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So long spam followers!

If you've been following our posts regarding the efforts we've taken to reduce splog (spam blog) accounts (read more here and here) you'll be happy to know we have also successfully removed many of those accounts from your Followers list. The completion of that task means some of you may be seeing a sudden reduction in your Followers count, reflecting a more accurate count of legitimate followers. As ever, we will continue our efforts to tackle spam-related issues that affect TypePad and its users.


Natasha Newton

I did wonder why my follower count had gone down by about 30 (out of just over 7,100) very suddenly! Well done - I was getting so tired of the spambots!



Hooray!! The spam was getting pretty old. I still wonder how many of my followers are actual people.

Account Deleted

Great work, Typepad, keep it up! :)


hi anke


hi marilyn

hewn & hammered

Of course, since you posted this, my spam rate has gone up, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Some day you'll figure out a way to cut it down.


Thank you!

I'll just pretend like another brand new splogger didn't just add me since I was able to block them as soon as I saw them. Any chance of getting email notices when folks start to follow us? We used to get that and I kind of miss it. I don't always catch people adding me on my dashboard.

Valerie Easton

I'm still getting multiple spams on my blog everyday - and it's so time consuming to enter all those addresses onto the block list...any other ways to get rid of it?



Shawn Watson

I knew there was something hood going on here! I have been looking at my alternatives as I am about to launch my own blog. I was very concerned at the amount of spam on most of the free blogs.

Not only is typepad in my top two right now but this may have just decided it!

Great job on the spam reduction, we all want to get our word out and maybe make a buck in the process but spamming is the WORST way to do it!


thank you!

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