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With all of the recent changes, and several more on their way in the coming months, we don't want anything to slip by you. Listed below are our most recent updates to the Knowledge Base.

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If you're interested in knowing when there have been updates made to the Knowledge Base, you can keep an eye on the "Recent Updates" page in the Knowledge Base.

We also wanted to make you aware of our having retired the TypePad People List widget. If you still have a link in your sidebar that says "Add me to your TypePad People List", then you'll want to consider removing it from your blog. Anyone who clicks on the link will receive an error message. We recommend replacing it with the "Follow Me" module, instead, which allows your fellow TypePad bloggers to follow you.


Account Deleted

Is there a way to include Facebook's new comment plugin on future posts in a standard template?

jeff reine

Not at the moment, Guy, but we're actually looking at Comments right now to see how we can most efficiently support the community's needs. What about the new FB Comment plugin is most attractive to you?

Account Deleted

I've watched other sites use the FB comment plugin and it tends to reduce trolls, spam and improves the quality of comments - because, at least so far, only real people tend to sign up and use FB. Thanks for the response.


Thanks so much, Guy, for sharing your feedback about why you think the Facebook comment platform works. As Jeff mentioned, we're looking into TypePad Comments right now. We will keep your thoughts in mind as we review what we can do to improve the commenting systems here in TypePad. :)

jeff reine

good stuff, Guy!

kris de decker

A suggestion for the comment section. TypePad blocks comments if the page is inactive for more than 60 minutes. Now, I understand why you do that, but it would be great if you could replace the error message "we cannot accept this data" by the error message
"please refresh the page if you want to make a comment".

I realise that this is not an issue for most blogs, but my articles are very long (www.lowtechmagazine.com) and readers always send me this complaint. It is frustrating that I cannot do anything about it.

Thanks, Kris

Account Deleted

I could use some help in canceling my subscription As a 80 yer old it's a bit much for me

The Typepad Team

We're sorry you are thinking of leaving TypePad! I've opened a help ticket within your account with information on how to cancel. In your TypePad account, you can click to Help > Past Tickets to view and reply to your tickets. More information: http://help.typepad.com/cancel.html


Glad you're looking into comments. They could definitely use some sprucing up.

Tutors Direct

I wasn't thinking of leaving! :) Still working it out!



I just received a reply from Melanie yesterday and she said she might be able to help me with the issues I was having (widening the column) and she said that she could give me the Pro Unlimited plan for the Plus price--which if that is true, I would love to be able to stay at typepad! I really need wider columns for my photo blog, but my budget at this point is such that I can't afford the Unlimited Plan price.

Markku Kiikeri

Where did you get the idea I asm leaving typepad. MK

Carla Clason

Please help me to understand what you mean. I have not indicated, to my knowledge, that I want to leave Typ Pad.

Account Deleted

Am not leaving typepad! I extremely like this site!

Tony merendino

just joined, not cancelling. first blogger so having start up issues. sent first ideas to draft and cannot find them. i have color isses as well.

The Typepad Team

Hi Sean! We're glad you are not leaving TypePad! There seems to be some confusion about a comment submitted by the TypePad Team to 'olive or twist'. If you follow the TypePad Team, you'll see any comments made by us on your TypePad dashboard, but the comment was only indended for 'olive or twist' and not other TypePad bloggers.

The Typepad Team

Hi Anna. I just followed up on your help ticket, and we can work with you to get your column widths adjusted using Custom CSS as described here:

The Typepad Team

Hi Markku! We apologize for any confusion. When you follow the TypePad Team, you see updates - including comments - made by the TypePad Team on your TypePad dashboard. The comment about cancelling was in reply to 'olive or twist' only and not in response to any other TypePad bloggers.

The Typepad Team

Hi Carla! In your TypePad dashboard, you see any comments made by the TypePad Team even comment replies to other bloggers. We recently replied to comment about canceling from 'olive or twist' which is what you saw in your TypePad dashboard. The comment was only indented as a reply to the one blogger, and we're sorry if there was any confusion.

The Typepad Team

Hi Emma! We're glad you like TypePad!

The Typepad Team

Welcome to TypePad, Tony! As a TypePad Pro blogger, you have access to TypePad support. I've opened a help ticket for you, and we can work with you to set up your blog during the trial period. To review your help tickets, sign in - https://www.typepad.com/secure/services/signin - and click to Help > Past Tickets. Click on the title of the ticket to review it and reply.

Econometrics Finland | Blog

Has any other wondered why ALL the Finnish blogs on TypePad disappeared from the Web? Try google "typepad.fi" - all the links you get lead now to nowhere!

I just found out the reason: Typepad.fi domain has expired.
See any whois domain service and it shows:
domain: typepad.fi
status: Registration Expired
created: 4.3.2005
expires: 4.3.2011
nserver: ns1.sixapart.com [ERROR]
nserver: ns2.sixapart.com [ERROR]


Hi Ismo- I know we've discussed this with you personally in your ticket, but I also wanted to mention to everyone that we are working to restore the domain. We do apologize for the inconvenience while we work get this domain back online asap.

Econometrics Finland | Blog

That's great. Did you know when all the Finnish TypePad blogs last time went down for a week? It was in 2008, on March 6. And then, the previous time was in March 2005...

And guess what, the domain really expires every 3 years, if you don't renew it.

So, what will happen in March 2014? Yes, Typepad.fi will disappear from the Web, once again.


Would begging you to restore stats to photo albums change your minds about this feature? Please, please? Google Analytics is not nearly as user-friendly, fast, or effective as the old photo album statistics.

Khalid Osman

Why I can’t get any help? I submitted the last ticket 3 days ago about an issue that always appear in my dashboard and the entire system. I elected to publish in Arabic when I setup the blog and wrote a line mentioning Paris in my bio, so all the system changed to French. Kymberlie managed the first time to get it back but it kept showing French. When I named my blog the name I wrote appeared at the end of the URL broken. I thought the name of the blog should not be entered in an extension file that looks like yourblogname.typepad.com/thenthetitleoftheblogbroken


Hi Khalid. I replied to all your open help tickets. At Help > Past Tickets, you can review and reply to your tickets, and we'll follow up if you have any other questions. Thanks!

TypePad Support

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