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Keep It Simple: Placing Ads on your Blog

TypePad Pro allows you to place advertisements on your blog to generate income from your blog. You can use a third-party ad service - SAY Media, AdSense, BlogAds, etc. - or sell and create your own ads.

Ad services will provide you with HTML for the ads which can be placed within your blog's design. Vertical ads can be placed in your blog's sidebar using the Embed Your Own HTML module at Design > Content for most designs. Information on adding content to the sidebar using TypeLists or Advanced Templates is available in the Knowledge Base.

The advanced configuration options for the Navigation Bar and Blog Footer modules are perfect for horizontal ads.

You may also want to sell ads for your blog without using a third-party service. Advertisements may be a text link or linked image. You can use Embed Your Own HTML module to add custom ads to your blog as well.

We have more information in the article on including ads on your blog.


Khalid Osman

This is so good, as it supports those broke Bloggers fundraise their Typepad projects and pay for more Typepad services from within. I started playing with it, using my expertises in this field and found it snap. Thanks a lot. I would also encourage developing fast techniques regarding bilingual functionalities that fit working with right to left written languages. The market in this area is blooming.

Craig McGinty

If there is any way you can make it possible for adverts to be added at the foot of articles, I'm sure you'd see many appreciative bloggers.

The reason for this is that click-through rate is about 3x more for this position when compared to a side column.

Account Deleted

I agree with Craig......I'd like that option too. If it's also possible to customize the pattern of the navigation bar. We are just limited to single nav, double nav on right, and double nav (one on each side)....are not enough.


Thank you for this feedback, Craig! We definitely will keep this in mind and consider it for future updates. :)

Account Deleted

You're adding pop-up ads on pro blogs without permission now?! I'm outraged! I have been a Typepad pro customer for 6 years now. One of the reasons I use your paid service is so that I can provide an ad-free experience for my readers (or control the ads myself if I want.) Visiting one of my ad free blogs today, I was SHOCKED to get a pop up ad. What do you have to say for yourself?! I'm livid.


Hi Jaya!

TypePad does *not* place ads or pop-ups on Pro blogs.

If you are receiving a pop-up when visiting your blog, you'll want to make sure your computer or browser was not infected by any virus or malware. You could have picked up the virus on another site before visiting your blog and seeing the advert.

We would recommend running any anti-virus program you have on your computer and clearing your browser's cookies and cache to combat any viruses on your computer.

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