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New Tools for Fighting Spam

We hate spam as much as you do. Unfortunately big systems attract spammers, so TypePad is a target. Today we're releasing two new features to help reduce the amount of spam in TypePad-land.

  1. Now you can Select All spam to delete with one click. This feature is now live for everyone. Log into your TypePad account, navigate to the Comments tab and try it out today. Any and all comments previously marked as spam can all be deleted with one click. Spam be gone!
  2. We've also taken a big step to reduce the number of spam blogs (a/k/a "splogs")  you see in TypePad by requiring Facebook Connect on all new registrations for free TypePad Micro blogs. We believe this will greatly reduce the number of splogs in the system and should immediately reduce the number of new splog followers many folks are seeing

In addition to these two features, we're working on two additional items for release.

  1. 'Block this Follower' will enable bloggers to prevent other TypePad users from following them using TypePad's Follow feature. We realize that this is an issue for many of you and are working hard to get this feature out the door.
  2. We're also hard at work cleaning up the splogs that are already in the system. We're doing this as carefully as possible to ensure that legitimate blogs and accounts aren't affected. Over the coming weeks you should see the fruits of this labor.

We hope and trust these features will prevent spam from infiltrating TypePad and give our bloggers the tools to elimate any unwanted comments or followers. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts below in the comments (we know you will :)

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