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Nieman Journalism Lab & Dan Zarrella: When to Share

After collecting more than two years of data, Zarrella shared his findings Tuesday in a webinar called “The Science of Timing.” That science is less about when and more about when not — what he calls “contra-competitive timing.” The trick is to reach people when the noise of the crowd has died down.


Considering this morning's Keep it Simple post about generating more Audience, this reblog seemed pretty timely. Click through to this post from Niemen Lab to read some great insights on how to make the most of Twitter, Facebook and via email. You you can look through the Science of Timing presentation, embedded below, to get a feel for the data. Dan Zarrella of HubSpot digs into the data and shares some really great information about the optimal time to tweet to get more followers on Twitter vs. more click-throughs to your blog.

Check out TweetWhen and let us know the best time to Tweet in the Comments!

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