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Royal Tunbridge Wells

The Design Implementation Service - Bringing Your Design Home to TypePad

Many organizations - from schools to non-profits to large companies - have their blogs with TypePad and want to match the blog's design to their website. Or they may have developed a new design but aren't sure how to implement it on TypePad. This is where TypePad One's Design Implementation Service comes in.

SmarterComics blog

The cost for this service depends on the complexity of your design so when you sign up we will need to see your website or a mock-up that you provide, then we will give you a quote. The cost is based on a $200/hour rate. We'll need you to provide graphics and other images to be used in the design.

We love the Design Implementation Service because these are often the most complex designs we do and show off just what TypePad is capable of supporting. Didn't think you could do your design on TypePad? You may be surprised!

iLife blog

If you would like to match your blog to your website, or just have a really great design you've created that you want to use on TypePad, check out our Design Implementation Service today!


Account Deleted

i can't use my blog, why?


every thing i posted has that question about a sick friend at the begining how can i remove this


Hello! If you're still experiencing an issue accessing your blog, could you please open a help ticket from within your account? Click the "help" link to start the process.


Hello! Are you still experiencing this behavior? If so, please open a help ticket by clicking the "help" link in your account. We'll then be able to discuss the issue with you further.

Michael Zoran

I wish I could place advertisements on my blog along the sides in a 16:9 ratio screen. Most of the blogs are designed in a 4:3 ratio. I realize not everyone has a 16:9 widescreen, but at least the people who do have the 16:9 screen would be able to see ads. This there any way to make that happen? Will there be?

Also, whenever I try to place HTML ads in the articles I write, the vertical add will be there, but the text isn't visible until after the ad comes to an end. In other words, you see a narrow vertical advertisement along the left side, but there is no visible text to the right of it; text only becomes visible underneath the ad. Is there a way to change this so the text is to the right of the verticle ad?

Thank you, Brianna! :)

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