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Did You Know?: Password Protecting Your Blog

While it’s great to be able to share your blog with the world, sometimes you might want to keep things more private – just between you and a smaller group of people. This is easy to do with TypePad’s built-in password protection feature.

When you enable password protection, only those people that you supply the username and password to will be able to view your blog. Everyone else will get a prompt to enter the username and password and, if they don’t know it, won’t be able to view the blog.

You can choose to password protect only specific blogs and Photo Albums or you can password protect your entire account. You can enable password protection for the entire account or specific blogs or Photo Albums by going to Account > Password Protection. You can also enable password protection on individual blogs by clicking through to Settings > Password Protection.


We have more information on how to enable password protection for your blog or account here.

If you enable password protection and encounter any problems, check out our password protection troubleshooting tips here.

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Account Deleted

It would be really nice if you could enable individual posts as private, like you can on Wordpress.


That's really great feedback, Sheryl! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. :)

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