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Keep It Simple: Composing posts offline

It is finally summer. Time for trips on planes, trains, and automobiles to visit family, explore the world, or just relax at the beach. Finding an internet connection can be difficult when on vacation but you still want to share your adventures. There are several options for composing your posts offline to be ready to publish when you get off the plane or step out of the sun.

Use the secret email address for your blog to publish a post via email or text message. Image, video, and audio files can be added as attachments to your email and be embedded in the published post. At Settings > Post By Email, you can get the secret email address. The Knowledge Base has more information.

Microsoft Word includes a built in Publish as a blog post feature allowing you to compose and publish your post without the need to sign in to TypePad. You can compose a Word document with images and formatting, and when you click Publish in Word, the published post will retain the formatting. You can also manage previously published posts directly in Word. Information on setting up Word to publish to your blog is available in the Post to blog from Microsoft Word article.

Other desktop publishers are available to compose and publish your posts without signing in to TypePad. For Windows, we recommend the free Windows Live Writer application. For Macs, you have MarsEdit which is not a free tool, or you can check the free application, Qumana.

Enjoy your summer!


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The desktop software I can highly recommend - and use myself to write my post for the various blogs I have - is ScreenSteps Desktop. One advantage this program has: you can select to publish your article as post or page and - often very important - to upload it in draft status!

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

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Mr Udayshah

i love this site....

Mr Udayshah

this is just good for me as well as you also. this programe really helpful. we can learn something.

Nicole Beltane

i would love to see the quick post feature that used to be on the dahsboard come back or a template that could do the same (im sure that wordpress have one). its a great feature.


Hi Nicole! Are you referring to the Blog It feature? Blog It is still available, and you can read about it here:

With Blog It, you can create a quick post about a website you are visiting without leaving the website.

Nicole Beltane

no there used to be a similar feature but it didn't require a link like it does now, you could type in a small post add a photo and send without going to the compose feature. was really handy for adding quick photo posts.

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