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Keep it Simple: Block List

In Micro and Pro plan accounts there is a feature called the Block List, a tool for helping you to define which words and phrases are not allowed to be used in Comments left on your blog. The Block List can additionally be used with IP and email addresses to help block specific visitors from leaving spam comments.

Tip: Try a partial email address, URL, or IP, if you want to broaden the spectrum of blocked items (e.g. use partials like “youspammeryou” instead of

To access the Block List, log into your blog and then go to Comments > Block List.

To get started with the Block List, we recommend adding words and phrases you're not comfortable allowing in comments left on your blog. For example, you could add derogatory and curse words or phrases. Please make sure that there aren't any trailing spaces--"badword" and not "badword ".

Tip: Add one word or phrase at a time. The field for a word(s) or IP are not comma-delimited, so if you enter “badword, prescription, substance” into the field together, the whole string will be looked for and any comment that is submitted with only “prescription” will be allowed.

To learn more about the Block List, please review our Knowledge Base article on blocking comments.

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