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Keep It Simple: Connect your blog to Amazon.com

When you highlight your favorite Amazon items in your sidebar, you can have your own Amazon Affiliates code automatically included in the links, giving you credit for any purchases.

First, you will need to add your Amazon account at Account > Other Accounts. You'll be prompted to enter your Amazon tracking ID which is available within your Amazon Affiliates account. You can also enter your Wishlist ID.

Amazon Account

Next, you can create a new Books or Music TypeList at Library > TypeLists and add items to the list.

Click the Add Item button to search for your book or other item on Amazon. Enter your search terms (ASIN, ISBN, author, title, etc.) in the Quick Add field and click Go.

You'll be presented with a list of search results. Choose the image you want to display on your blog and click Save Changes. More information on adding Amazon items to your TypeLists is available in the using Amazon with TypeList article in the Knowledge Base.

After your TypeList is complete, go to Design > Content to add the TypeList to your sidebar.

More tips on integrating Amazon with your blog, including tips for adding widgets, wishlists, and an aStore is available in the using Amazon with TypeList article in the Knowledge Base.



LOL, sadly, this no longer applies to me as I live in Illinois and Gov. Quinn passed the Fairness for Main Street law requiring internet firms with even just an affiliate in the state (not even a brick/mortar location) to have to calculate and collect sales tax. As a result my affiliate account has been canceled, along with every other Illinois affiliate. :(

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