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Did You Know?: Creating Your Own Theme

Did you know that with TypePad you can create your own personalized design? This is not only easy but fun to do with the Theme Builder.

The Theme Builder allows you to customize many elements of your TypePad blog’s design including uploading your own banner, selecting your own fonts, choosing colors that fit your own personal brand or favorites, and more. You can see a few examples of the Theme Builder in action at dantat.typepad.com and lesliesarna.com.

To start building your own custom theme, Pro members would first go to the Design tab and click the green “Choose a theme…” button. There, select the Customizable option, click on Theme Builder, and the green Choose button on the right side.

On the next page, select the different options you’d like to use like colors, fonts, and column widths, check the box to apply the design to your blog, and save your changes.

If you ever want to go back to one of your previously selected designs, just go back to the Design tab, find the design under the “Your Designs” section, and select Apply from the Actions drop down menu. You can learn more about this here.

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Thank you Typepad for offering Theme Builder to your subscribers.
I use it for all my weblogs. So easy to learn and navigate.
Thank you


The theme builder is one of the reasons I pay for Typepad! Even though my blog is primarily about writing, I was never happy when blogging on pre-designed platforms that weren't truly *me* in their look. I love the theme-builder option, and have had fun playing with looks.


This theme builder is sweet! Definitely going to use from now on.

Kofla Olivieri

Is easier said than done. I wish I could create my own, maybe I don't have the patience.

Account Deleted

Really a good post.


Yes, but when you then get to the point that you need to do something advanced with a Theme-Built template, you can't.

Typepad used to have a function that allowed users to convert theme built templates to advanced templates (where you can access the code directly) but that feature has been missing for a couple of years.

Account Deleted

i like type pad its easy to understand



Sabrine Henchiri

nice <3

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