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Is Your Dashboard or Blog Loading Without A Design?

Recently it has come to our attention that users accessing TypePad via a network using the SonicWall firewall have been unable to see their Dashboard or blog. Instead of the expected display, they see a list of links against a white background. This is due to a recent change or update in the SonicWall software that blocks TypePad from being 100% accessible.

The solution to this issue is an easy one! To correct the problem, you or your IT team will need to add, or *, to the Allowed list. If you experience the behavior mentioned above, but do not use SonicWall, the action should remain the same for your preferred firewall software. You can learn more about resolving problems with TypePad not loading by reading our article on the topic.

If this does not work for you, or you continue to experience the above behavior after you allow TypePad, please open a help ticket. We will work with you, one on one, through the ticketing system to resolve the issue. (Note: the link provided takes you directly to the New Ticket screen, so even if you have trouble with the display, you'll still be able to submit a ticket.)

UPDATE on January 28, 2011: If you recently made changes to your Domain Mapping settings and only your blog is not displaying correctly, you are likely encountering a different issue related to Domain Mapping and not your firewall settings. We have information on how to resolve a Domain Mapping problem in the Knowledge Base.

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