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Did You Know?: Using http:// In Your Links

If you ever create a link to a site outside of your blog and notice that the link isn't working plus it's using your own URL, there's an important piece of the link missing - the http:// part!

When you don't add the http:// to the beginning of a link, your own TypePad URL will be added to the beginning which will create a broken link on your site.

To fix this, simply go to the Compose page for the post with the broken link, highlight your link with your mouse, and click the Insert Link icon (the one with the picture of a chain). In the pop-up window that opens, change the URL section so that it includes http:// at the beginning.

For instance, if you have linked to you would change it to instead.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!

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