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Did You Know?: Using a Banner with Your Blog

Building on last week’s theme builder “Did You Know?” post, it’s fairly straightforward to add your own, personal banner to your TypePad blog.  Using your own banner can really strengthen your blog’s brand or identity and solidify its theme with your readers.

To do this with the Theme Builder, simply go to the Design tab and click the Theme Builder link.  There, click the “Text or Image” header, select the Image option, click the Browse button, navigate to the image on your computer, select it, and save your changes.  Viola!


The Mosaic and Chroma themes also make it easy to add your own banner as well.

If you change your banner and still aren’t seeing the new one, you may be viewing a cached (older) version of your site and may need to clear browser’s cache and/or do a hard refresh.  To do a hard refresh, on a PC, hold the Ctrl and F5 keys at the same time while viewing your blog. On a Mac, hold down the Command key and click the Refresh button. We have information on how to do this in various browsers here.

If you’re a Pro Unlimited subscriber and using one of our many pre-defined themes, you can also use custom CSS to place your own banner on a blog using one of our designs.

If you haven’t created a custom banner, but are eager to make your blog as personal as it can be, we’ve got instructions on how to make your own.

We can even create a banner for you with our banner design service, if designing your own is a little out of reach.  You can see some examples of our banners at April 1886, The Nesting Corner, and Adventures in the World of Mobile Knowledge Workers.

We hope you found this useful! Check back every other week for more "Did You Know?" tips to help make your blog even better!

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