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The GM's Corner

Hello fellow TypePadders! I am thrilled to be writing this letter to you from The Corner Office (ahem) as the General Manager of TypePad. As a longtime TypePad blogger and newly minted champion for this vast and sprawling community, my biggest and most urgent priority is you — the TypePad user.

Over the past few weeks I've heard from many of you about your fears, hopes and dreams. (Oh, and a little bit about how we can improve TypePad ;) I want to ensure assure you that the interests of the TypePad community are first and foremost in my thoughts and will drive the next generation of the TypePad application. We'll be reaching out to the community frequently to get your thoughts as we move forward in 2011.

The TypePad team, with the full backing of SAY Media, is committed to supporting the TypePad community with technology and services to help you blog better — better content creation and management tools, more support to build your brand and audience and opportunities to generate income from your work. As such, I'm going to post here at Everything Typepad as frequently as possible to give you insight into our thinking and to get your feedback. I look forward to hearing more from you about what you want to see and hear from us in the weeks, months and years to come, so please keep an eye out for "GM's Corner" posts. Together we can make TypePad better.


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