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Simple changes that can make a big difference

Discover TypePad Services Two of our favorite features on Everything TypePad are the "Did You Know?" and "Keep It Simple" posts we publish every week. Why do we love these series? Because they highlight simple changes you can implement on your blog that make a big difference! While each tip by itself may seem small, when you add them all together you have a blog that is better organized, easier to read, and optimized to maximize reader engagement. This "simple changes that make a big difference" idea is also the philosophy behind our Blog Tune-Up Service. If you've been reading Everything TypePad for awhile, you've likely heard of the Tune-Up Service. We've been offering it for over two years and it's still one of our most popular services.

The Tune-Up Service costs $349. We evaluate your blog in nearly 20 areas (many of which have been covered as individual tips here on Everything TypePad), provide you with a report listing our recommendations, then implement the changes for you. All three phases are covered in the price. You can read more about the areas covered by the Tune-Up Service here. Whether you would like to improve your blog to get more readers, but aren't sure where to start, or if you would like to have somebody else take care of tweaking your blog design and features so you can concentrate on writing great content, the Tune-Up Service has you covered. Sign up now!

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Kofla Olivieri

I was about to comment in your banner design link, but noticed that you deleted every single comment on that post.

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