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Meet Some of Our Get Satisfaction Champions!

You might remember a few weeks back when we said we’d be looking for Get Satisfaction Champions to make the TypePad community an ever better place. Since then, a couple of you have answered our call, so we wanted to introduce you to our newest TypePad Champions!

First up is David Ewart. David blogs over at Holy Textures. David became a Get Satisfaction Champion by pointing out an issue Adobe was having that impacted .pdf files. Thanks for keeping everyone apprised of the situation, David!

Next up is Cookie. Cookie blogs over at Shut Up & Knit! Cookie has helped out in several topics, but she first came to our attention when she helped a new user with their registration issue. We appreciate you helping out the newbies, Cookie!

Not only did Cookie and David get a spiffy little Champ icon for their avatars at Get Satisfaction, they also got credit applied to their TypePad accounts!

If you’d like to help out your fellow TypePad subscribers in Get Satisfaction, remember you can do so by not just answering questions, but by making suggestions to improve a blog, starting a discussion on a useful topic, or anything else that comes to mind. The TypePad support staff closely monitors (and participates) in the forum, so we’ll keep an eye out for anything useful!

Head over to TypePad’s Get Satisfaction page and help make the community better!


Kofla Olivieri

Kudos to them!

Account Deleted

Thank you TypePad for the great support. The Everything TypePad blog is another great example of the help and support we get from TypePad. I recently switched my blog from another host and was immediately won over by the support and the user friendliness TypePad offers. I am a life long user and Blogger,

Thank you!
Kevin Richardson

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