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Keep It Simple: Taking the Mystery Out of Getting More Traffic For Your Blog

Sometimes the prospect of getting more people to visit your blog can seem daunting. Don't fear! Over the months here on Everything TypePad, we've shared many quick and easy tips to build your readership.

First, you'll want to make sure you're getting the news out about your new blog posts to everyone you know. TypePad makes it easy to share posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Setting up a sitemap helps ensure Google and other search engines find your new posts right away. We also recommend optimizing post titles and permalink URLs for search engines.

Now that you've got new visitors coming to your blog, make it easy for them to be notified whenever you add new posts so that they'll remember to return. Add the FeedBurner email subscription widget to the sidebar so that visitors can sign up to receive email alerts. You'll also want to add the Follow Me module to the sidebar so that readers who have TypePad accounts can follow you and see your new posts right on their TypePad dashboard!

Once you have an active community of readers following your blog, empower them to share your blog posts with their own friends. This extends your blog's reach far beyond your own social network. Add the Tweet this button to the post footer so they can share your posts on Twitter or the Facebook Like button. We also recommend adding the Reblog button to the post footer for those of your readers who have their own TypePad blogs. You can also encourage engagement with your posts by adding the Favorite button to the post footer. Don't forget to nurture your community's growth - follow others and welcome your own followers.

Finally, keep in mind that the real secret to getting and keeping readers is to provide compelling content that people are excited to read. Post regularly and take advantage of different ways to post even when you're on the go.

Follow all of these tips and you may be surprised just how quickly your blog community is growing.



Awesome post, thanks! Makes it easier when it's simplified right down like this rather than trawling through pages and pages of info :)

Mama Kimmberli

When I follow your advice, massive pageviews. When I don't....I'm on a dollar store shelf! Thank you for helping make it easier for us who are somewhat new to the biz of blogging. :-)

Account Deleted

awesome post.....

Account Deleted

i enjoy reading...


interesting post, thank you

Khalid Osman

شكرا That means, thank you for these useful tips. You can say "thank you" in Arabic this way, "Shukran".

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