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Using Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome browsers with TypePad

The TypePad application supports use in a number of popular browsers for both PC and Mac computers, including the latest version of Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9 requires you to turn on the browser's compatibly mode for best results when using the Rich Text editor to compose posts and pages. In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select Compatibility View if you encounter any problems within TypePad.

Microsoft has more information on the compatibility mode here.

If you prefer to use Google Chrome for your browser, you may notice you can not view your blog's feed, instead you see the code for the feed. While feed URLs (atom.xml, rss.xml, index.rdf) are not meant to be viewed directly in a browser, most modern browsers will present you a nice HTML page with subscribe options for the feed.

Chrome, however, does not display an easy to read page when you view the feed URL directly; instead you see the code for the feed. Hopefully, Chrome will update with a feature to allow you to view the feed and the feed code in the future. In the meantime, you may want to connect your blog to FeedBurner. A blog connected to FeedBurner will show your feed to the viewer with multiple options to subscribe to the feed directly regardless of which browser you are using.

Information on connecting to FeedBurner is available in the TypePad Knowledge Base.


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