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Lunch with TypePad!

We are happy to announce an added opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us during a special series Lunch with TypePad where you can ask us absolutely anything. If you have questions about blogging, about TypePad, or have ideas for us, we're here to listen.

The first Lunch with TypePad will take place on Tuesday, October 12, from 10am to 1pm PDT (1pm to 4pm EDT). To participate, submit your question in Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/typepad

Please note that if you have an issue or question specific to your blog, the best way to get help with this is through Technical Support. Just click to Help > New Ticket in your TypePad account. The Lunch with TypePad sessions are focused on questions about TypePad as a product and its future. We look forward to hearing from you!

Update: Lunch with TypePad is rescheduled for next Tuesday due to Formspring unavailability.


Kofla Olivieri

I guess that will be today, late notice for me.

David Jacobs

Kofla, it is late notice, unfortunately, but we'll be doing it at least every other week for the next few months, and we'll be doing it next week as well. So if you miss us today, we can talk next week.

Susan Maricle

Would have loved to have been a part of this. Will the time be the same for subsequent lunches? I'll block out that time right now.

Dan York

I'm missing something... HOW do we participate during that time other than submitting questions? Is there a audio bridge to call into? Or a webinar? Or a video stream? or are we just supposed to watch that formspring website to see the questions you all are answering?

David Jacobs

Yes, we'll try for the same time next Tuesday. We had some issues getting in to formspring this afternoon.

David Jacobs

Well, I don't think you are missing anything! You ask questions, we answer them.


Just a suggestion for starting an fine art section for helping the unfortunate ones not getting correct responses on pieces of art they have questions about from supposed art experts.

Dan York

So the "Lunch with TypePad" is just a time period where you all are going to post responses to the questions? That's it?

David Jacobs


Account Deleted


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