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Featured Monday! The Best of TypePad

Over the past couple of weeks, you've probably noticed some changes to featured.typepad.com. In fact, you may have even noticed us reblogging those posts over here at Everything TypePad!

With Featured TypePad, our goal is to showcase the very best TypePad blogs and the people behind them, from designers and entertainers to thought leaders and style mavens - and everyone in between! Featured TypePad is also a great way for you to learn about the different blogs on TypePad; you might be surprised by what you find. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your new favorite blog!

Last week we featured two awesome blogs from food blogger Leslie Sarna, and tastemakers Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker. Both blogs are tops on TypePad, and we're super happy to feature them here:

  image from everything.typepad.com

image from everything.typepad.com

What do you think of Featured TypePad? We'd love to know.

If you think your blog is one of a kind and feature-worthy, we'd love to know about that, too! If you'd like to see your blog (or a TypePad blog that you think is really special) on Featured TypePad and Everything TypePad, just head over to featured.typepad.com and click the "Suggest a Site" button! We'd love to see you here!



Dear Typepad:

This Sounds like a cool idea, and I will do as you suggest.

A year ago, in March, you guys held a contest, to promote Typepad for Dummies. ;-D

I skipped a nap long enough to toss in my 2 cents, & my Book idea was singled out for praise.

Though you terribly misspelled my name I was very honored. ;-D


My blog has come far since those first 3 months on my own, after years of sharing with my Human. ;-D

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