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Embedding YouTube Video Bar

YouTube has recently introduced a new tool which allows you to embed a bar displaying videos from a specified YouTube channel on your blog. It's easy to add the vertical video bar to your sidebar using the Embed Your Own HTML module.

video bar

First, go to to configure the module.

In this example, we're going to create a video bar for a specific YouTube channel. You can also create a custom channel based on search terms.

In the YouTube channel field, enter the channel name as it appears in the URL for the channel page.

We are creating a video bar for the Metric channel, and the channel name is metricmusic.

To fit the video bar in your blog's sidebar, select the Vertical orientation. The default width of the video bar is narrow enough to fit all sidebar widths for TypePad blogs.

YouTube Video Bar Configuration

Once you have finished configuring your video bar, you will see an example of how the video bar will look on the right. Click Show Code to reveal the HTML for your video bar. Use your mouse to highlight and copy the code.

In TypePad, go to Design > Content. Select the Embed Your Own HTML module and click the Add This Module button. Paste the code for the video bar in the pop-up box and click OK. After rearranging your modules, click Save Changes to update your blog.

If you are not using one of the basic designs with the Design > Content option, please see the Knowledge Base article for information on how to add the video bar to other blog designs.

Clicking the video thumbnail on your blog will open a pop-up where you can view the video without leaving your blog.

Additional information is available in the Installing YouTube Video Bar article.


Khalid Osman

This is very cool. However, when users use their own channels, Youtube displays other videos within the video bar. People have no time to check accuracy and ensure only their channels be displayed there. Is there any way to exclude any other channel?

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