What I <3 on TypePad Lately: FALL!
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Lunch with TypePad, Take 2!

We are happy to announce an added opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us during a special series Lunch with TypePad where you can ask us absolutely anything. If you have questions about blogging, about TypePad, or have ideas for us, we're here to listen.

Please note that if you have an issue or question specific to your blog, the best way to get help with this is through Technical Support. Just click to Help > New Ticket in your TypePad account. The Lunch with TypePad sessions are focused on questions about TypePad as a product and its future. We look forward to hearing from you!

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After last week's false start, we're going to give it another go today. Starting at 10AM Pacific, 1pm Eastern, we'll be monitoring our formspring account and answering as many questions as we can.


Steve Crown

Thats great because I cant link my FB to my blog. Help please!


I am new at blogging. I want to establish a professional blog business where lots of people share their thoughts and ideas. More importantly, I want to make this my career path. I need to support myself financially. I want to make sure I select the correct software along with the best support. I am in this for the long haul. Suggestions please.

Account Deleted

I also can't connect my Blog to FB? is there something wrong with my account? the icon is not even showing up when it used to.

WAM Golf

Joy, good comment. I just created a FB page for my blog and I can't connect or have the icon appear.

Thanks for any help on this!

The Clarks

I also can not connect my Blog to FB???? Just wondering why!


Excited to see this!

Kofla Olivieri

For those unable to link Facebook to Typepad here are a couple of links from previous discussions you might want to check out:




Shu OceAni

A suggestion, Please create something where you can create a membershipsite within your typepad blog without password protecting your blog


I would still like to be able to have other than Public and Drafts as posting methods. Would it be possible to add third choice? "Friends only" or "Followers Only"? I don't really want to have to manage yet another blog by making a totally private 'sub-blog'.


Mama G

I'd love it if the photo uploader a)worked consistently (at present, I frequently reload the page to get photos working) and b) uploaded videos instead of linking from youtube or flickr.
It would be swell, too, if the iPhone app actually worked. What a novelty it would be to post from it instead of getting errors. But, since it's NEVER been updated I shouldn't be surprised.

Perhaps you addressed both these issues last round. I read a lot of those posts, didn't see these issues, got fed up. I'm close to fed up with Typepad as it is.

Account Deleted

Hi Frank,
I'm new to blogging but I have similar goals: to establish a professional blog where people share thoughts and ideas. Do you use your full identifiable name? Have you sent out a notification to all of your contacts on email to join your blog? It's all so new to me and I'm not used to putting myself out there in cyberspace. :)


Hi Jan,
I have not used my full name yet. I am still testing the waters to make sure I want to use typepad. I have only given a few people my blog address. My goal is to share thoughts and ideas with others, just like you, however, I want to make money from blogging. Have you gone to the "problogger" website. It is not bad. Also, you might want to try "blogtap", also good. Check out moveabletype. They have an excellent platform for blogging, but I don't understand it yet. Keep in touch. Let's share some ideas

Sharon Williams

I'm new at blogging and would like to know how to have my blog's name in the url instead of my name.
Thanks sharon

Account Deleted

I'm just curious, is your entire support team on vacation. It took three days to get two simple questions answered and I still haven't had any follow-up, three days later...Just sayin'

katy unleashed

I have worked with wordpress and blogspot, my own website... Can't use this interface effectively at all. It's probably the side of the brain on which I think. It takes three or four steps to do anything. View blog is kinda hidden off to the right top corner..my main problem is that you never know where you are on your own blog page - can't delete the stuff on the nav bar. I'm only doing this because someone recommended it to my daughter and I wanted to see if I could help her by having a blog myself. It's been two days now. I wish they hadn't referred her here. I'm sorry to offend, but really, this won't work unless there are some major interface improvements. But google improved their unfathomable adsense deal, so I imagine you could do the same. As for me, I'll stay until my daughter gets her blog up and running because it really requires both of us!

marco barsotti

today the dashboard (without any notice) changed...for the Better!

Starts to look as useful as vox's "neighbour" update funcion.

Great --- now it's time to promote it!.

Joanz Kaching Kaching

Hi I'm new and really don't know a lot about what I'm doing. Please be patient. Ill figure it out...

Account Deleted

Still waiting for a response/responses from Customer Support. What's going on??

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