Tis the Season to Give (and win!)
Introducing Jeff Reine, Our New GM of TypePad

Winners of the "Tis the Season" Giveaway!

It's that time! Time to draw for the winner of our "Tis the Season to Give (and win)" giveaway. We found only one problem with drawing for a single winner--there were too many great stories to choose only one!

Because of this, we have decided to select three winners to receive one free year of the Pro-Unlimited plan. Not just that, we have also decided to randomly draw five winners to receive six months free of the Pro-Unlimited plan.

The winners are as follows...

One free year of the Pro-Unlimited plan goes to:
The Hot Toddies

Six months of the Pro-Unlimited plan goes to:
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee
Albany Mommy

We'll be contacting the winners over the next few days!

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their stories. This was such a heartwarming experience and we thoroughly enjoyed learning more about what inspires you to do more. We hope you enjoyed reading others' tales of giving, and have learned of organizations or causes you didn't already know about!


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Wow - just seen that our post regarding Kiva has 'won'. Can I ask a favour, and rather than 6 months of the unlimited plan, would you donate the equivalent amount to Kiva? It would be much more fitting reward.

Many thanks,
Porchester Junior School

Alessa Hilton

uhuu ..nice ! Great Article, Thanks for these informations. Interested to read more from you, keep writing.

Andreas Harold

hehe..congratiulations to the winners..maybe next year i will be one of them:D


wow , great... Congrats :)

The Hot Toddies

Thanks Typepad!! You guys rock :)

Tyler Meeks

Wow... Nice post! Thanks!

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