send me a video made just for me!

3. Why don't you guys come up with new templates? It's been too long.

Good luck with the transition and please let us know how you are doing. Oh by the way, when I tweeted or Facebooked you, I got no response this last time.

Three Haute Mamas

Design wise, typepad has the other platforms beat, however, it's not so self explanatory as you all make it out to be. It's pretty frustrating for us and our readers + I see us leaving sooner rather than later. Our previous experience was with Google-easy to use, ugly to look at. Why can't we just have it both ways? sigh.. That being said, it's been a great 6 months, I just wish it were easier to maneuver.
xo Three Haute Mamas


This is my first time commenting, and I'm impressed the responses actually get read and answered!

A Twitter User

I would like to see more features and widgets for Typepad.
For instance it seems every other blogging platform has a recent posts widget. Other features would be mobile versions of Typepad ( I know that you do have mobile typepad now, like typepad for blackberry but they should be developed further).
I would like to thank you and the typepad family for what they have already given us, I switched from blogger to typepad because I was searching for support and a better platform and that is what I found :)


I love blogger and I love typepad. That is why i want buy the premium unfortunately I have no credit card. I hope typepad provide pay through paypal so I can buy premium account through paypal.


Hi! I recently migrated from Vox and I'm liking TypePad. However, it's quite difficult to know other bloggers. There are lists of 'people you can follow', but it's an exhaustive list. There are so many other blogs that aren't featured but may be of interest to a lot of bloggers. A feature which would help in exploring all the blogs on TypePad would be really appreciated.

Also Vox had a good home page, wherein it used to feature blogs, have a 'Question of the Day', etc. - basically an interactive platform for its users. There were also 'groups'. These are features which I loved on Vox and I sorely miss them here. A good home page for TypePad would do wonders.


I want to address MELANIE and COLLEEN in particular. I think all of us appreciate the time and thought you've put in on this thread. You probably feel like...the little Dutch boy and the dike!

But that said, I think Dave Tutin (a few posts up) has really hit the proverbial on the head. That is, the now notorious quote:

""Say Media expects to lose some subscribers to the Six Apart blogging platform. Its main focus, Young said, is in those that hope to build media businesses, rather than regular people who write a blog for fun."

remains unanswered. Melanie -- I saw you addressed it qua "out of context" and you "couldn't imagine..." And I really appreciate your going out on a limb. And I would bet the family china that you believe what you're saying. BUT...

I've been in your position, qua doing support for a major software company. A very major one...everyone here would recognize the name immediately (no, it's no Microsoft ). On more than one occasion we had circumstances like this. We went out on limbs too. And then the gang from the Executive Suite cut us off at the knees. We looked dumb. We felt dumb.

What it's going to take to keep me, and a fair number I know here is:

Let the author of the quote, HIMSELF, appear on this site. Let HIM give the context. Let HIM tell us why it doesn't mean we non-$$$ bloggers shouldn't be heading for the hills.

Until he does so, his silence is deafening, and drowns out all your good efforts. His silence undercuts all the reassuring things you've said.

OR, if he really means the quote and is just using you two to keep things calm, let HIM have the sand and decency to appear here and own up and say "It's true. I really don't care about you non-$$$ bloggers. 23 skiddoo, small change." The devil you know is better than the devil you don 't know.

C'mon, man. Level with us!


Account Deleted

Well, the silence over here has been deafening so I went in search of _any_ new info. about the acquisition and how it will affect TypePad bloggers and lo and behold I found something solid.

THIS is the biggest news I've found since the original announcement--all summed up in one tidy sentence:

"The deal won't close until November, so new opportunities for bloggers won't be rolled out until Q1 of 2011."

I have a snippet and then the link instead of translating:

"Video: SAY Media's Matt Sanchez On Opportunities Ahead for TypePad Bloggers

From HuffPost (10.5.10):

Video: SAY Media's Matt Sanchez On Opportunities Ahead for TypePad Bloggers

Last month, VideoEgg, the online video ad network announced it was buying SixApart, the big blog platform company which operates Movable Type and TypePad.

The merged company, will be called SAY Media and will be based in San Francisco.

Last week, we sat down with CEO Matt Sanchez in his New York office to talk about the acquisition. In this first of two interviews, Sanchez assure TypePad bloggers that the company will continue to innovate the blog platform. Morever, the new company will be in a position to provide bloggers with a range of audience development and monetization tools.

The deal won't close until November, so new opportunities for bloggers won't be rolled out until Q1 of 2011.

Beet.TV has been published on TypePad since 2006. And our first video player was VideoEgg.

You can find this post on Beet.TV: "

Rene Volpi

Hello Melanie! I have a question, Do you guys recommend blogs, If so, where, and could you recommend mine? If at all worthy, of course.



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Like several others that have written comments, I blog as a hobby. My purpose for blogging is almost as a journal or historical record of 'my era'. My goal is to write something that friends and family can enjoy with me while I'm still here, and can also provide feedback but will a century from now provide a peek into my time in history.
I do not blog for financial gain. Instead, I pay for the platform and the technical support that Six Apart provides. Not normally resistant to change, necessarily, I must confess I have not appreciated the changes in photograph changes of late. I refer specifically to those steps that have to do with borders and colors thereof. Now it takes longer and doesn't always respond to changes whereas the old format responded immediately; also size of photos has been affected adversely in my opinion.

A change I would welcome with the merger, however, would be for you to create an easier and more 'fluid' way of converting blogs into book chapters. Using "Blurb" to accomplish a 'book' was not all that enjoyable and took a lot of editing to get it into their parameters. Are there any plans for this type of thing?

Jeff Korhan

Matt - Thanks for reaching out. I have certainly appreciated the experience here at TypePad. Much of what needed to be says has been.

What I would like to add is it would be appreciated to have more engagement with TypePad such as the recently announced Lunch with TypePad. Many of the posts here are announcements. There is a great deal all of us could learn about how to use TypePad better - you know, the finer points that we may miss in the tutorials.

For that matter, since blogging is one area I specialize in (for small businesses), let me know if I can help.


Jo Wylde Designs

I have only just settled in with Typepad and was beginning to feel right at home. I do feel that Mr Young’s statement was a bit ambiguous though.

It is also a shame that a statement such as that has been made and nothing has been done from the top to calm the fears of the members here that have been long time supporters and users of Typepad and have a lot at stake in regards to their content etc. Instead, it seems to have been left to the support team to fight fires the best that they can with the knowledge that they have.

My own interpretation is that, the direction SAY Media are wanting to take Typepad and the way they wish to develop it in terms of the functionality and tools will be directed more towards the ‘Media Moguls’ and professional bloggers than the ‘every day’ blogger. I also have a feeling that this will include a review of the pricing structure somewhere along the line leaving it perhaps less affordable to the every day blogger hence why they predict they will lose some customers.

To me this just highlights the risk that we take by using a hosted blogging or CMS platform as essentially we are leaving our content in someone else’s hands. I am sorry to say that I will probably move to a self hosted installation of WordPress. Nothing against Typepad, it is a great service and very easy to use but at least that way, I am in control of what happens to my content and am not at risk of taking the time to develop my site only to find that the service becomes unaffordable for me or ceases to meet my needs several months down the line.

I wish Typepad every success though and who knows, maybe I’ll be proved wrong and end up moving back at some stage!

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