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Many of you have noticed the Widget Gallery is no longer available. Most widgets, however, can be found by performing an online search for the type of widget you want to have (e.g. RSS, Music, Amazon, Etsy, etc).

There are a great number of widgets available these days, and we want to share some of our favorites, and most asked after, widgets with you:


Although the ShareThis widget is placed in your sidebar, the magic script places an icon in the footer of each post allowing visitors of your blog to share &/or email the post.


The PostRank widget highlights the top posts on your blog in the sidebar.

PayPal Storefront

Configure the display of items in your store into a handy widget placed in your blog's sidebar. The widget includes a link to purchase the items directly on PayPal. This widget is recommended for blog's with wider sidebars (300px wide or greater). See the PayPal Labs FAQ here for further information.


The official Twitter widget can be customized to match your blog's design.


If you have a Facebook Fan or Business Page, you can add a Like badge to your blog's sidebar.


You can add a badge to your blog's sidebar which links to your LinkedIn profile.


You can include a badge for your Etsy shop in your blog's sidebar. We have details on adding this widget in the Integrating Etsy shop into your TypePad blog article.

Widgets can be installed on your blog by copying the code for the widget into the 'Embed Your Own HTML' module at Design > Content for most themes.* Some widgets do offer a quick install to TypePad option which bypasses the need to copy and paste code.

*Note: For blogs using the Chroma Theme, you will use the Custom Sidebar option to add the code for the widget to the sidebar. With an Advanced Template design, the code for the widgets can be added directly to your templates. Mixed Media Layouts require copying the widget code into a Notes TypeList. Additional information on installing widgets is available here.

We've added the above widgets to the recommended widgets article in the Knowledge Base, and we'll add more widgets in the future. If you have any widgets you use and would like to recommend, please add your own recommendations in the comments.


liza cowan

why is the widget gallery no longer available?

Account Deleted

Yea, why is the widget gallery no longer available ?

Luci Weston

I've tried the PostRank widget several times and it isn't connecting to my blog. There is a feed showing of info, but it's not my content. Anyone else having this issue?

Account Deleted

The Widget Gallery disappearing is just another thing that makes us fear we are on the wrong blogging platform and that you're just not going to support us anymore. Why is it gone? What is it going to be replaced with?

liza cowan

Knock knock....Heloooo, anybody home? We've got some questions that need answers.


PostRank is great in concept, but hideously designed. Would love to see TypePad build out a native version of the widget that aggregates top posts on your blog and pulls in a thumbnail image.


The widget gallery has been removed? Really? Why? When will it be returned? Some of us actually used it, ya know. Or do you? The people working at Typepad don't really seem to care about those of us who blog here.


Hi Liza. The widget gallery was removed because it was no longer up to date. We've added a recommended widgets article to the Knowledge Base - - as a replacement. If you have any widgets you would like to see added, please let us know. -Jen


Hi Katherine. The removal of the widget gallery had do to the list being out of date. We've added a new article to the Knowledge Base - - with links to widgets. TypePad has always supported the inclusion of widgets on your blog. Even if a widget is not listed on our recommended list, you can still place the widget code on your blog. We have information on installing widgets to your TypePad blog here: If you are having problems finding or adding a specific widget, let us know! We're happy to help. -Jen


Thanks for the suggestion, Ricky! Adding a module for most popular posts would be a great feature to have for TypePad, and we'll look into developing this feature.


We do care about all our TypePad bloggers! Adding the recommended widgets article to the Knowledge Base - - was done based on feedback from TypePad bloggers who requested the widget gallery be replaced asap. If you have any widgets you would like to recommend be added to the list of widgets, please let us know! We'll be continuing to update the list as we receive suggestions and find new widgets which we believe our bloggers would find useful.

liza cowan

Thanks Jen. I loved the widget gallery because it was so easy to use. I'll check how you've got it now, but I think I'll miss the gallery.

Account Deleted

Just added the Postrank widget. Thanks. I've been looking for one to highlight posts.



We're always here to help, so if you're having trouble with the PostRank widget not working correctly on your blog, please open a help ticket at Help > New Ticket. The support team can then take a look at where you've added it and find out if there's a conflict of some sort.


Hi Liza! We've answered most, if not all, of the questions so far. If you're wanting the answers to any of the questions that have been proposed, you may want to refresh the blog post, or maybe bookmark it, so you can easily refer back to it in the future. We hope our answers have helped, and if you have any further questions, please let us know. :)

Hearts and Hemlines: Maggie Rose

Please add the facebook 'like' footer button to the widgets gallery. I tried following directions to add this found on this blog but the widget is no longer there... I love the tweet footer and just want a facebook button like that please!!

William Snyder

The obvious question, then, is why didn't you update the widget gallery? I found it much easier to use. If the problem is that something is out of date, the solution is not to kill it. The solution is to update it.

Kofla Olivieri

I was wondering the same question.

Kofla Olivieri

I agree.

Account Deleted

hello newbie here.


Are you joking? That article features seven widgets. Seven. I would like to see you add all the widgets that were available in the widget gallery, plus new ones as they come out.

Account Deleted

Wow . . . Typepad is really stagnating.

Account Deleted

+1 I agree too...

Ch Webkredit

This is nice.I loved the widget gallery because it was so easy to use.


Hi William! The widget gallery was previously a website which was not edited by TypePad Support. The Knowledge Base is managed by support which will make it easier for us to update it based on the widgets we find and other TypePad bloggers recommend.


Hi Michael! We're currently going through the widgets previously in the gallery to confirm the third-party services providing the widgets are keeping the widget code up to date and checking to see if the widget features are relevant to our TypePad bloggers. We will continue to update the KB article with widgets we think TypePad bloggers will benefit from adding to their blog. We want to highlight the best third-party tools, and not all the widgets in the old gallery will likely be included in our recommended widgets list. If you have any widgets you would like to suggest, we'd love to hear about them.


Hi Maggie! The Like button is a built in feature for TypePad. No widget required! At Design > Content, click the pencil icon next to the Post Footer module. Check the box for the Like button. Click OK. Finally click Save Changes to update your blog.

More information on the Facebook Like button is available here:

Account Deleted

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Account Deleted

The widget gallery was ancient and it was unwieldy with some services defunct--gone but still listed. For TypePad to have picked through the entire thing would have been a big time-waster. Starting fresh with a new 'recommended' list is something I welcome.

Account Deleted

Yeah, Facebook is one of my fave link too.

Account Deleted

Thanks a lot for such nice information about typepad blog. I appreciate your posting.

Keep blogging.

Vernon Healy

Please pay attention to the feedback here from users here and add back something comparable to the widget gallery in scope and functionality. The article in the knowledge base is inadequate. In the widget gallery you could add the modules right in the content area of your blog. --- It wasn't just clunky directions -- It was drag and drop. It was also one of the main reasons I chose typepad. The widgets were also categorized by functionality so it was easy to find different widgets based on content/ subject. The knowledge base has also deteriorated -- you used to have video tutorials.

I agree completely. I chose Typepad in 2006 because it was easy to use. I selected a new design and all of a sudden the widgets on my old design don't transfer over to the new one, and I have no friggin' idea where to find them. Now I have to paste code and stuff? Why are you guys going backwards?

The design templates are really very tired, too.

Account Deleted

Bought out. New GM. Eliminate instead of update. These are all signs of corporate reorganization intended to recover the cost of the aquisition. Also internally, hiring freezes, office supply order reduction, termination of amenities and pay freezes, consolidation of roles and responsibilities (layoffs). Our solution is to find a new platform to migrate our sites to before SAY Media (please) introduces "changes to your account (price increase accompanied by reduced service) to better serve you". There must be something better, so we started a hashtag (#AntiTypePad) on Twitter for people to recommend alternatives that are hosted, multi-site, easily themeable, widget and affiliate ad friendly for non-techs. Let us know what you find. Thanks. @johlorBS "We've decided it's time to abandon @TypePad. Looking for a quality alternative for non-techs. Please use tag #AntiTypePad Thanks in advance."


Wow, this conversation deteriorated into an implosion. Not encouraging for the fresh sign up or the SAY Media staff. Whiners managed to shoot down the widget gallery when they were not limited to the widget gallery's offerings, and now whiners are killing the entire TypePad platform. Popularity matters in the blog host world. It spells the difference between stability and VOXation. That was an experience I'm not willing to duplicate. I was sittin' over there at Yahoo considering them as my blog host due to their simplicity. Ah, but having tried to sign up and failing, try contacting ANYONE!!! at Yahoo about any problem you're having. That spelled the end of Yahoo and Google as blog hosts as far as I'm concerned. If you find an email address to complain to, it may as well be [email protected] or [email protected] Now what? Back to WordPress with it's horrendous lag issue? Bah! Who hosts Littlegreenfootballs or Atlasshrugs?

Arezki Hechiche


Kathy Mallary

This is a good example of failed communication. The problem isn't that widgets are gone (they're just going to be made available in a different way) -- the problem is that the news wasn't communicated effectively. Only part of the story was told initially; unfortunately, key details were omitted and only came out in response to negative comments.

If the initial communication had outlined WHY the widget gallery was abandoned (instead of waiting until people were upset before explaining), it might have helped avoid some of the upset.

It's unfortunate that it took a few (understandably) upset customers to get the complete picture.

A needless waste of customer good will, IMHO.


Well put, Kathy. A classic example of bad communication. The whole "the widget gallery was out of date" ruse sounded like corporate BS when I heard it from the customer-support people (in response to my own inquiry about what had happened to the widget gallery), and it still sounds like marketing-speak.

Whether it really is fake or not isn't the point. The point is, Typepad is risking pissing people off when there are plenty of other platforms out there for bloggers. Some are cheaper. Some are more fully functional/flexible. But none are easier. And right now that's the only thing keeping me at Typepad.

Will it be enough?

Account Deleted

I wish you nail the Typepad staff right on the head....they didn't inform us of these changes until everyone complains about it. I find the inability of Typepad staff to organize a systematic and effective communication very disappointing.

Kathy Mallary

I don't think it was intentional or even corporate BS -- I think it was just careless. Which is too bad -- because careless communication with customers is a really dangerous thing these days. Customers have so many different ways to spread the story (good or bad) of a company through social networking.

I hope TypePad wakes up soon and gets back on top of their message before the rumor of their demise gets grossly exaggerated (right into reality), as Mark Twain might Tweet from his iPad if he was alive today.

Mark MyWord

Mr. Snyder, As you are certainly aware, we are in the midsts of an "economic downturn". The management had to decide, either the widgets, or cashews at Typepad meetings, had to go. As required in these trying times, to be more cost efficient.

Mark MyWord

PS As well Mr. Snyder, if you placed a keen eye on my previous comment, immediately you will notice part of our blogs' austerity program as well.
We have initiated requirements to limit how many words we use with the letter "i", as it is more expensive than the more cost-efficient "e" (despite it's obvious bulkiness) and stell as you could see, it has not hampered en any way to produce a good qualt'y product (periods are also a big killer)

Mark MyWord

This is EXCELLENT! We can have a real Arab-style blog revolution! You ladies can go picket the Typepad offices in your burkas, and I will have another exclusive!

Gracies Bark

I would love to know if Typepad has a something similar to WP Greet Box Wordpress Plugin?


Does anyone know of a way to add a modern blogroll (that lists blogs in order of last post, and includes the title of those posts)? What every other blogging platform seems to think is essential (what could they be thinking)?

Raymond Hackney

I will be looking to move every blog from typepad, this is nonsense.

Account Deleted

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I just want to put a button that has the Twitter logo and says "follow me" that links to my Twitter page. Does anyone know how to do that? I've put code from various websites in a list page and they either don't or are full or ads. The Twitter widget doesn't work either. Help!

(And I really liked it when it was a click-and-use widget with the old way... why do I have to struggle with this now? You've just made it harder.)


Are you joking? That article features seven widgets. Seven. I would like to see you add all the widgets that were available in the widget gallery, plus new ones as they come out. 2945abc45 0226

Stephen  J. Isaacs

I relied on using the Typepad widget gallery to casually view widgets which I believed would work on Typepad. Now, to use the web to find typepad widgets is TIME consuming and forced me to ask for Typepad HELP.

I only want to add a Widget which will search only my blog site without adding links to other competing websites / blogs. Lijit is absolutely horrible. Blogbar and Google Search are no better. Does anybody know how I can add a search bar to my blog which will return results for ONLY my blog site?

Account Deleted

You didn't happen to mention what about Lijit you feel is horrible--the links to other blogs? They customized my widget's code to search _only_ my 4 blogs by default, though if a reader wished to search other blogs/the web there's that option as well--all FREE.
Sorry, that is all I know of. Good luck!


Hi Stephen! TypePad has a built in blog search which can be added to your blog. If you are using basic templates, you can go to Design > Content to add the search to your blog. The blog search will only search your blog and present the search results within your blog's container. We have more information on blog search here:

Raymond Hackney

For all those looking for widgets, go to, a lot of them integrate with your typepad blog.

Account Deleted


Our tweet was added to our TypePad account as a support ticket by someone at TypePad. Two different people have "responded" to the ticket. They both basically asked, "What exactly is the problem?" in so many words. So, it seems they don't read what goes on here.

I had to laugh though when Brianna, after explaining it was easier to scrap the widget gallery and start it over as a KB article than it was to fix it, directed me to another service, "Another option is to share your favorite widgets on GetSatisfaction, which is the place for TypePad members to get together and share their favorite tips, tricks, features, and discuss TypePad in general."

So, it seems TypePad's position is, "If you want it done right, go somewhere else and do it yourself."

Account Deleted

Another update:

Customer service circled the wagons when I asked to have the ticket escalated (to TALK with someone in authority at TypePad) and just told me to go ahead and cancel my account.

I stand by my assessment that all is not well inside TypePad.

Craig McGinty

Hi Steven,
Copy and paste the Twitter code in to a Notes style TypeList, not a Links style, then place in one of your columns.
Hope this helps.


All the complaints here are justified. But why are you wasting your time making them. I've been reading comments on all the announcements from On High after The Great Takeover. And it's the same sorry.

They're talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Don't you people get it. Instead of arguing with these suit-types who haven't a clue about what made Typepad great, spend your time...finding a new home.


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