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Did You Know: ShareThis Widget

We all know how important it is to attract readers to your blog, and then keep them coming back.  One of the best ways to do this is to add options that make it easy for your readers to share your blog with their own friends and contacts.
TypePad already makes it easy to add Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and reblog options to your post footer.  To give your readers even more ways to pass along the link to your blog, we recommend the ShareThis widget.  With ShareThis, your readers can e-mail your posts to friends, submit them to Digg and StumbleUpon, or share your link with Twitter or Facebook.
It’s easy to add this widget to your blog.  Simply go to and create a free account.  Once you’ve done that, click the “Get the Button” link, choose TypePad, select the options you’d like to use, and click “Get the Button.”  You’ll be taken to TypePad where you can add this option to your blog.  We’ve found that this widget works best if placed at the very bottom of your right hand sidebar so that everything else can load first.  Please note that at this time, Mixed Media Layouts do not allow this widget to be added, and if you're using Advanced Templates, you'll need to grab the code and install it in your template set.
With just a few clicks, sharing your content to the Internet becomes much easier.
We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!



Man that would be a great idea for my blog I was looking at another share button but it had to many places to share and that I think would be confusing to the reader. Sounds great and I will be trying that out Thanks


I'm glad's functionality accommodates TypePad users. The SAY Media should continue to aggressively advocate for such partnerships formal and otherwise.

Gerry Fenge

I clicked the buttons, it appeared on my Content page (left sidebar, bottom) - but nothing on the blog...

The Philistine at Bar

Same thing happened to me that happened to Gerry

Account Deleted



Hi Gerry! I'm able to see the ShareThis widget below each post in your blog ( If you're still not seeing it, then we recommend going to Design > Content, then clicking and dragging the ShareThis widget to the bottom of your RIGHT sidebar. Make sure to save your changes. Afterward, perform a hard refresh, which is either a CONTROL+F5 (PC) or a COMMAND+SHIFT+R (Mac) keystroke.


Hi! I'm not able to see the ShareThis widget in your published blog, or the source code, so it doesn't appear as though you've added it (or you've removed it since you left your comment).

If you follow the instructions for adding the ShareThis widget again, make sure to go to Design > Content, then click and drag the associated module to the very bottom of the right sidebar. Save your changes!

If you continue to have trouble, let us know and we'll open a help ticket for you, ok? :)

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