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A Stunning Banner Image - We Can Help You With That

We've been posting a lot about banner images recently (how to add a personalized banner to your blog, a fancy trick for displaying a different banner each time your blog loads) - and with good reason. The banner image is the main focus of your blog's design. It's the first thing people notice when they view the blog and what they'll most remember about it.

Many people are creative and artistic and can make their own banner image. But if you're like me and you're not, TypePad Blog Services is here to help! Our banner designer, Melanie, can create a stunning, professional banner image for your blog.

The Banner Design Service costs $300. We create several banner proposals for you. You pick the one you like best and we adjust it to look just right for your blog. Then we upload it for you and make sure it fits in with your blog design. It's a terrific value and costs much less than a full blog design service.

Take a look at some recent banners we've designed:



Like what you see? If you're interested in having us design a wonderful banner image for your blog, sign up today!


Kofla Olivieri

They look great!

Brian Hines

Here's my basic reaction to this and your other Everything TypePad posts that I've scanned the past few months: almost every post either is (1) telling subscribers about how to use an existing feature, or (2) plugging a fee-based optional service TypePad offers.

OK. That's all fine.

But where are the improvements to the TypePad platform? It's been a long time, a REALLY long time, since I've seen a significant new feature that makes me go "Wow, nice!" Apple does this all the time with its products. And my iPhone apps are continually being upgraded at no cost to me.

Yet TypePad seems stuck in stone. For example, for quite a few years I begged, pleaded, and asked for improvements to the core commenting features. I've stopped doing that, because I've come to feel there's no point. TypePad doesn't seem committed to improving your blogging platform; what you seem committed to is generating more revenue for TypePad.

This is frustrating for us users. And you should be concerned also, because a tech product that doesn't keep improving will die. TypePad seems content with the blogging product it offers now. Well, good luck with that. If you get left in the competitive dust, don't say you weren't warned.

Account Deleted

You said everything I wanted to say.
I'm waiting for their promises;
1) To enable readers to subscribe to comments
2) To be able to integrate CommentLuv (which I 've suggested 2 years ago)in the commenting system.
3) To be able to ban an IP address from viewing the whole site. (SquareSpace has this feature).

I'm very very frustrated like you, because I'd been asking them to develop these features.
Instead they keep plugging something that users can do for "free" here at Typepad. This banner service is very expensive at $300 when you can just do it through Paint, Photoshop, or any other free BannerMaker tool like mine. I did my banner through using Photobucket and PureSilvaBannerMakerforfree.

To be fair, Typepad has great customer service. But their ability and commitment to develop competitive and even basic features that are more necessary for bloggers are unsatisfactory.

I still like Typepad though but the problem is, the things I asked that are requested by other users are unmet makes me wonder if the company/team is really listening.

Brian Hines

Yeah, we're on the same TypePad wavelength. Comments are really important for us bloggers, and for our blog readers. But now all I can do is have the most recent ten comments shown in a sidebar, even though some posts get dozens of comments. There's no way for blog visitors to know where the heaviest commenting action is, or to be notified if there's a new comment on a certain post.

And don't get me started on the lack of ability in TypePad to screen out trolls and spammers. I'd like the option of requiring a Facebook registration, as many sites are doing to promote more civilized and respectful comment conversations between "real" people.

Currently I have to moderate comments, because TypePad has no way of requiring a unique commenter user ID, which leaves TypePad blogs wide open to abuse. I've had people leave annoying comments under my own commenting name, Blogger Brian, which is irritating, so that's one reason I went to moderated comments.

Our local newspaper requires a unique ID to leave comments on stories, so this isn't exactly groundbreaking technology.

Susan Abbott

I've been wondering as well why there are not more improvements in the basic platform. People keep encouraging me to switch to WP, however I really want something simple like Typepad.

I'm more concerned about being able to integrate other kinds of content into the blog and still have it look good, not a mishmash of things. And i do not want to have to go the CSS route to get there.

anyway, Typepad, i do love you, but i feel i am falling behind.

Craig McGinty

What @BloggerBrian said!

It was September last year that SAY Media was created and since then there has been little if any development of the TypePad service.

Looking at the Recent Updates since the turn of the year on the TypePad Knowledge Base there is nothing that didn't already exist.

And Jeff Reine, general manager of TypePad, where's he gone?

Account Deleted

Thanks for this tips I think this will definitely help our blog to promote high.

Nicole Beltane

agree wholeheartedly
have been a TP member since 08 and in the past year or so have seen very little apart from every question some one asks them giving a CSS code to add.
would like to see some of these features that they are giving code for made standard and be able to move things around more. more templates and to be able to widen templates without having to be in the advanced template maker.

Account Deleted

The first one is really great!



Account Deleted

How I wish typepad registration was for free all the way. I've been eyeing this site for months but they still have that free trial on. Are they not planning of reverting back to the old free registration typepad? I know the site is great plus it is a cool way of posting stuff. Although there are some who have better suggestions, this is doing well.


Account Deleted

They all are interesting, but as for me the last one is the best. It's a really good idea, it'll help developing blogs.

Account Deleted

These banners are very nice!

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